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Nude, male body on body massage and orgasmic sexual play

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An extra hour or more of sensual, nude, body on body massage in bed. Mutual sexual exploration with slippery sliding, erotic play, intercourse and more.

Picture yourself lying naked on a spacious bed in an erotic studio filled with mirrors and photos of cocks, balls, bums and men fucking and sucking. A taste of things to come.

Every inch of our naked bodies pressed together. Erections poking and plunging between slippery thighs and cheeks. Hands and fingers exploring hidden depths.

The deliciously sensual textures of bare, lubricated skin on skin. Kissing, licking and nuzzling. Nipples and lips, too. Tantalising glimpses of naked flesh in the full length mirrors.

Talking and laughing. Sharing your passion for stimulating sexual play with an uninhibited, horny man, eager to please and satisfy you.

Thanks for a lovely, funny, relaxing, yet sexy afternoon. The pleasure of being naked together and touching one another intimately. Talking about myself so openly. Your massage, the way you handled my penis. Everything was pure delight.

A full body massage to relax you first

Before we play together on the bed, I'll smooth warm oil all over your naked body. My hands and fingers deftly massaging you from head to toe and everywhere in between.

Surrender to the subtle music, as I move around the massage table, keeping my body in close contact with yours. Getting you in the mood for more stimulating play.

Spread your legs and feel how I respond to your invitation to plunge between your thighs. My fingertips fondling your balls, circling once or twice.

Lightly leaning across your torso to ease my hands from your buttocks, along your back, to your shoulders and neck.

Standing at the head of the massage table, bending over your body. Stretching all the way along your spine until my fingertips trace the curves of your bum. Grasp my legs so I can stretch even further, my fingers delving ever deeper.

Touch, stroke, caress my cock as it slides across your upturned palm. Fondle my balls. Reach between my thighs to play a fingertip around the sensitive lips of my tight hole.

Touching and teasing. Stroking, fondling and caressing. Easing the last remnants of tension from your body. Soon, you'll feel so relaxed you almost won't want to move. Until I invite you to join me on the bed.

I can totally recommend a body play session with Geoffrey. You're both naked and, after his brilliant massage, he'll slide his body and his cock all over you, front and back. Plunge your cock into his crack, pump his tight hole. He'll give you an incredible hand-job and you can cum on his body too.

Slippery nude, body sliding massage

Once you're comfortably lying face up, I'll massage your body with more than my hands and fingers. Watch in the mirrors as I gently lower my body onto yours.

Our chests touching, nipple to nipple. Our cocks pressed together, jostling for room.

As intimate as two men can be without you being inside me, yet. Our faces so close, we may kiss.

Feel how I spread the oil from your body to mine, sliding back and forth, up and down, side to side. Every inch of us touching.

Sliding my cock along your chest, across your nipples. Gliding back down along your torso, until your cock sticks up hard between my thighs, trapped between my bum cheeks.

Lifting and lowering my hips, pushing backwards, massaging up and down the length of your cock, stroking and teasing you.

You made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. Your erotic massage was absolutely incredible and so was the body play. You were so generous, understanding and encouraging. I thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with you.

Sitting up, resting lightly on your lap. The hard shaft of your cock pressed against me, the head poking out from under my balls.

I'll slide back and forth, massaging your erection between my legs. Feel how the tip of your cock slides so pleasurably against my slippery hole.

Slipping down to your feet, watch in the huge mirror at the foot of the bed when I slide my face along your thighs until my chin presses against your balls. Will I surrender to the temptation to roll them around in my mouth?

Turning about to face your feet. My knees either side of your waist, my arms stretching down your legs, my chest sliding across your balls, along your thighs, to your feet.

Open your eyes to watch as I pull back until my mouth is inches from your throbbing cock. My bum cheeks spread wide. Is that my mouth on your dripping erection or only my hands?

Can you feel your passion rising?

And when you're ready, we'll turn over. Now I can massage your back and bum. Spread oil over your buttocks and higher along your spine. Rub my cock across your shoulders all over your head, feel it slide down your neck to your face.

I've tried sex with other men, but it's never worked out well. With you it was completely different. Great fun. That way you so patiently guided and encouraged gave me the confidence to explore and enjoy the experience.

Roll over to sit on my lap. My hands massaging your cock, reaching a hand between your legs to fondle and hold your balls. Stroking your chest and tweaking your nipples.

Then over again, stretch out on my back now. Your cock parting my bum cheeks, thrusting back and forth, along my slippery arse crack. It would be so easy to give in to the temptation to plunge deeper.

Sit up higher and lean against the pillows, hold your cock upright as I settle on your lap, sliding up or down or from side to side. Wrap your arms around me to pull me closer.

Conversation is sexually satisfying too

Now, we might pause to savour our sensations. Lie together and stroke, caress, kiss and cuddle. Share a sexy story, an erotic fantasy.

Are you eager for me to show you what I've learned about pleasuring a man?

Our erections rising and falling. Sucking and licking. Fucking, fingering and rimming me too, whenever you like. Naughtiness and sexual talk.

Spontaneous, happy laughter. That spark of recognition: "What! You too? I thought I was the only one."

Lying naked together on your bed and watching those bareback orgy movies was great fun. Your gay porn collection got me so much hornier than straight porn ever did.

Watching porn movies from my extensive collection. Trying out their poses. Admiring the gallery of photos on the walls and one another in dozens of mirrors.

Sharing a hot shower in the mirrored wet room. Lathering our bodies with soap, hands, tongues and fingers exploring. The hot, gushing water adding a different texture.

The sensuality of towelling one another dry before returning to the warmth of the massage studio for another hour or more.

I left on a high yesterday. Not only the sexy massage, naked body sliding and the fucking great sex. Talking with you about all your lovely books. It's rare to meet someone who's so keen to listen and can discuss what interests me.

Stimulating play for passionate men

Do you love to give and receive sensual and sexual pleasure for hours on end? I do.

Sensuous full body massage with my hands and body? Deeply pleasurable, mutual sexual exploration that lasts for luxuriously laid-back hours? Multiple ejaculations? Laughter, conversation, cuddles, kissing and relaxation?

I thought an hour had passed since I'd arrived. I was amazed when I looked at my phone and saw that 3 hours had gone by. Incredible.

The more I see, hear and feel your delight, the more aroused I become: an endless loop of mutual, passionate, body on body play.

Are you passionate about exploring and enjoying great sexual play with a man who's eager to arouse, please and satisfy you?

Read about all the different ways other men have already satisfied their passion for erotic massage and male body play before you come too.

I love the eye contact, the kisses, the laughter, hugs, the feel of skin on skin, your first touch, being massaged. Simply being with another man without judgement or criticism, with joy and for pleasure.

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