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Geoffrey’s deeply satisfying, nude, full body, erotic male massage

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Are you ready to be sensually soothed? Erotically explored from head to toe? To feel my talented hands caressing your skin, massaging your naked body?

Stroking your throbbing erection, fingering and fondling your balls? Gradually guiding you ever closer towards a deeply satisfying orgasm and ejaculation?

You really know your way around a man's body. Your erotic massage was far better than any other I've ever had. And no-one knows how to wank a cock like you do, Geoffrey! Your penis massage skills are masterclass.

For a man who enjoys sensual touch

From the moment you arrive at my discreet studio you'll be pampered in a relaxing, intimate and very friendly environment.

I'll welcome you at my front door with a warm and cheerful smile. I'll already be naked, so you'll see straight away how excited I am for you to come inside.

Your massage studio is like a shrine to the male body. I've never seen so many gorgeous pictures of horny, naked men sensually enjoying one another. It certainly gave me ideas about what I want to do with you.

My erotic studio will stimulate all your senses

I'll show you into my comfortable and private massage room, where everything is arranged to arouse, stimulate and satisfy you.

Soft spotlights draw your eyes first to hundreds of pictures of nude men, leaving little to your imagination. Full-length mirrors on each wall reflect our naked bodies from every angle.

There's a chair for your clothes and fresh water to drink. Undress and prepare for an erotic experience unlike any other.

Relax... you're in the hands of a talented and experienced masseur. Surrender to the softly contoured massage table. Breathe the delicious scent of sandalwood. Forget your cares as you drift away with the sensuous music.

An exquisite, full body experience

You'll begin to feel deeply relaxed, mindfully aware of the sensations, anticipating my first sensitive touch of your bare skin.

I'll oil your back, buttocks and legs. Resist the temptation to immediately slide my hand between your cheeks to roll your balls around my fingertips. Too soon!

Instead, I'll concentrate on relieving tension in your shoulders and neck. Massage your bum, press firmly along the muscles of your inner thighs.

The things you know about arousing and sexually satisfying a man are intriguing. You must have led a very interesting life!

Encourage me to feel between your thighs

Spread your legs apart on the extra wide massage table. Thrill as my hands respond to your invitation to plunge between your thighs. My fingertips teasing and stroking your balls, circling once or twice.

Then back to massaging your calves, ankles, feet. My hands gliding slowly but firmly - back and forth - across the entire surface of your naked body. My fingers seeking out knotted muscles to gently rub, soothe and release.

I'd forgotten how wonderful touch can be. Thank you for letting me touch you too.

Watch in the mirrors and touch me too

Lift your head from the cushioned cradle to watch in the full-length mirrors as I bend over your body. Stroke my erection or extend your hand between my legs to slide a finger inside my tight, hot hole.

Soon I'll stand at the foot of the table and press my palms along your legs to part your buttocks, enjoying a full view between your spread legs.

Work my way up your torso, until I'm standing at the head of the table. Standing on my toes, bending forward to sweep both palms as far as I can reach down your spine to your buttocks.

Grasp my legs so I can stretch even further, my fingers delving ever deeper between your thighs.

You obviously have a first-class knowledge, respect for and appreciation of the male body and all the sensations that go with it.

Face up and already aroused

Once I have massaged you face down, I'll ask you to turn over. You may notice the gentle melodic music has changed subtly. There's now a rhythmic beat that matches each throb of your cock. Slow and easy.

My hands slick with lubricant, soft as the inside of a mouth but firmer and stronger. Gliding along your inner thighs, sliding just beneath your testicles, just missing your erect penis.

Rubbing, kneading and stroking your chest, nipples and neck, then back again.

Or, standing at the head of the table, my cock inches from your face, I'll reach as far as I can along your torso to grip the tip your throbbing erection.

My hands working their magic on your erection

I'll wrap my fingers around your balls. Contract my fingers slightly to form a living "cock ring" and gently cup your testicles with my free hand...

Lightly massage your cock and balls, enjoy the slickness of your precum on my hands. My own erection perhaps resting on your upturned palm or your fingers still probing between my arse cheeks.

Fantastic. Fabulous. Wow, what you can do with your hands. Definitely worth the money.

Like oral sex without a mouth

Imagine those exquisite sensations running through your entire body as I gently massage your penis, tug on your scrotum or fondle your testicles, circling round and round each one lightly twirling, feeling its weight, bouncing it onto my palm.

My hands, firm and strong, velvety smooth, gliding between your legs, pressing here, my fingers exploring there, discovering what turns you on. Repeating it over and over again.

Allow yourself to be carried away by the sensuous music, now beating faster in time with the pulsing and throbbing of your erection.

Lift your head to watch how I trace one index finger along the shaft of your rigid penis to the tip where a single drop glistens with the promise of more to come.

A master at penis massage

I squeeze more tightly and then, as if I am playing a flute, press each finger delicately into the pulsing vein that runs the length of the shaft back up to the dripping head.

Feel how my well-oiled palm slides up and down, milking your penis. Now rubbing and pulling it this way. Now stroking and squeezing. Pushing down, fingers flickering across the slick, sensitive knob. My other hand still manipulating your balls or exploring between your legs.

When I cum with you, it's like my whole body explodes. You are the only person who has ever been able to make me feel that.

Your first, full body orgasm

Your breathing grows heavier, deeper and faster. You moan. You groan. You'll want me to take you over the edge, to let you ejaculate. Grind your bum into the massage table. Your pulse is racing, your penis rigid and slick with oil and your own juices. Lost in the throes of impending orgasm.

Your testicles ride higher, pulling closer to your body. My fingers encircling and teasing them away, my other hand stroking and polishing the slick knob of your cock.

The pressure for release is building... the intensity growing stronger... the effort to hold back ever harder... on the edge... so close. When will I let you climax?

You'll have to visit to find out what happens next.

So that's what a full body orgasm feels like. If a great orgasm is a 10, what I had in your hands was a 15.

Eager for a nude body sliding massage?

Have you experienced the sensuous pleasure of a body sliding massage? Instead of only using my hands to arouse you, I'll slip and slide my naked body all over yours. Who knows what may happen next?

Every delicious inch of your skin in intimate touch with mine for another hour or more. Lie face up or face down on the spacious bed so we have plenty of room to move together.

Why come to my Blue Mountains' studio for an erotic, male massage?

You won't find a more experienced, sensual masseur anywhere else in the world who's as eager to arouse, indulge and satisfy your passion for erotic, male touch as I am.

What's more my erotic male massage is specifically designed to appeal to men in their 40s, 50s, 60s and older. Gay, straight, bisexual and bicurious men are welcome to enjoy my talents for arousing, relaxing and relieving.

But don't only take my word for it. Or the praise from hundreds of deeply satisfied men. Book an erotic massage today and find out for yourself!

When will you come?

I only accept 1 booking per day to guarantee you will enjoy the most pleasurable erotic experience. But you can book as far in advance as you choose on any day (including public holidays) from 10am.

Massage booking

I've travelled the world and I've had a lot of massages from men. Your erotic body massage was exquisite: the best I've ever had. I didn't want to turn over. I don't just mean the way you handled my penis. You're the most talented and sensual masseur I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.


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