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Your privacy, safety and comfort are important

When you come for an erotic, male to male adventure, you'll be in safe, confident hands. I'm friendly, genuine and very careful to protect your privacy.

Safe, discreet and legal

Your privacy, safety and comfort are my first priority. Anything that happens between us is legal and stays confidential.

  • Are you discreet?
    Yes. I am very discreet. I am very careful to protect your privacy. I live alone. Everything is legal.
  • Are you clean and safe?
    Yes. I always wash before a session - inside and out - and wear deodorant. Erotic massage and body play are both safe forms of male sexual play.
  • Can I shower before and after the massage?
    Yes. You are welcome to shower in the mirrored wet room, before, during and after a massage. Alone. Or with me. I supply clean towels and liquid soap for you to use.
  • Why is it best to visit your studio?
    I have carefully selected music, oils and scents, a firm but comfortable massage table in a softly lit room filled with mirrors and erotic pictures to create a stimulating, temperature-controlled environment where you can escape into a world of erotic pleasure.

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No one could walk into your erotic massage studio after seeing this informative and erotic web site and not know exactly what to expect.


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