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Deeply satisfying, nude full body, erotic male massage

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Nude, full body, erotic massage to relax. Then my hands stroking your cock, fingers fondling your balls. Guiding you towards a stress-releasing orgasm.

The soft spotlights are dimmed, there's a subtle fragrance, sensuous music chosen to relax your mind and body.

As you undressed, you looked at all those sexy pictures of naked men on the walls in my studio; and at my naked body too.

You couldn't hide your mounting excitement as you settled face down on the massage table, spread your legs and rested your feet on the cushion.

Now, you're ready for my first touch of your body.

Close your eyes and drift away as my confident hands massage you: stroking, rubbing and oiling your skin, easing away tension. Preparing you for what's to come.

Relax and drift into a sensual daydream

Can you feel how your breathing slows and deepens? How your body feels heavier, like you're sinking into the softly contoured table. Yet somehow, at the same time, how you begin to feel lighter. Like you're floating.

You really know your way around a man's body. Your erotic massage was far better than any other I've ever had. And no-one knows how to wank a cock like you do, Geoffrey! Your penis massage skills are masterclass.

You feel an almost euphoric state of peace when time seems to stand still.

Now there is nothing on your mind apart from how much you are enjoying the rhythmic stroking of my slippery palms caressing your skin in time to the gentle melodic music.

My hands gliding slowly but firmly - back and forth - across the entire surface of your naked body, seeking out knotted muscles to rub, soothe and gently release.

My fingers plunging between your thighs, tracing the outline of your balls. Caressing your perineum, feeling for the firmness of your lengthening erection.

I'd forgotten how wonderful touch can be. Thank you for letting me touch you too.

Massaging your calves, ankles, working my way towards your feet. Until I'm standing at the foot of the table, reaching as far as I can to part your buttocks, enjoying the view as I press my fingers between your thighs.

Do you like to watch? Or touch?

Look at the porn pictures playing on a screen. Every one of several hundred images selected to arouse you.

Turn your head to the other side, to watch in the full-length mirror as I move around the massage table. Seducing you with a tantalising, tempting glimpse between my thighs when I bend over.

Was that my cock you felt just now sliding across your upturned palm? Poking into your thigh? Pressed against your buttocks?

Go ahead! You're welcome to touch me. Stroke my cock, fondle my balls. Run your hands along my legs, caress my bum or slip a finger inside me.

A taste of things to come

Soon I'll stand on my toes at the head of the table. Bending over, both palms sweeping along the length of your spine. Reaching to stroke your buttocks.

You obviously have a first-class knowledge, respect for and appreciation of the male body and all the sensations that go with it.

Grasp my legs so I can stretch even further, my fingers reaching deeper between your thighs. If you turn your head now, you'll see my erection inches from your mouth, ready for you to kiss, lick or suck.

When I eventually invite you to turn over, you'll notice how the gentle melodic music has subtly changed. There's now a rhythmic beat that matches each throb of your cock. Slow and easy.

Like oral sex without a mouth

Face up, the massage begins at your feet. My hands slick with lubricant, soft as the inside of a mouth but firmer and stronger. Gliding along your inner thighs, sliding just beneath your testicles.

Barely missing your erect penis to chest, arms and neck, then back again... rubbing, kneading and stroking.

Just when you think you can't take any more of my teasing, I'll wrap my fingers and thumb around the base of your erection. Contract my fingers slightly to form a living "cock ring" and gently cup your testicles with my free hand.

My velvety smooth hands, gliding between your legs. Pressing here. My fingers exploring there, discovering what turns you on. Repeating it over and over again.

Gradually guiding you closer and closer to that exquisite point of no return.

When I cum with you, it's like my whole body explodes. You are the only man who has ever been able to make me feel that.

Deeply relaxing, full body, erotic massage

You won't find a more experienced, sensual masseur anywhere else in the world who's as eager to arouse, indulge and satisfy your passion for erotic, male touch.

What's more my erotic male massage is designed to appeal to gay, straight, bisexual and bicurious men in their 40s, 50s, 60s and older.

Because I enjoy giving immense erotic pleasure to mature men. Seeing, hearing and feeling your delight as I arouse and satisfy your desire to come.

But don't only take my word for it. Read the sexy reviews several men have kindly sent me. Or the comments and praise from hundreds of deeply satisfied men. Book an erotic male massage today and find out for yourself!

I've travelled the world and I've had a lot of massages from men. Your erotic body massage was exquisite: the best I've ever had. I didn't want to turn over. I don't only mean the way you handled my penis. You're the most talented and sensual masseur I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.

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