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How often do men get erections during a remedial massage?

Is it common for men to get an erection during a non sexual, therapeutic, full body massage?

Yes, it's very common.

As your body relaxes some of your inhibitions are also relaxed. Among these is the taboo about having a visible erection in a non sexual situation.

It is entirely normal to react to another's touch by feeling aroused either sexually or in a non-specific, whole body kind of way. In fact, some men have an erection simply as a result of being naked; as one is even during a remedial massage.

In any event, any therapist should be aware of the possibility that a male client may have an erection. He (or she) should already have developed ways to avoid or handle the situation (forgive the pun).

You should never be made to feel embarrassed or upset by being naked (or male) in the presence of a massage therapist.

If you are unhappy with the way a massage therapist treats you, there may be ways to complain to their employer or an appropriate local organisation. Otherwise, choose another therapist who has a better understanding of male anatomy for your next massage.

Of course, if you enjoy getting an erection and you do want something more, choose an erotic masseur and not a remedial massage therapist.

Erotic Massage: $200 for 1 hour or $300 for 1.5 hours (Cash or Prepaid)

❝ I didn't think I could get an erection any more. You have proved me wrong in the best possible way. I haven't cum so hard for years.❞

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