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All Male: on the receiving end for anal sex with an excited top

I love being fucked by an enthusiastic, active man. There's the thrill of knowing how much he wants his cock thrusting in and out of my tight, hot arse.

Choosing a position for him to ease inside. Or naturally being in the right one. My preference is to be sitting on top, my legs either side of his hips. This way, I can guide his throbbing erection inside me and control how quickly (or slowly) he enters me and how soon he can get up to speed.

He may have enjoyed fingering me first to get as much lubricant inside so his entry will be easy and pain-free. Or perhaps I will have aroused his desire by letting him watch as I finger myself with plenty of oil or water-based lubricant.

Sliding a condom onto his erection as he waits, impatiently, to plunge his cock inside my tight, hot and tender arse.

Then that first kiss as his cock pushes against my hole. The sensation of being slowly stretched as he pushes harder and deeper or I gradually ease down.

Easing inside my tight arse hole

His cock head slides into me, he gasps at the tightness he has to push against to gradually ease his cock inside. Then that feeling of fullness as his shaft glides inside, until finally his cock is in me all the way to his pelvis.

I may pause, to tease him a little. To see the lust in his eyes. To feel as he pulses his cock inside me.

Or start to slowly lift and lower my bum so his cock slides in and out. He wants to raise his hips to meet my downward movements. He wants to thrust up and into my hole as fast as he can, to feel how my tight arse muscles work on the shaft of his cock.

Soon, he'll want to bang away at me but in this sitting position, that's not easy for him to do. I am in control of the sensations in his cock. Soon, he'll ask to change positions and I'll eagerly agree, wanting to feel his thrustings.

He'll pull his cock out. I'll lie on my back perhaps, legs akimbo, ankles resting his shoulders on either side of his neck. He may want to inspect my waiting, throbbing arse. Or he may want to just be back inside and will plunge his throbbing cock deep inside, almost with one thrust. He can do that now, as my arse is more relaxed, open and willing.

Passive to his thrusting

In this position, he's in control. I am passive to his thrusting. He can bang away hard and fast or more slowly. I can wank at the same time, making my arse muscles work on his shaft. We both feel how good that is. His cock is deep inside me and my muscles contract with a spasm of delight. He pulls out and my arse opens awaiting his next thrust.

He may lean forward and kiss me deeply, his pelvis pressed against my bum, his cock buried inside me. I may reach around and pull my cheeks further apart, giving him room to thrust his cock in more deeply, feel his balls pressed hard, slapping against me.

I can massage his chest and tweak his nipples. He can wank my cock. I can try to reach and massage his balls.

We may stay like this the whole time, kissing, groaning, moaning. Joined at the hips. Lost in ecstasy. Or we might change positions again. Me bent over and him fucking hard and fast from behind.

Me lying face down, a pillow under my hips to raise my bum so he can pound me thoroughly. Or more slowly, spooning, my back to him. Or standing up so he can thrust up and into my arse that way.

Ready to ejaculate

Soon enough he's ready to ejaculate and he wants to cum inside me. And I want it too. His cock will seem to enlarge more than before. I'll feel it growing and stretching me inside. He'll pick up the tempo and be pumping and pounding me like there's no tomorrow.

My hand will be pumping harder at my own cock. He may try to kiss me once more as he loses control and with short, sharp jabs, he thrusts his cock into me and ejaculates. If we've matched our strokes, I'll be cumming too. With each squirt from his cock, there'll be one from mine and again and again my arse muscles will contract and expand, relaying my pleasure to him in the most physical way.

I was looking forward to a massage but when I saw you naked all I wanted to do was fuck you. Fuck! Your fucking arse is so fucking fuckable. So tight and hot.

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