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Mastering male intimacy: a three step guide for lonely, bicurious men

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Over the past four decades, I’ve worked with literally thousands of bicurious men who have put their hopes and dreams on hold because they didn’t have enough confidence.

Yet waiting around to be discovered, to be recognised, to be noticed or to be loved guarantees one thing and one thing only: a lonely old age.

And the sad thing is, this lack of confidence is not due to any fault of their own. It is certainly not because of stupidity or laziness or a deprived childhood or a chemical imbalance in the brain.

It’s fear.

Fear has a way of holding us back, preventing us from taking risks and seizing opportunities. It whispers doubts in our ears, making us question our abilities and worth… and undermines our self-confidence.

Vulnerability is often misconstrued as weakness, so it’s no wonder that expressing feelings of friendship, love and appreciation can make some men uncomfortable.

In a world that prioritises youth and superficial connections, it’s disheartening to witness the struggles faced by older men like yourself who lack the confidence to find genuine companionship and understanding.

Yet, like those men I’ve worked with throughout the decades, you may be surprised to discover confidence is not an innate quality: it’s a skill that can be learned and nurtured.

“Little did I know that this one decision would set in motion a series of events that would forever change the course of my life. I now have the confidence to make personal choices that are the best for me. It all began with a leap of faith, a decision to step out of my comfort zone and face my fears head on.”

Learning the skill of masculine self-confidence

Whenever you’re ready to be inspired, to learn, explore, question, challenge and change yourself… I have an unconventional, three-step program designed to enhance your confidence.

During each enlightening session of three hours, I’ll teach you the skills to help you believe in yourself and actively cultivate genuine, male friendships—whether sexual, intimate or platonic—that enrich your life and fulfil your desires.

Need proof of the incredible benefits that await you? Follow the links to read inspiring stories from men who have already experienced life-changing transformations.

1. Revealing yourself

2. Conquering fears

3. Trusting yourself

Naturally, the greatest benefits come from completing all three steps. But I’m flexible, so choose what most appeals to you and we’ll explore those topics together as often as you decide.

All sessions are clothing-optional because shared nudity enhances openness and trust… and significantly diminishes fear.

I will be your trusted confidante offering valuable insights, constructive feedback and unwavering, optimistic support… to help you emerge as a confident and happier man.

“I’ve never met anyone like you I could talk with so easily. I could tell by your questions that you were actually listening to what I said. I know I can tell you anything. It’s rare to meet a professional who so obviously cares about another man’s comfort and satisfaction.”

Mentoring, guiding, massaging and teaching men

Hello, my name is Geoffrey and I’m 60 years old. My unconventional professional career has been devoted to mentoring, massaging, teaching and guiding men to live the way they choose.

I believe in discretion and in treating others with kindness and respect. I don’t just offer help: I figure out ways to be helpful. And I always place relationships and my clients’ well-being above all else.

I studied for a degree in psychology in my early 20s before working as a male relationship counsellor. When I transferred those skills to a corporate communications’ career, I trained, coached and mentored executives seeking a new path.

During my own relationship of three decades, I learned that with patience, empathy and compromise we could transform challenges into opportunities for growth and deeper understanding.

In 1997, I blended my business expertise with my practical knowledge of sex and intimacy between men.

“You’re providing a truly essential and wonderful service to men who have no other outlet for exploring their sexual longings. You were absolutely made to do this work.”

Then, for 22 years, I built a popular, sensual male massage and sex coaching practice (first in Newtown and later in Mount Victoria in Sydney’s Blue Mountains)… and introduced countless bicurious, mature-aged, male virgins to the pleasures of an erotic male to male experience.

Sadly, the pandemic has forced me to retire from active sexual services. Though my role may have changed, my passion remains unwavering.

“Your web site is incredible. Well detailed, informative but at the same time enticingly erotic. You obviously have a marvellous knowledge, respect and appreciation of men, their bodies and all their feelings.”

I firmly believe that every mature-aged man deserves the opportunity to explore and cultivate friendships that bring joy, fulfilment and a sense of belonging to his life… and avoid a sad and lonely old age.

Are you willing to invest in your own happiness?

Are you ready to learn, explore, question, challenge and change yourself? Willing to invest in yourself for 3 hours each month at my discreet Blackheath address? If not, it’s best to wait until you’re truly prepared to change your life.

Because the last thing I want to do is waste our time trying to convince you to try something you’re not ready for. That’s not my style at all.

My time is limited too but, I assure you, it’s for a good reason. It’s easy to get caught up in trying to please everyone and spread myself too thinly.

I choose to focus exclusively on men aged 40 and above who genuinely appreciate—and will benefit from—my unique qualities.

Helping a mature-aged man, like you, grow more confident and be the best version of yourself, creates a sense of belonging in a world that often overlooks the beauty of maturity and experience.

If you’re serious about increasing your happiness, you can’t let this opportunity slip away… because life’s too short to wonder “what if”. And who knows what exciting possibilities await you?

Take your first step right now! Share your story, your dreams and aspirations in an email. I’ll reply promptly sharing everything you need to know to make the wisest decision for yourself.