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How to relax and relieve your sexual tension with my erotic male massage

8 mins read

Stressed? Tense? Looking for a new way to enjoy sexual release? An erotic male massage in my soothing hands will relax, satisfy and relieve your tension.

Strip away your clothes. Your cares and stresses. Surrender your naked body to my talented hands and...

Relax with my deeply satisfying, fully nude, erotic male massage

A nude, erotic massage to deeply relax your entire body. Then my sensual hands fondling your balls, slowly stroking your cock. When will you come?
3 mins read

Enjoy hours of slippery, sensual body slide and sexy male play

Sensual and slippery naked body slide and male sex play. With massage to relax and refresh, and hours of merriment, intercourse and mind-blowing fun.
5 mins read

You know the male body so well. My whole body is singing and tingling. You were absolutely made to massage men. You clearly enjoy yourself too and that makes the experience even better.

Your first male to male erotic experience...

How to enjoy your first erotic male massage with me

Curious about what to expect when you come to enjoy your first erotic male massage with me? Find out what makes my soothing style so sensually satisfying.
7 mins read

Ask anything you like about my erotic male services

When can you come? Where can you park? How long can you stay? Where is my erotic studio? How do you pay? Is it discreet? Plus other answers.
4 mins read

Will we enjoy m2m sex during an erotic session?

We'll both be naked and you can touch me just about any way you like. But will we explore further? Does an erotic session include full male to male sex?
4 mins read

Why do married men choose to come in my hands?

Have you too wondered if there are other sensual activities to explore? With a man who knows how to arouse you in ways you've only ever dreamt about.
5 mins read

You always come first in my erotic male massage studio

While you're relaxing in my erotic male massage studio, surrender to the sensations in your naked body as I discover what arouses and satisfies you.
6 mins read

How to massage and masturbate your penis the way I will

A researched, tested and illustrated handbook for men who want to learn to massage and masturbate a penis the way I do during my erotic male massages.
5 mins read

Thank you for an absolutely incredible erotic experience. You did amazing things to my body. I was blown away (literally) by your intimacy and sensuality.

Reviews from men who relaxed during massage

In the hands of Sydney's best m4m erotic masseur

I've had male massages all over the world. But Geoffrey's the first man to guide me to such a thrilling, orgasmic ejaculation. He's the best, bar none.
4 mins read

Who else loves having his balls worshipped?

That sensual way Geoffrey massaged, stroked and fondled my testicles with his talented hands felt like he was worshipping and making love to them.
4 mins read

His penis massage talents kept me on the edge

I usually cum pretty quickly. But Geoffrey's sensuous penis massage and masturbation talents kept me on the edge for more than 20 minutes.
4 mins read

How much did I enjoy my first taste of his dick?

I wanted to try sucking dick. So when I had a massage from Geoffrey, I grabbed the chance. My first taste of his big, thick dick was a fantasy come true.
3 mins read

My first male to male erotic massage was hot

I booked a 60 minute erotic massage on a hot summer afternoon. Little did I know that the heat outside was nothing compared to what we'd generate indoors.
4 mins read

You really know your way around a man's body. Your erotic massage was far better than any other I've ever had. And no-one knows how to wank a cock like you do, Geoffrey! Your penis massage skills are masterclass.

Reviews from men who've come to play

I was straight until I enjoyed my first gay sex with you

I'm in my 60s, married, totally straight. Or so I thought. But when I read your reviews, I was consumed by a longing to enjoy my first gay sex with you.
4 mins read

I've finally found a man to finger-fuck for hours

I was seeking a willing man to finger-fuck. A guy who'd love my fingers probing his arse hole for hours until I made him cum. I've finally found my man.
5 mins read

Why I enjoy the freedom of sexual play with a male nudist

Hours of sexual play with Geoffrey gives me the freedom to look at, touch and penetrate a man in ways I never enjoyed as much at a male nudist beach.
5 mins read

Advice from a guy who loves to rim a man's arse

Do you love to rim, lick, kiss and suck a man's arse? Probing, exploring and tongue-fucking his velvety smooth, delicious rosebud hole? Visit Geoffrey.
3 mins read

Naked, male to male intercourse for a talkative man

Nudity, erotic massage, sex and conversation with a man who's keen to play with an active man in his mid-60s. Geoffrey is my ideal NSA fuck buddy.
5 mins read

Intelligent, witty, wicked fun and totally hot, as well. Your intimacy and sensuality blow me away. That way you massaged my body, stroked my cock... your eagerness to bend to my will, for sexy fun... everything about you drives me wild.

Everything I do is designed to give you pleasure...

My naked male body is yours to touch, taste, explore and enjoy

Because mutual exploration makes nude male massage and body play more arousing for you. And I genuinely want you to enjoy your erotic encounter with me.
5 mins read

Why I decided to be a male to male erotic masseur

Years ago, a client asked me to strip naked and stroke his cock until he came. I'd trained in remedial massage. Now I decided be a male erotic masseur.
6 mins read

Who loves looking at cocks, balls, bums and sex with men?

What could be more arousing than being massaged until you ejaculate by a naked man in a studio filled with male pornography and mirrors? Come and see.
4 mins read

How I use music to caress your mind while I massage your body

My erotic, male to male massage is a sequence of fluid, sexually arousing movements in time to seductive music that caresses your body and your mind.
4 mins read

Safe, discreet and careful to protect your privacy

Your privacy is as important to me as your pleasure in receiving my talented hands exploring your naked body during an erotic male to male session.
2 mins read

Your massage studio is like a shrine to the male body. I've never seen so many gorgeous pictures of horny, naked men sensually enjoying each other. It certainly gave me ideas about what I wanted to do with you.

Hours of erotic massage, nude slide and body play

I only accept 1 booking per day, so I can give you my very best erotic service. But you can book as far in advance as you choose on any day (including public holidays) from 10am.

All sessions cost $250 per hour. Make a note if you plan to play longer than 3 hours, all day or overnight.

Erotic booking

It was obvious you knew exactly how to add layer on layer to my increasing excitement and arousal. Your massage was remarkably relaxing and sensual. The way we slipped and slid together was lovely. And how you knew where and when to touch me. Everything was perfect. I can't wait for my next visit.

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