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Enjoy your first male to male erotic massage

Some men are nervous before their first male, erotic massage session but they soon relax and enjoy my uniquely pleasurable, hands-on talent for arousing men.

You'll be glad you came

Many of my first time clients have never experienced a massage from anyone, let alone a sexy, male to male erotic massage.

  • I've never had an erotic m2m massage before. Does that matter?
    Not at all. I am very patient, understanding and friendly. I won't do anything you are uncomfortable with, though I will repeat anything you really seem to enjoy.
  • Do I have to be certain weight or look?
    No. I believe any man - whatever his shape, size, looks, age, nationality or sexual preference - is entitled to enjoy my high standards of personal and professional attention.
  • Do you only massage gay men?
    No. The men who come may be gay, bisexual, straight, married or divorced or bicurious. Discover for yourself why so many men choose their first erotic experience with me.
  • Am I allowed to touch you?
    Yes. You can touch me however you like. Mutual massage and touch makes the experience even more pleasurable for you. Who knows how far we might go.
  • Do you do a full body massage?
    Yes. Every session includes a full body, Swedish-style massage of your back and front. I use a fragrance-free oil that easily washes off. You will be lying on a professional quality Athlegen massage table.

Erections and ejaculation

  • Can you help me keep my erection?
    I can certainly try though many of my penis massage techniques work as well on a flaccid as a firm erection. Lots of men are surprised at the hardness of their erections when they're in my hands.
  • I always cum too quickly. Can you help me?
    Yes. You'll be surprised at how long I can help you delay ejaculation so you can continue to enjoy feeling my talented hands working on your genitals.
  • I haven't ejaculated for years. Can you help me?
    Yes. I have considerable skill in helping you increase the force and volume of your ejaculation when I have your penis in my hands. Even if you haven't enjoyed a climax in some time.
  • Will you teach me how to enjoy better sex with a man?
    Yes. Come for a male sex coach session. There is much I can teach you about enjoying great sex with another man.

⚣ Male massage: $200 for 1 hour or $300 for 1.5 hours [Cash or prepaid]

⚣ Male massage
$200 for 1 hour
$300 for 1.5 hours
[Cash or prepaid]
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❝ I've been to most of the erotic masseurs in Sydney but none of them does as good a penis massage as yours.❞

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