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Geoffrey's massage: indulge your passion for erotic, male touch

Why come to the Blue Mountains for a nude, m2m massage? Because no other masseur knows how to arouse your passion for erotic, male touch the way I do.

I'll greet you at my front or back door with a warm and friendly smile. I'll already be naked and you'll notice right away how excited I am to see you.

I'll show you into my comfortable massage studio, where everything is already arranged to arouse you.

Soft spotlights draw your eyes first to pictures of nude men, leaving little to your imagination. Full-length mirrors on each wall reflect our naked bodies from every angle.

There's a chair for your clothes and fresh water to drink. Remove your clothes (or let me undress you), ready for an erotic experience unlike any other.

An exquisite full body experience

Relax your body as you settle on the softly contoured massage table. Breathe in the delicious scents. Then let yourself drift away with the gentle music, anticipating my first touch of your bare skin.

I thoroughly enjoyed your massage. Face down and face up.

Relax... you're in the hands of a talented, erotic, gay masseur. I thoroughly understand how best to stimulate a man's body and arouse his lust.

My hands will soothe and release your tension

Allow your muscles to soften and relax as the carefully selected music takes hold of your imagination.

Forget everything except the firm confidence of my hands as they expertly manipulate your body, from head to toe. And everywhere in between. Surrender to a delicious, sensual daydream as any lingering nervousness, stress or tension melts away.

From the moment you first touched me, I knew I'd made the right decision to visit you. You truly know what it means to be erotic.

Touch me as I massage you

I'll be eager for you to touch me too. Enjoy the sensations of my cock as it rests momentarily on your upturned palm or glides across your well-oiled skin. Sometimes pokes, accidentally, into your thigh. Or pulses hotly near the head rest inches from your face.

I really enjoyed how open you were to my touching you too. It made the whole massage so much more erotic.

Stretch out a hand to caress my naked body. Between my long legs and higher to slip a finger into my tight and willing hole. I may pause to allow you to delve deeper.

When it's time to turn over, pause a few moments. Gently rise and reposition yourself, face up, on the table. You may feel a little light-headed, but don't be alarmed. My massage is having the desired effect.

My hands on your penis

My hands, slowly stroking back and forth, along the entire length of your body.

You'll sense how much I want to caress your throbbing cock. The pulsing beat of the music guiding my hands ever higher between your thighs. You'll yearn for me to touch your penis but I may tease you a little longer.

Casually encircling your testicles with the fingers of one hand, like a cock ring. Gently tugging and separating each one. Delicately tracing a finger tenderly around each hairy globe.

My other hand inching up along the shaft of your erect penis. Caressing and gripping its entire length and girth, like a warm, wet mouth but firmer... keeping you on the edge until you feel you can't take any more... if I keep swirling my fingers around the slick head like that...

It's a lovely drive to a part of Sydney where nobody knows me, with an exceptional erotic experience that leaves me deeply satisfied for days after.

Nude body to body slide

Have you already decided to stay for a longer session of body to body slide and play? You're welcome to stay as long as you choose.

Instead of letting you ejaculate immediately, we'll move to a large bed where I can prolong the sensations for as long as you like. Or perhaps you'd like to cum more than once.

I'll massage your naked body with mine, sliding about in as many slippery sensual ways as you can imagine. Who knows what may happen next.

Stay all day or overnight

Imagine how aroused you'll feel if I massage and play with your body not just for an hour or two but for a day or overnight.

Come for 6 hours of immense pleasure, any day of the week. And if that's not enough, we can play together all night long. We may even fall asleep.

Why come to the Blue Mountains for a nude, m2m massage?

You won't find a more experienced, male erotic masseur elsewhere who knows how to arouse and satisfy a man's passion for erotic pleasure the way I do.

Within minutes of your arrival at my comfortable, private and very erotic massage studio, you'll be lying naked and aroused, anticipating my first confident touch of your bare skin.

Come for a sensual all male session today or any day you like. You'll be glad you came.

You know how to massage a man and what it means to be erotic. It's a great combination.

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