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Geoffrey’s overview of his male to male erotic services

1 min read

No time to read all about my popular erotic, male to male massage, nude slide or mansex services? This overview gives you brief answers before you book.

During all erotic sessions, we're both naked and you're welcome to touch me just about any way you like. Longer slide and play sessions allow plenty of time to enjoy all my erotic talents for arousing, pleasing and satisfying you.

When will you come?

Appointments are essential. You can enjoy an erotic session any day from 10am. Weekends and public holidays too.

I know it says on the web site that you have really soft hands and it's like having my penis sucked but lots of men say that. You really do have soft hands and it is like having my penis sucked. Incredible. I've never felt anything like it before.

Massage 1 hr $250  
Slide 2 hrs $450  
Mansex 3 hrs $650
Play longer
for $200 per hour

any day from 10am
bookings essential


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