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Come for your first taste of m2m pleasure

How long have you wanted to satisfy your curiosity about being touched sexually by another man? Don't wait another day to find out how amazing you'll feel.

You'll be glad you came

Many of my first time clients have never experienced a massage from anyone, let alone a sexy, male to male, erotic massage.

  • I'm an m2m virgin. Is that OK?
    Yes. Many men choose me for their first time. You'll be glad you came.
  • I'm a bit overweight. Is that OK?
    Yes. I welcome any man of any age or size to enjoy my erotic services.
  • Do you only massage gay men?
    No. The men who come may be gay, bisexual, straight, married or divorced or bicurious.
  • Can I touch you too?
    Yes. I'll be naked and you can touch me.
  • Do you do a full body massage?
    Yes. Every session includes a full body, Swedish-style massage of your back and front. I use a fragrance-free oil that easily washes off. You will be lying on a professional quality Athlegen massage table.

Erections and ejaculation

  • Can you help me keep my erection?
    Yes. Lots of men are surprised at the hardness of their erections when they're in my hands.
  • I always cum too quickly. Can you help me?
    Yes. You'll be surprised at how long I can help you &306| delay ejaculation so you can continue to enjoy feeling my talented hands working on your genitals.
  • I haven't ejaculated for years. Can you help me?
    Yes. I have considerable skill in helping you increase the force and volume of your ejaculation when I have your penis in my hands. Even if you haven't enjoyed a climax in some time.
  • Will you teach me how to enjoy better sex with a man?
    Yes. Come for a male sex coach session. There is much I can teach you about enjoying great sex with another man.

Other questions?
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I've been to most of the erotic masseurs in Sydney but none of them does as good a penis massage as yours.


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