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A lovely, scenic drive with a very happy ending

Every erotic session is different but I always include a full body, nude massage and masturbation. Body play sessions also include a mutual, naked body slide.

Beyond that, time permitting, who knows what may happen.

What may happen during a massage or play session?

As well as giving you the most erotic, full body massage, body slide and play time you can imagine, I'm open to exploring other sensual activities with you.

  • Can I ejaculate more than once?
    You can ejaculate as many times during a session as you like. I'll happily lend a hand.
  • Will you be naked?
    Yes. I prefer to massage in the nude. It makes the experience more erotic for you if we're both naked.
  • Is there anything I need to do during a massage?
    Lie still and enjoy yourself. You can touch me if you like or talk.
  • Will we have sex?
    It's possible. After all, I'm an uninhibited and horny, gay man and I love having sex with a man.
  • Can we explore my fantasies?
    Yes. I am open to exploring some of your male fantasies during a body play session.
  • Can I make you ejaculate too?
    Yes. I'll ejaculate if you want me to though my primary focus is always on your erotic pleasure and satisfaction.

Erotic Massage: $200 for 1 hour or $300 for 1.5 hours (Cash or Prepaid)

❝ I can see why men drive up from Sydney for such a happy ending. That was excellent, like the best kind of torture.

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