Who else is curious to learn more about intimacy and sex between men?

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Are you curious about exploring sex with other men? Do you find yourself fantasising about m2m intimacy but feel ashamed or embarrassed to talk about it with anyone?

You can’t let your secret sexual fantasies consume you and leave you feeling lonely and depressed. Talking about your desires with an m2m sex professional who understands and respects your feelings is incredibly liberating.

Still for many men, curiosity about sex with another man can also be scary, because you…

But why let fear or uncertainty hold you back from talking about your gay fantasies any longer? When you can safely and discreetly start your journey of self-discovery with an experienced man who is willing to support and guide you to safely explore your sexuality.

Safe m2m sex guidance for bicurious men

As a male to male sex worker—with over two decades of professional experience—I’ve had the privilege of helping thousands of bicurious men explore their gay fantasies in a safe and judgement-free environment.

By talking with me, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills needed to understand and express your desires in a healthy and fulfilling way.

With open-minded, honest and useful advice, I can help you find other men who are eager to explore your gay fantasies.

You’ll benefit in so many ways: from practical tips for sexual intimacy, health and safety plus graphic descriptions and technical instructions for how to gain the most pleasure and satisfaction from every sexual encounter.

Talk about or question anything that turns you on

What you choose to discuss is entirely up to you: I have no agenda or expectations of what we’ll talk about.

But I’ll willingly and openly share my extensive knowledge and gay sex experiences and describe what other bicurious men have discussed with me.

One thing I already know with reasonable certainty, is you’re not alone in being a mostly straight man who has secret thoughts and wonderings about exploring a sensual or sexual experience with another man.

“You are an interesting man, Geoffrey. I’m fascinated by your work and life experiences. I truly understand the need for the services you offer. There are lots and lots of mixed up guys trying to find their way in their sexual and emotional lives. You could do so much good for them, if only they knew.”

Imagine the relief of being able to ask any question, no matter how complex or controversial and receiving an honest reply.

If I can’t answer some of your questions, I’ll research the answers and tell you next time you visit or, with your permission, email you. I’ll never contact you otherwise, except with your express permission.

Open and honest conversations... in the nude

Now, imagine us enjoying an open and honest conversation about man to man sex and what turns you on while in the nude.

Seated next to one another on a comfortable lounge, we’ll share the freedom of seeing one another as we really are, without shame or insecurity.

This may sound intimidating at first but when we’re no longer hiding behind layers of clothing, you’re more likely to speak openly about your experiences, desires and concerns.

“You obviously have a first-rate knowledge, respect for and appreciation of the male body and all the sensations that go with it.”

Of course, when two naked men sit together and talk about gay sex, it’s only natural that we’ll be aroused and the sight or touch of another man’s erection can inevitably lead to thoughts of sex.

Feeling aroused is a completely normal and healthy response, especially for men who have usually repressed their sexuality.

Erections are a sign of desire and attraction and there is nothing wrong with enjoying them. So feel free to look at and appreciate our erections, without feeling guilty or embarrassed.

We won’t have sex together

But it’s important to know this is not a sexual service.

Rather it’s an opportunity to discuss the complexities of male sexuality in a way that cannot be achieved through books, videos or online research.

It’s a chance to ask those burning questions you’ve always had and receive honest and insightful answers.

This is an experience that will not only broaden your knowledge of sex between men but also challenge and expand your own perceptions and beliefs.

It is never too late to explore your desires and discover what truly brings you pleasure. With the right support, you can feel more secure in your journey towards self-discovery and satisfaction.

Your secrets are always safe with me

I know that one of the most important aspects of your sexual explorations is privacy and discretion.

I believe in offering a completely confidential and respectful service to all my clients: so I’m not about to expose your secrets to anyone else.

That’s one reason we’ll meet at my discreet address in Blackheath, in a quiet and comfortable room set aside for that purpose. And we’ll talk together for up to 2 hours.

Spending a few hours talking about yourself may seem like a luxury in a world where time is precious. But I believe your sanity and self-confidence are equally precious, so it’s essential to have the freedom of time to answer all your questions.

“You’re providing a truly essential and wonderful service to men who have no other outlet for talking about their longings for intimacy with men. You were absolutely made to do this work.”

You may decide that a single visit is all you need to answer your most pressing questions. Then again, you may find more than one visit suits you better, even if it’s not regular.

Some men have returned after several months of private exploration, others have visited monthly until they’ve felt ready to go it alone.

So who am I?

My name is Geoffrey. I’m 60 years old, tall and slim. Friendly, open-minded and discreet, I genuinely believe in your right to understand your own sexuality and to safely explore in ways that matter to you.

From 1997 to 2020, I ran a successful erotic nude, full body massage, masturbation and sex education service for thousands of bicurious, mature-aged men in Newtown and Erskineville and later in Mount Victoria in the Blue Mountains.

I no longer offer full body erotic massage , masturbation and sexual services. Instead I offer you the benefits of my vast experience and knowledge of male to male sex, intimacy and erotic pleasure.

It’s fulfilling and satisfying to support and encourage a curious man who has the courage to learn, explore, question, challenge and change. I look forward to learning more about you.

Remember, there is nothing wrong or abnormal about being curious about sex between men. It’s a natural part of human sexuality, and it’s important to explore and celebrate your desires in a healthy and positive way. Don’t let shame or fear hold you back any longer.