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Geoffrey’s sensual massage music arouses your passions

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My erotic, male to male massage is a sequence of fluid, sexually arousing movements in time to seductive music that enhances your sensual experience.

You may not notice the first pieces of music as you undress and prepare for your erotic massage. You may be aroused by all the sexy pictures on the walls of my massage room. Adjusting to the lower lighting. Still not separated from the outside world.

But, as you listen, you will hear Peggy King inviting you to "Make Yourself Comfortable".

Once you are lying face down on my very comfortable massage table, you will already have begun to relax. And my musical selections are designed to promote calm and serenity.

This is often when a man will tell me how nervous he felt at the start but how he already feels more at ease. And I may not have touched his naked body yet.

Slowing your heart beat

The first sequence will gradually slow your heartbeat, so that you feel as though you are sinking into a cloud. There are no irritating breaks in the music as each tune eases gently into the next. Carefully selected for similarity of rhythm, tone and harmony.

At my age, I didn't think I'd ever ejaculate three times in three hours again. Amazing.

You may try to concentrate on the music in an attempt to work out how I am influencing your reactions. But you do not hear the music out of context. You cannot help but be stimulated by the complex interplay of music and touch, as my hands manipulate your body.

You cannot help but lose yourself in my attempts to subtly manipulate and deepen your relaxation. The massage room is a comfortable temperature to offset the coolness of the oil on your skin. The lights are dimmed, with no distracting light from outside. You may discern a faint waft of cleansing and relaxing sandalwood.

As I move around the table, caressing and exploring, you may hear a waltz or some other classical melody.

Chyi Yu singing a beautiful Chinese lullaby. Anoushka Shankar skilfully strumming her sitar.

Debbie Wiseman advising that "Nothing Should Reveal The Body But The Body". Scenes from movies, strains from opera or ballet.

Piano, violin, cello, mandolin, flute, oboe. "Sleeping Beauty" by Karma. Voices, like Lisa Gerrard's, that are indistinguishable from instruments.

No piece plays too long to be monotonous. And there are brief, suggestive refrains that change the pattern of my movements.

Music that helps us to slide

When it is time for you to turn over, the music has already begun to change, picking up in tempo and slightly increasing in volume.

There's already a beat that seems to pulse at the same rate as the throbbing of your penis. Now, you will return from that deeply relaxing zone, that half-dozing state, and really wake up.

I'd forgotten how wonderful touch can be. Thank you for letting me touch you too.

During our body slide, you'll hear long, slow harmonies that allow me to slip my naked body across yours. Matching the steadily increasing intensity of our shared intimacy. "Kisskiss" by Parov Stelar.

As we begin to play with one another's body, you may feel an increasing desire to do as Touch & Go suggest and go "Straight To Number One".

As we explore, you'll feel encouraged to go deeper with Gare Du Nord's suggestive "You're So Tight" and "Push The Feeling" by The Nightcrawlers or "Anything You Want" by Belleruche.

Slow and easy

We may pause to get our breathe back and talk for a while: "Have You Got A Story For Me?" by John Barry.

As I progressively explore, caress and fondle your erection, the tempo of the music speeds up one moment, slows down the next.

Deep Sensation will croon "Don't Stop" as my fingers delve to discover a stretch of sensitive skin.

Now there is a piece that is fast - perhaps "Hard, Fast & Beautiful" by My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - that guides my hands in time. Up and down your shaft, stroking and teasing the slippery head of your cock.

I've travelled the world and I've had a lot of massages from men. Your erotic body massage was exquisite: the best I've ever had. I didn't want to turn over. I don't just mean the way you handled my penis. You're the most talented and sensual masseur I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Moving your body in time to the music

You may now realise you are moving in time with the music, spreading your legs, inviting me to explore. Or trying to push your pelvis up to meet my downward strokes, to get more of your cock between my palms.

Your own hands or fingers poking about inside my hot, tight arse hole in time to the beat of the music.

But I'm not ready for you to come just yet, so another track - "Flow" by Undercover Agency - will be slower, more languid.

Easing you back from the brink, keeping you on that delicious edge before cumming.

Then as you gradually build towards a mind-blowing ejaculatory release - "Joy On A Stick" by Mambayaga Project - the tempo matches your increasing urgency to climax.

And, when you do finally cum, you'll be urged on with "Keep It Coming" by Vibe Delight or "Some Like It Hot" by Club Des Belugas.

Oh, those magic hands of yours. You're such a beautiful wanker and a superb erotic masseur. The entire massage session was a fantasy come true.

Erotic music that goes on and on

Each erotic massage music sequence lasts at least 2 hours longer than the longest erotic session I offer. So if you decide you want to extend our time together, there is always plenty of music.

And, with speakers placed all around my house, there is nowhere (aside from under the shower) where you cannot hear my carefully selected musical offering.

When will you come?

I only accept 1 booking per day to guarantee you will enjoy the most pleasurable erotic experience. But you can book as far in advance as you choose on any day (including public holidays) from 10am.

Erotic booking

That sensual way you moved around my body in time to the music is divine. It's like some kind of erotic dance.


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