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All men deserve a sensual, full body experience

I am a professionally trained and qualified male to male massage therapist who prefers to focus on the pleasurable and erotic nature of male bodywork.

A proper, full body, nude massage for men

Every session includes a full body, Swedish-style massage of your back and front.

  • What can I expect during an erotic massage?
    You lie on the massage table as I work first on your back, then your front. Part way through the massage, I will focus my considerable talents on massaging your penis and testicles. I won't do anything you are uncomfortable with, though I will repeat anything you really seem to enjoy.
  • What is a body play session?
    Body or sex play is an extended erotic session of massage and nude body slide and play. Together, we'll slowly, luxuriously and mutually explore exciting, sensual, foreplay.
  • How long have you been massaging men?
    Over 20 years. I completed an accredited Swedish massage course in early 1997 and have been practising non-stop since.
  • Do you enjoy being an erotic bodyworker?
    Yes, very much. I gain great satisfaction from giving immense erotic pleasure to men. I hope my enthusiasm for increasing and enhancing your pleasure rubs off.
  • Can you recommend someone else who does what you do?
    I don't provide referral services because I don't know any other erotic masseurs. If you know of someone who provides a similar level of care and professionalism, please email his details.
  • Did you once have a massage studio in Sydney?
    Yes. I worked in Newtown from 1997 and in Erskineville from 2000. Since 2004, I have only been available for incall visits to my massage studio in Mount Victoria, in the upper Blue Mountains, west of Sydney.
  • Do you ever travel interstate or overseas?
    I have no plans to travel. So, unless you'd like to pay me to visit your city, you'll have to come to my erotic studio to experience, first hand my uniquely pleasurable, sensual massage style.
  • Did you design this web site?
    Yes, I write, design, produce and promote this web site. I update the site regularly, adding articles to my various blogs: my erotic massage diary and stories from my personal sexual memoirs. Check the main home page for other updates. Or read about my other professional skills and talents.

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Just what I needed: a great massage. Geoffrey, you are the body bliss man!


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