My naked male body is yours to touch, taste, explore and enjoy

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Because mutual exploration makes nude male massage and body play more arousing for you. And I genuinely want you to enjoy your erotic encounter with me.

I'm comfortable in my own skin and I love to be naked with a man. You can look as much as you like. With all the mirrors in my erotic studio, there's barely an inch of me that isn't exposed.

You've got it made. Long legs, a beautiful, big cock, a delicious and very fuckable bum, a wicked smile and a lovely personality. Plus you know exactly how to massage a man, handle his cock and keep him turned on.

I am 55 years old. A mature man. Healthy, clean and fit for all your pleasures.

Over 6 feet tall (188cm). A proportionate weight.

Masculine, naturally. Lightly muscled in all the right places. Smooth, unblemished skin.

I don't have washboard abs, tattoos or piercings: but I won't object if you have.

I have an attractive, handsome face, with kissable lips, blue eyes and close-cropped hair.

A silvery beard that comes and goes.

Intelligent, witty, wicked fun and totally hot, as well. Your intimacy and sensuality blow me away. That way you massaged my body, stroked my cock... your eagerness for sexy fun... everything about you drives me wild.

Do you like the touch of another man?

Naturally, you're welcome to touch me: wherever and however you like.

I thoroughly enjoyed your massage. Face down and face up.

A light dusting of hair on my chest and legs and between my bum cheeks.

Sensitive nipples ready to be tweaked, stroked or licked.

Long, well-shaped legs and, when you want to delve deeper... a firm, rounded bum for you to explore, fondle and caress.

A long, thick, cut cock to fondle and stroke

Do you too love the sensations as your penis thickens and lengthens? My cock stays rock hard for as long as I want (without chemical assistance) with plenty of precum for lubrication.

My circumcised penis is a pleasurable size, shape and taste.

You can stroke, massage, lick or suck my cock.

When I ejaculate, there's often a great, gushing squirt of hot, creamy cum. And another...

Most masseurs I've seen don't undress or let you touch them. So I particularly liked how relaxed you were being naked and so ready for me to explore you how I wanted.

Are you ready to enjoy yourself?

I take my cues from you: playful and naughty, passionate, enthusiastic and noisy or quiet, laid back and restful.

My hands are as soft as the inside of my mouth, as firm and confident.

I am always scrupulously clean. Inside and out.

Flexible and supple from years of practising yoga I can bend forwards, sideways or backwards, with equal ease.

It was a new experience for me to enjoy an erotic massage from a naked man. I chose you for my first time because I could tell you really care about your clients.

Why are there no photos of my face?

I prefer not to send photos of my face to men I haven't met. You probably feel the same way about preserving your own privacy and identity.

After 2 decades of hands-on pleasuring straight, gay, married and single men, I know that how my face looks isn't nearly so important to most men as how wonderfully relaxed you'll feel.

I don't know yet what will excite you the most but I'm keen to find out how to arouse and stimulate your passion.

That sensual way you have of sliding your sexy naked body all over mine... and your eagerness to explore my sexual fantasies really turned me on.

Will we have sex?

That depends what you mean by the word "sex". For me, sex is everything we explore during the time we spend together. I am uninhibited and open to many interesting sensual activities.

Sex with you, Geoffrey, was totally arousing and hot, sensual and thrilling. I was amazed by your knowledge of how to stimulate my body, all your sexual talents. That way you kept adding layers to my excitement until I climaxed blew my mind.

Will I sensually massage your naked body from head to toe? Stroke, caress and massage your penis until you ejaculate? Encourage you to cum more than once, if there's time. Yes, absolutely.

Can you suck or stroke my cock? Finger or fuck me? Yes, please. Will we kiss or cuddle? Share an intimate, affectionate embrace? Again yes.

I felt perfectly calm and relaxed within minutes of lying on your table. I've never had anybody manipulate my penis before and when I came it was a great release. I felt great for the rest of the day.

Are you ready to come?

When you arrive at my massage studio in Mt Victoria (in Sydney's Blue Mountains), I'll greet you with a cheerful and welcoming smile.

If I'm not already naked, it won't be long before I am: my enthusiasm clearly visible. Eager to arouse, relax and ultimately relieve you.

More than that, eager to ensure you feel comfortable and ready to enjoy my sensual talents.

All you have read on this web site has convinced you to visit me. Still, you may feel a twinge of nervousness. After all, we don't know one another. Yet.

When I read your web site, I thought your erotic services sounded too good to be true. When I came for my first session, I quickly realised you were far too wicked and naughty to be good. But everything you had described was true.

Do you like to laugh and have fun?

I am sincere, genuine and honestly want to give you the sensual pleasures described on this web site.

I welcome mature and responsive men of any age... 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and older. I love sexy fun and laughing with a man like you who's keen to explore his sensual fantasies.

The pleasure of introducing you to my style of sensual full body, male massage, of rolling about together naked on my bed, of pleasing, teasing, arousing and ultimately seeing you ejaculate... these are the reasons I've continued offering my services for more than 22 years.

And why I'm always eager to arouse, relax and relieve a man like you.

It was a real treat for me to spend an afternoon with a handsome, horny, male nudist who was so relaxed about exposing himself for my voyeuristic pleasure.

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