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Geoffrey's all male, nude body slide that touches you... everywhere

What is my nude, male on male slide? A slippery, sensual body on body, cock on cock rubbing massage. An extension of my hands exploring your naked body.

My full body massage with nude slide brings us into close, physical contact in as many different ways or directions as we can imagine and discover.

Rubbing into armpits or behind knees, sliding along chests, thighs, legs, arms and feet. Oral caressing, licking, nuzzling or sucking balls, the shaft of cocks, nipples, kissing on the lips or other parts of your body.

Cocks caught between compressed thighs or butt cheeks. Balls pressed together, cocks rubbing against each other, arms wrapped around one another. Exploring every inch of every surface: the sensual texture of skin rubbing against skin.

Eventually, I plan to guide you towards a full body orgasm, an explosive ejaculation, using all of my body instead of only my hands on your penis.

Stripped naked

But first, let me undress you. Sensuously stripping away your clothing, exposing you to my caresses. Kneeling at your feet to remove your socks. Slightly off balance so I'm forced to lean my face against your groin.

Your erection already tenting your underwear until it's gradually exposed, beneath the taut elastic, before slapping against your stomach. Sliding one fingertip over the glistening, engorged head: a taste of things to come.

I can totally recommend a body slide session with Geoffrey. You're both naked and he'll put oil on you and slide his body all over yours, give you a hand-job. You can touch him anywhere. He'll tease your cock with his, rub his body all over yours, front and back. Slide your cock between his thighs or into his crack. You can cum on his body, play out your fantasies and safe stuff like that.

Once you're naked, I'll invite you to lie on my comfortable massage table, ready for me to apply my unique, hands-on skills to relax and arouse you. Press your erection into the table and imagine it's my body surrendering to your lust.

An erotic, full body massage to relax you

I like to start by massaging and exploring your naked body with my hands from head to toe. To relax you as well as to ensure there's plenty of lubrication when we slip about together on the bed.

I'll often introduce some body sliding while I'm standing. Leaning across your torso as I stretch my arms from buttocks to your shoulders. Or pressing and rubbing my cock against your thighs as I work my fingers between your legs.

I love how your body feels pressed against mine. I'm so glad I chose you for my first nude, male slide.

The furniture of body sliding

I could climb onto the table and lower myself onto your back, my cock sliding between your thighs. My face close to your neck.

You might sit on the chair, with me resting lightly on your lap. Then, gripping the back for support, slide my cock up or down or from side to side across your chest. You can watch me from behind in the mirrors. Wrap your arms around me to pull me closer. Or guide your cock as I slide back down onto your lap.

We might stand together in a tight embrace. Facing one another or one behind, cock caught in crack. Share a hot shower to let the water add a different dimension.

For best effect, we'll eventually lie together on the spacious, comfortable bed instead.

Face up to start?

Some men prefer to lie face up first with their legs spread. As they begin to enjoy the sensations of our naked bodies sliding, they'll become more actively involved.

I might begin with my hands on either side of your chest, my knees between your legs. Like I'm doing press-ups or a yogic plank pose. Your erection pointing up towards mine.

I'll lightly lower my body until our chests are touching. Nipple to nipple. Our cocks pressed together. Or slipping between your legs. Or mine.

Our faces so close there's barely an inch between our mouths. We might kiss. Or with my face resting against your neck feel my breath.

A slowly, sensual slippery slide

I'll pause to enjoy the sensations of our close contact. You'll feel how hard my cock presses against yours. You may wrap your arms around me and pull me into a tighter embrace.

I'll slip and slide up and down. From side to side. Draw down along the length of your torso until my mouth is hovering above your groin. Then back up, never losing the connection of skin slipping on skin.

A brief pause, before I slowly slip back along your body, keeping as close as I can, until my my chest rests on your thighs, my chin nears your balls. Gazing as they pull back slightly, savouring the heat from your hard cock. Each of us wondering if I can resist the urge to taste.

Back and forth, up and down, side to side, spreading the oil all over your body with mine. Sweat and precum adding more lubrication.

Other ways to slide

Some men, having already enjoyed exploring me during the massage, want to be on top to begin. "Lie on your back," he might say. "Or lie face down." Now, I can push up against him as he actively presses back down.

Others like us to lie on our sides: facing one another or with one behind, spooning.

I might straddle your lap so your cock is wedged between my butt cheeks. Slide back and forth across your shaft. Can we resist the overwhelming desire to slide inside my tight, hot hole? Once I've slipped a condom on your cock, we can surrender to the temptation.

Swivelling around so I'm facing your feet, my legs straddling your chest, arms stretched out along your thighs, sliding my chest across your shaft.

I'm cumming

When I'm only massaging your penis with my hands, stroking your shaft or caressing your balls, I know the signs of your impending orgasm.

I can hold back and focus my attention elsewhere, allowing to get to the point of ejaculation over and over again. Until you have to cum or you'll explode.

During a body slide, you are in control. As our cocks slip and slide together, you may soon feel a desire to cum. We can move to a different position to extend the sensations.

Or you can ejaculate when you're ready. If our cocks are pressed together, I'll feel the force of your ejaculation, the sudden warm wetness of your cum on my cock or between my legs. Or hitting my chest and chin. All this friction may make me cum too.

Men like you enjoy a nude slide on me

Read what other men have said about their body play experience. Discover all the many and varied ways we can slip and slide our naked bodies together. Or visit me and we'll make up new ones.

I've never had so much sexual pleasure over such a long period of time. I'd love to have you as part of my incentive package at work!

Ready for more intense sexual play?

My nude, male on male, body slide provides an ideal opportunity to prolong foreplay.

But, if you're longing for an even more intimate way to prolong the pleasure of an intense sexual experience... to delay your ejaculation for as long as you can... or come more than once in several hours...

We can keep playing together for another hour or more.

I've wanted to try male to male sex play for a while but I've always been too nervous. Your site gave me the courage to visit you. I am so happy I did. Thanks for making it so comfortable for a bicurious, first timer.

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