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What's the key to happiness for men? Regular erotic massage.

Do you want a happy, fun, healthy, stress-free life? You need plenty of good sex that leads to regular ejaculations. Come for an erotic, male massage and I'll make you very happy.

You obviously have a first-rate knowledge, respect for and appreciation of the male body and all the sensations that go with it.

Erotic services for mature men of any shape or size

Helping other men enjoy, explore and discover the thrill of a first-time, male to male sexual adventure - in my hands, on my massage table or on my bed - is my vocation.

It's also enormous fun.

  • Full body, male, erotic massage

    One hour of hugely pleasurable, male to male, erotic, full body and penis massage. We're both naked and you can touch me too. Come as many times as you like.
    $240 cash or prepaid

  • Nude, body to body slide

    Two hours of erotic massage and nude body to body slide. Foreplay, mutual masturbation, sex talk, cuddling, laughter and more.
    $450 cash or prepaid
    Stay longer for an extra $200 per hour

  • Body and mind sex

    Six hours of erotic massage, intimate conversation, nudity, body slide, foreplay, sex and naked play. A slow-paced, gradual build-up to orgasmic full body and mind release.
    $995 prepaid
    Arrive at 7pm and stay overnight for an extra $450

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I've travelled the world and I've had a lot of massages from men. Your erotic body massage was exquisite: the best I've ever had. I didn't want to turn over. I don't just mean the way you handled my penis. You're the most talented and sensual masseur I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Straight men come too

How often have you wanted to enjoy a safe, male to male sensual adventure? You're not alone. Find out why so many mature men - straight, bisexual and gay - choose to satisfy their sexual curiosity in my studio.

I chose to come to you because your web site is so honest. I knew I'd be safe in your hands and that I could trust you.

Read the erotic massage reviews

Read erotic reviews and comments from happy clients, to help decide if a man to man erotic session is right for you too. Discover what goes on behind closed doors in my erotic massage studio before you come.

Easily the best penis massage I've ever experienced. I sure learned heaps about wanking during that session!

Your Penis: A Handbook, the ultimate guide to male masturbation

I've written a book for men who like to masturbate. Men like you. And men like me.

Complete with almost every penis massage stroke I've applied to rigid cocks during my erotic sessions. Every page filled with pornographic images to highlight a technique. Or add to your masturbation fantasies.

If you can't visit me in person to experience what I can do with your penis (and testicles) - and even when you can - you'll love having Your Penis: A Handbook as your personal instruction manual for maximum penis pleasure.

I feel as if my whole body is one very large penis. I have never felt so many sensations at one time: it's like thousands of electric pulses.

Don't forget to ask for a free printed copy of the handbook next time you come for a massage.

I keep coming back for an erotic massage with you because I trust you. I always feel safe and you're always polite, caring and gentle. I like that I can tell you anything and I know my secrets are safe.

Regular ejaculation is good for your health

Men who ejaculate often live longer, happier lives. They lose weight faster, have lower blood pressure and less stress. And they recover more quickly from minor ailments. Plus they have more fun.

Fantastic. Fabulous. Wow, what you can do with your hands. Definitely worth the money.

What's more, the older men get the greater the pleasure we enjoy from the sensuality of slow and easy massage and naked play. With a gradual build-up to full body orgasm.

That's what the latest medical research claims. I'm not about to argue. Are you? But, unless you're getting a regular dollop of good quality sex at home, how are you going to get your hands on this elixir of life?

You owe it to yourself to live a happy and healthy life, don't you?

Enjoy a unique, erotic, male to male adventure

You won't find a more experienced, erotic masseur anywhere else in the world who's as eager to indulge and satisfy your passions for erotic, male to male touch as I am.

You know the male body so well. My whole body is singing and tingling. You were absolutely made to do this kind of work. Amazing. Not only are you really good at sex but you clearly enjoy yourself too and that makes the experience even better.


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