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Geoffrey’s stories from his intimate, erotic masseur's diary

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Have you wondered what really goes on behind closed doors in my male massage studio? Find out how hot things can get before you come for an erotic session.

My sex life previously has always been dull and unexciting. With you it was totally different: I didn't realise sexual play with a man could be so thrilling. I was amazed by your knowledge, your sexual talents. How you kept adding layers to my excitement and arousal.

Male Massage Memories

male massage memories

220 pages (epub)
25,000 words

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Discover what happens when men come to enjoy my uniquely pleasurable sessions of erotic massage, body play and nude slide. There are no identifying details about any of the men who have already visited me, though you may recognise a similar desire in yourself.

Enjoy my recollections of the men who have enjoyed my erotic male to male talents. Unzip your trousers and stroke your cock as you read stories about passionate sex, mutual masturbation and sensual man on man explorations.

Read bicurious fantasies and fetishes, voyeurs and exhibitionists, fucking and sucking, erotic massage, mansex and nude body slide virgins, ball games and more. This volume contains 30 horny, true stories of erotic male to male sessions between 1997 and 2007.

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No one could walk into your erotic massage studio after seeing this informative and erotic web site, without knowing exactly what to expect.

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Mansex 3 hrs $650 
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