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How safe is erotic, male to male erotic massage?

It is very unlikely, during an erotic massage, as body fluids are usually not exchanged in a way that is likely to cause issues.

Erotic massage professionals are more likely to be both healthier and better educated about risks than the average man. And they are usually very careful about practising safe, sexual contact with clients.

Safety first

Erotic massage generally involves using only the hands on your body and on your penis. This already diminishes any chance of catching a disease, unless both you and the masseur have cuts or abrasions. But then, you can only catch a disease if one is present.

Body slide poses no additional risks, as there is no unsafe penetration. Even oral sex has a low risk factor, unless there are cuts or abrasions on the cock in your mouth and either of you have an infection.

It pays to be selective

One way to ensure you avoid any health issues is to choose a professional masseur. You can often tell the difference between an amateur and a professional by the way he advertises and how much he charges for his services. If someone looks cheap, they may not take the same care as a more highly priced masseur.

Contraindications to massage

If you have any open wounds, cuts or grazes, anywhere on your body, you should wait for them to heal before visiting any masseur - erotic or remedial.

Other contraindications to massage, which have little to do with transmitting infection but may cause a masseur to avoid areas of your body or decline to massage you at all include muscle or tendons tears, ruptures, inflammations, contusions, burns or broken bones.

Massage of these damaged areas of your body can do more harm than good to the healing process.

Sexually transmitted infections

The best way to protect yourself is to be well-informed about the range of potential sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and to ask a sex worker about his health status before you engage in potentially risky activities.

Be aware that there are several kinds of infections that are not so life-threatening as AIDS - herpes, hepatitis, thrush, syphilis, gonorrhoea, even the common cold or flu. If in doubt, don't proceed with the session. Your health and the health of your loved ones is of prime importance.

A rule of thumb

If you have open wounds or broken skin and your partner also has broken skin, and either of you has an infection, there is a higher chance of transmitting that infection.

If either of you has an elevated temperature, a persistent cough or you are recovering from a bout of cold or flu or any other illness, wait until you are better before having a massage.

Erotic Massage: $200 for 1 hour or $300 for 1.5 hours (Cash or Prepaid)

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