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What's the key to happiness for men? Good sex.

Do you want a happy, fun, healthy, stress-free life? You need plenty of good sex. Come today for an erotic, male massage and I'll make you very happy.

Men who enjoy plenty of quality sex live longer, happier lives. They lose weight faster, have lower blood pressure and less stress. And they recover more quickly from minor ailments. Plus they have more fun.

What's more, the older men get the more we enjoy the sensuality of slow and easy massage and naked play. The gradual build-up to full body orgasm.

That's what the latest medical research claims and I'm not about to argue. Are you? But, unless you're getting a regular dollop of good quality sex at home, how are you going to get your hands on this elixir of life?

You owe it to yourself to live a happy and healthy life, don't you?

Indulge all your lustful fantasies

Luckily, you've arrived at a web site devoted to guiding you towards the happy, healthy, horny longevity you deserve. A place to discover and explore deeply satisfying ways to indulge your lustful, erotic desires. In my hands, on my massage table or on top of me in bed.

Helping other men enjoy, explore and discover the joy of sex with a man - in person and in print - is my vocation. It's also great fun.

For m2m virgins and old hands

Are you curious about exploring sexual play with a man? Tried it once or twice? Now you're keen for more? Have you had years of practice and want still more?

No matter who you are, you'll find much to titillate and inform on my site. Find out what makes my massage style so stimulating for straight, bisexual, gay and bicurious men.

And be sure to book an erotic massage or body play experience at my studio in Mount Victoria (in Sydney's Blue Mountains), as soon as you can.

Male massage. Relax in the hands of a talented masseur

Enjoy a hands-on nude, erotic massage from a masseur with over 20 years' professional experience. I know exactly how to arouse, stimulate, relax and relieve horny men of all ages, shapes and sizes. Come once or as many times as you like.

Read erotic reviews and comments from happy clients. And discover what often goes on behind closed doors in my erotic massage studio before you come.

Play with me all day or all night

How long does deeply satisfying, all body sexual play usually last for you?

Come for an All Day body play session to discover my talents for keeping you aroused for 6 hours. Not only massage and shared naked play but intimate conversation too.

If even 6 hours is not enough time to explore and savour all my sensual skills, you're welcome to stay overnight. Who knows, we may even find time to sleep together.

All Male the essential guide to man to man sex

Come for an erotic session and discover what I've learned about enjoying sex with a man. Slow, luxurious, absorbing, intense sex. The kind that gives you a positive glow for days after.

While you wait for your first man to man adventure in my studio, read my tips for sucking, fucking, fingering, kissing and more. Like these:

Sex Coaching for men. Learn, experiment and practice.

Do you have questions about sex with a man? Is there something you long to try but don't know who to ask? Have you had a hard time finding someone knowledgeable and trustworthy?

Do you want somewhere safe to communicate your sexual fantasies? Do you long for guidance, feedback and encouragement to explore your desires?

I am willing to help you, if I can. I'm very open-minded and uninhibited. Ask me anything.

ManSex Diary raunchy stories from my secret diary

I've kept an intimate sexual diary all my life, detailing many of my most interesting sexual encounters with men. Here are some of my stories.

Your Penis: A Handbook, the ultimate guide to male masturbation

I've written a book for men who like to masturbate. Men like you. And men like me.

Complete with almost every penis massage stroke I've applied to rigid cocks during my erotic sessions. Every page filled with pornographic images to highlight a technique. Or add to your masturbation fantasies.

If you can't visit me in person to experience what I can do with your penis (and testicles) - and even when you can - you'll love having Your Penis: A Handbook as your personal instruction manual for maximum penis pleasure.

Don't forget to ask for a free printed copy of the handbook next time you come for a massage.

You know the male body so well. My whole body is singing and tingling. You were absolutely made to do this kind of work. Amazing. Not only are you really good at sex but you clearly enjoy yourself too and that makes the experience even better.

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