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How to French kiss a man. Deeply, slowly, passionately.

A great kiss is one where you lose yourselves in one another's mouths, perhaps with your eyes closed. There is just the right amount of suction, moisture and speed.

Most of your attention is focussed on your tongues and mouths, as your hands explore his body or hold and caress his face and head.

You may kiss slowly, languidly exploring one another's mouths. Or more passionately, tongues darting and pressing together. You may be locked in a tight embrace, bodies pressed together from head to toe.

A penetrating kiss

For many men, kissing while fucking or being fucked, face to face, is both a way to express how aroused he feels and how much they are enjoying all the other sensations in their body. Each thrust of his hips may be expressed by the pressure of his tongue, the degree of suction he applies.

The right amount of suction is when you feel your tongue engulfed inside his mouth, as though he is sucking on your finger or your cock. It's not the kind of suction that leaves you worried he may suck your tongue down his throat. Nor is it a sensation where you feel your tongue floating about inside a hollow, open, cavernous hole.

Pressure and release

There's pressure and release as each of you sucks a tongue, with your lips or compressing your cheeks. Imagine you are sucking a delicious lollypop. There's no chance you'll swallow it whole but you can try to.

Be careful with your teeth, too. You can gently bite one another's tongues or lips but don't press too firmly.

One of you may have a smaller tongue than the other. Or you may pull your tongue back into your mouth, inviting him to chase after it. You may "battle" one another's tongues: first soft, then more rigid. Use the tip to poke around inside his mouth. Use your lips to suck and stroke his lips.

Moist and hot

The inside of a healthy mouth is moist and warm. It tastes pleasant; it's delicious to kiss and adds to the fervour and passion of intimacy. There is much to explore and touch: his teeth, inner cheeks, lips.

A kiss may last as long as you each desire. There are no rules, only what turns you on. Be as creative as you want.

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❝ I loved how you held me so tightly when we kissed. You're a great kisser and a very sexy man to be with.❞

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