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Does an erotic session include full mansex?

4 mins read

Can you touch me? Suck my cock? Finger-fuck me? Kiss or cuddle? And other questions men ask me about sexual play during a male massage or mansex session.

Will I sensually massage your naked body from head to toe? Stroke, caress and massage your penis. Fondle your balls until you cum? Encourage you to ejaculate more than once. Yes, absolutely.

There are plenty of m4m sexual activities we might explore together; and some that we won't.

Will we have sex?

I take my cues from you: quiet, laid back and restful. Enjoying my talents for soothing, arousing and eventually relieving you. Or playful and naughty, passionate, enthusiastic and noisy.

The erotic massage was better than anything I have ever experienced. And no-one knows how to wank a cock like you do, Geoffrey!

Mature, bicurious men are welcome to come

Sensually and sexually satisfying men in their 40s, 50s, 60s and older with erotic massage, nude body on body slide and mansex is my pleasure.

You may be a novice or a virgin at exploring male to male pleasure. Or you may have already enjoyed one or more encounters.

Thank you for an absolutely incredible erotic experience. You did amazing things to my body. I was blown away (literally) by your intimacy and sensuality.

It's my first time with another man. Is that OK?

Yes. You'll be in safe hands with me and we'll only explore as far as you're comfortable.

Are your erotic services only for gay men?

No. All men - straight or married men, bisexual, gay and bicurious - are welcome to enjoy my erotic talents.

Does it cost more if we have sex?

No. Though you are welcome to show your appreciation with a cash tip.

Full body, erotic massage

First, I want to massage your naked body from head to toe and everywhere in between. And I'm looking forward to getting get my hands on your cock too.

Your hands are so soothing. They're unbelievable. You have a magical touch. It's a brilliant massage. I really liked the way you let me relax after I came.

Can I touch you?

Yes. You can touch me however you want.

Will you massage my cock and balls?

Yes. I am very skilled at massaging your cock and balls.

Can we kiss and hug?

Yes, we can kiss, cuddle, spoon and hug.

Can we share a shower?

Yes, in my mirrored wet room. Before, during or after. I have unscented liquid soap. And plenty of soft towels.

Can we do a reverse massage?

Yes, you can massage me too.

I feel as if my whole body is one very large penis. I have never felt so many sensations at one time: it's like thousands of electric pulses.

Your first taste of my cock

When I'm standing at the head of the table, reaching as far down your torso as I can, my fingertips tracing the outline of your buttocks, my erection is inches from your face.

Can I suck your cock?

Yes. You may suck, lick or kiss my cut cock. I won't ejaculate in your mouth.

Will you suck my cock?

I may be tempted. I enjoy sucking a clean cock.

Will you swallow my cum?


Your hands working their magic on my cock was amazingly good. But watching you in the mirrors as my fat cock slid in and out of your hot mouth was incredible. I got off on how much you enjoyed yourself too.

Do you love a tight arse?

I am always exceptionally clean inside and out and ready for you to explore inside my tight arse hole.

Can I finger your arse?

Yes, you can safely finger my arse as much as you like.

Can I rim, tongue or lick your arse?

Yes, I enjoy having my arse tongued, licked and rimmed.

Will you finger my arse?


Will you massage my prostate?

Only externally.

Will you rim or lick my arse?


Lying naked with you on the bed, our bodies pressed together, your arms wrapped around me, my fingers stroking inside you and kissing... incredibly sensuous.

Can I fuck you in the arse?

Yes, I'll slide a condom onto your cock then you can penetrate me however you fancy. Bent over, your balls slapping against me.

Slowly lowering myself onto your lap, watch in the mirror to see your cock slide inside me. On my back, legs resting on your shoulders, watching your pleasure. Face down, standing, side by side.

Will you fuck me in the arse?


I'm totally turned on by the touch and sight of a man's buns. So it was incredibly exciting seeing you lying on your stomach, legs spread apart, like you were waiting to be fucked. How could I resist?

Ready to come?

How long can I keep you on the edge of ejaculation? Come along and let's find out. Will I stop massaging your penis after you've cum? Only if you want me to...

I loved how you held me on the edge of cumming for such a long time. It felt like you were making love to my cock, worshipping it with your hands and fingers. You are a master wanker!

How many times can I ejaculate?

As many times as you want. I'll be happy to lend a hand.

I always cum too quickly. Can you help me?

Yes. You'll be surprised by how long I can delay your ejaculation.

Can I ejaculate on your body?

Yes. You can ejaculate anywhere on my body or in my arse (inside a condom). You may not cum on my face or in my mouth.

Will you cum for me too?


Will we enjoy full sex together?

As an uninhibited, horny, gay man, I love nothing more than expressing my sexual talents with a responsive man.

It's a lovely drive to a part of Sydney where nobody knows me, with an exceptional, full body, erotic massage experience that leaves me feeling deeply satisfied for days after.

So long as we share a mutual attraction and there's plenty of time after I've massaged your body, who knows how far we may be carried away by our lustful desires.

But I also know hundreds of deeply pleasurable, hands-on ways to give you a heightened level of sexual pleasure with just my hands on your penis.

When will you come?

I only accept 1 booking per day to guarantee you will enjoy the most pleasurable erotic experience. But you can book as far in advance as you choose on any day (including public holidays) from 10am.

Erotic booking

When I read your web site, I thought your erotic services sounded too good to be true. When I came for my first session, I quickly realised you were far too wicked and naughty to be good. But everything you had described was true.


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