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Geoffrey’s three sensual, pleasurable hours of mansex play

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Are you eager for slow, sensual and satisfying sex with a man? How about three hours of massage, nude slide, sexy body play and fantasies? That's mansex.

With me, sex is not only passionate kissing, sucking and fucking. Though if that's how you want to spend our time together, I'll be happy to play along. After all, your pleasure and satisfaction are uppermost in my mind.

The best sex is more than physical

A mansex body play session gives me the opportunity to demonstrate many of my most sensual skills and talents. A gradual build-up of layer upon layer of arousal and delight leading to eventual orgasm and ejaculations.

It was obvious you knew exactly how to add layer on layer to my increasing excitement and arousal. Your massage was remarkably relaxing and sensual. The way we slipped and slid together was lovely. And how you knew where and when to touch me. Everything was perfect. I can't wait for my next visit.

For me, the most arousing and enjoyable male on male sexual play lasts for long, luxuriously slow, sensuous, deeply satisfying hours. Exploring your sexual fantasies; or mine.

Passion, intimacy, exploration and sensuality

Imagine! We've already spent an hour or so slipping and sliding together on the spacious bed.

There's almost no part of our bodies that hasn't been in close, intimate, physical contact. We've slid back to front and front to front, top to toe. Touched, teased and tasted.

Nude body on body slide

The weight of my body against yours. The delight of our cocks pushing together or sliding ever higher along our chests. Trapped between thighs, pressing against balls. Plunging between butt cheeks.

Caressing, kissing licking and nuzzling. Nipples and lips. Watching one another in the full length mirror. Exploring the sensual textures of naked skin rubbing together.

I love the eye contact, the kisses, the laughter, hugs, the feel of skin on skin, your first touch, being massaged. Simply being with another man without judgement or criticism, with joy and for pleasure.

A full body massage to soothe and relax

Before we moved to the bed, you thoroughly enjoyed my confident hands massaging and exploring your naked body from head to toe and everywhere in between.

You've licked or sucked my cock. I stood still for a few moments, so you could fully appreciate the taste, the firmness of my erection and its velvety texture in your moist mouth.

You've stroked my long, muscular legs up to my bum. Noticed how much harder my cock grew when you played a fingertip around the outer lips of my tight hole.

And when I suggested you turn over on the massage table, you felt so relaxed you almost didn't want to move.

How pleased you were glad you did. Carried away by my own arousal, perhaps I couldn't resist leaning over so you could watch your cock slipping between my lips.

Intelligent, witty and totally hot, as well. Your intimacy and sensuality blow me away. That way you massage my body, stroke or suck my cock... your eagerness when I need to plunge my cock inside you... everything about you drives me wild. You, Geoffrey, are the consummate mansex professional.

The shared sensuality of physical intimacy

For now, we've paused momentarily, to get our breath back, to luxuriate in the sensuality of our physical closeness. To share a story and a laugh. Or simply to stroke, caress and hug one another.

This is the most fun I've ever had with another man. You say. How much you love the easy way we've been playing together. How relaxed you feel. How glad you are you came. How much you want to cum.

But you haven't cum yet. Or maybe we're already building up to your next ejaculation. Either way, you're enjoying the sensations of my hands stroking your cock, which seems to have stayed harder, longer than usual.

One thing I've missed, apart from great sex - though that too - is affectionate touch: being cuddled, kissed and lovingly caressed. Sharing hours of body play with you was like having one long, luxurious, intimate, affectionate hug. Thank you.

We've shared a shower, enjoying the sensations of hot gushing water, soaping one another's bodies, feeling hard cocks, admiring one another in the full-length mirror. Towelling one another dry.

Conversation is sexy too

It's the pauses in between our sexual play: when we talk and laugh. This is what makes mansex with me so deeply fulfilling for a man like you with something to say.

The simple pleasure of being naked together. Casually touching, stroking and feeling one another's closeness.

I left on a high last night. Not only the massage and naked body play but talking with you about all your lovely books. It's rare to meet someone who's so keen to listen and can discuss what interests me.

Spontaneous, happy laughter. That spark of recognition: "What! You too? I thought I was the only one."

I'd like to better understand who you are and what you most enjoy. Tell me your opinions, your ideas and dreams. Discuss books, politics, technology, film, art, hobbies or any other topic that interests you.

Exploring your sexual fantasies

How often have you met anyone who is keen to listen to you? Or a man so widely read and open-minded that you can discuss any subject? Ask any question and get an honest reply?

At first, I felt nervous talking dirty to you and telling you what to do. But you were so receptive and keen to play along with me. It was a real thrill exploring my sexual fantasies with you, Geoffrey.

Or a man who's willing to consider exploring your sexual fantasies?

I want to fuck you in the arse, over and over again and see how many times I can cum during 3 hours. Is that possible?

I've always wanted... you say... I've fantasised about... would you be willing to try something? A role play, perhaps. Some other fantasy.

I am mad about guys wearing NRL footy shorts, and I would love it if we could both wear a pair during the nude slide. I would love to feel you touching me over and under my shorts and sliding against me, feeling your hard cock straining to break free. And teasing my finger into the back of your shorts, slipping into your hot hole. God, I'm getting hard just thinking about it.

We have plenty of time left to add this extra layer of pleasurable discovery to our fun.

I thought an hour had passed since I'd arrived. I was amazed when I looked at my phone and saw that 3 hours had gone by. Incredible.

When are you going to come?

When was the last time you enjoyed a sensual and sexual adventure with another man that lasted 3 hours?

I'm a mature, fun, uninhibited, sociable and intelligent sex partner. Always horny, eager to arouse, please, relax and satisfy your desires. Cheerful, attentive, interested, relaxed and responsive.

You're always so friendly, cheerful and generous with your attention. I really appreciate how you remember from one month to the next what I enjoy most. How responsive you are when my thoughts turn to sex.

Looking for a regular fuck buddy?

Did you enjoy your first mansex session? Come often to enjoy my talents for giving you the most pleasurable, slow, sensual and satisfying sex.

Thanks for a lovely, funny, relaxing, yet sexy afternoon. The pleasure of being naked together and touching one another so intimately. Talking about myself so openly. Your massage, the way you handled my penis. Everything was pure delight.

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