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When can you come? Where can you park? Where is my erotic studio? How do you pay? Is it discreet? What's going to happen? Plus other answers.

Indulge yourself with totally satisfying, erotic, full body massage and sexy male on male play. Be pampered in a relaxing, intimate environment. Feel revitalised from the top of your head to the tip of your penis.

My private and discreet studio is in the upper Blue Mountains: an easy drive from Sydney, with free parking. All men are welcome.

I bet you have men coming from all over the world to experience your superb erotic massage. I've only driven the short distance from Sydney but it feels like I'm in a different world when I'm on your massage table. You are the body bliss man!

Book an erotic session any day

Enjoy 60 or 90 sensual minutes any day (weekends and public holidays included) between 10am and 8pm.

You may get a booking tomorrow or the next day. Next week or next month. You decide.

I always reply promptly. I'll answer any questions, confirm the date, starting time and price.

Don't forget to check your SPAM folder if you miss my reply.

Fantastic. Fabulous. Wow! What you can do with your hands and the rest of your body. Definitely worth the money.

How do you pay for a session?

The simplest way is to transfer money to my online account before you arrive. I'll give you details when you book.

You may also pay with cash on the day if you need to be discreet.

I am unable to accept credit cards.

Once you've confirmed your appointment, I'll give you my address and directions plus a link to a Google map and a train timetable.

I can see why men drive up from Sydney when they're in for such a happy ending. Your erotic massage is exquisite and that way you kept me on the edge of ejaculation for so long was like the best kind of torture.

upper Blue Mountains, NSW

My erotic massage studio is in a private house in Mount Victoria, at the top of the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. (See here for driving directions.)

You are welcome to park in my driveway.

There's a train station less than 10 minutes' walk away. See the Blue Mountains train timetable.

Trains run regularly from Sydney Airport to Central station where you can catch a train to Mt Victoria. For details go to Airport link

When I read your web site, I thought your erotic services sounded too good to be true. When I came for my first session, I quickly realised you were far too wicked and naughty to be good. But everything you had described was true.

Safe, legal and discreet

I am always very careful to protect your privacy and mine. I will neither call nor email you without permission.

Everything that happens when we are together is safe, legal and remains confidential.

I'm a straight, happily married man. Yet the temptation to have my dick massaged and worshipped by a gay masseur who knows how to give me immense pleasure was irresistible.

Mature, sexually curious men are welcome to come

My arousing, relaxing and sensually satisfying erotic services are designed to appeal to:

mature and responsive men of any age... 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and older

straight or married men, bisexual, gay and curious virgins

men of any nationality or ethnic background, body shape and size.

Like so many other men already have, I know you'll enjoy your first male to male experience in my hands. Because I'm gentle, caring and genuinely interested in giving you sensual pleasure.

It was obvious you knew exactly how to add layer on layer to my increasing excitement and arousal. Your massage was remarkably relaxing and sensual. The way we slipped and slid together was delightful. And how you knew where and when to touch me. Everything was perfect. I can't wait for my next visit.

What happens during an erotic session?

Every session includes a full body, Swedish-style massage of your back and front. I use a fragrance-free oil that easily washes off. You will be lying on a professional quality Athlegen massage table.

I prefer to massage in the nude and to apply my entire body to yours in various ways. You are welcome to respond however you like.

You can shower in my mirrored wet room, before and after your massage. I supply clean towels and liquid soap for you to use.

Are you an experienced masseur?

I am a friendly, honest and mature, gay masseur with 22 years' hands-on experience.

I completed an accredited massage course in early 1997 and have been practising non-stop since. In Newtown from 1997 and in Erskineville from 2000.

Since 2004, I have only been available in Mount Victoria, in the upper Blue Mountains, west of Sydney.

Your web site is so well written. You've obviously put a lot of work into making it informative and very erotic. But it really doesn't do you justice. Your sensual massage style is out of this world!

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