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Role play, male fantasy or fetish?

Do you like to be massaged with your Speedos on? Play sexy games? Talk dirty? Come for a body play session and we'll explore your secret fantasies.

Visiting me for 3 or more hours of massage, slide and body play is often enough to fulfil most men's fantasy: sensual sex play with another man.

That sensual way you have of sliding your smooth and sexy body all over mine... and your eagerness to share my sexual fantasies really turned me on.

But some men like to add an extra layer of spicy pleasure to our fun.

I am open to exploring sensual activities that are out of the ordinary. And during 20 years, I've had lots of interesting requests, like these:

Clothes fetish

Footy shorts

Wear a pair of see-through, mesh running shorts. Split up the sides, so I can get both hands up the legs. Knee-high, footy socks. No undies. No shirt.

Do you reckon you could wear a pair of loose, black speedos underneath a pair of footy shorts? I want to feel around inside them, make them slide down your thighs and fall to the floor.

I am mad about guys wearing NRL footy shorts, and I would love it if we could both wear a pair during the nude slide. I would love to feel you touching me over and under my shorts and sliding against me, feeling your hard cock straining to break free. And teasing my finger into the back of your shorts, slipping into your hot hole. God, I'm getting hard just thinking about it.


I like being massaged while wearing a sheer g-string. I'd like you to wear a mesh jockstrap too.


I'd love to wear a sexy pair of white speedos that you run your hands around on the inside and gradually strip off me.

Suit and tie

I'll be naked. And you'll wear a suit with a button-up shirt and tie, shoes and socks, long trousers with a belt. Then I want to gradually take them off you.

Sights, sounds and senses

Being watched

I'd like to bring a friend to watch me while you're massaging my body. I want to be the only naked man in the room and the lights up full so all of me is exposed. You both tell me what to do and watch me masturbate.

I'd like to pose naked for you and have you take photos to add to the gallery in your massage room.


My fantasy was to walk in, not talk and have you undress in front of me. Then undress me, lay me on your massage table and service me, including massage.

Strip tease

I'd like you to be nude and very slowly strip me naked. I want you to tease me and make me watch but not touch you until you've finished undressing me. Then tell me how you want me to touch you.


I'd like to look at and listen as you stroke your hard cock, talk dirty and finger your arse hole like you're alone. Slide a dildo inside too. Stand in front of a mirror. Bend over plenty. Or lie on your bed, with your legs spread. That kind of thing.

Body play

Foot fetish

I have a barefoot fetish. Not licking or sucking feet. But being massaged all over - especially my cock and balls - with your feet.

Naked yoga

I'd like to see you demonstrate the "downward dog" yoga pose, in the nude. With me standing behind you to watch and maybe hold you in position.


I'm totally turned on by frottage: rubbing our bodies together. First while we're dressed and then as we gradually strip our clothes off, until we both naked.

Strip Jack Naked

My friend and I want to play that card game, "Strip Jack Naked" with you. Once we're mostly naked, we'd like you to direct the action, tell us how to suck and wank each other's dicks.


I want us to wrestle together with lots of oil. Nothing too active but lots of chances for us to slide our naked bodies together. If you accidentally sit on my face... I won't mind at all.

Cock and ball games

Ball play

I love having my dick and balls tied up, spread apart and stretched.

First taste

I'd like to give you oral the minute you let me in. Could you have your dick sticking out of your shorts, so I can kneel down and suck your dick, right after you close the door.

Cock play

I like to see your dick going from soft to hard. Watching it lengthen and thicken before my eyes. Then getting you soft again and feeling how your erection expands inside my mouth.

Cum facial

My fantasy is being able to lick and suck your erect cock. To have you fuck my mouth and cum on my face and in my mouth. Absolute heaven!


I'd like to cum twice. Once while you watch me masturbate and tell me how to stroke my cock. And later all over your beautiful arse cheeks.

Role play

In control

Last time I came, I kept my clothes on while you were completely naked and kind of vulnerable. I loved being in total control as I played with your cock and made you cum when I was ready. Next time, I'm going to blindfold you too.

Face up, with my head between your thighs, my fingers working their way inside you, stroking your cock. Seeing and hearing you lose control when I made you cum. A fantasy come true.

It really turned me on taking charge, directing the action and watching you in all those mirrors.

Sex slave

I'd like to be your sex slave for a few hours, even a whole day. Tell me what to do and I'll obey.

Arse play


I'm totally turned on by the touch and sight of a man's buns. So it was incredibly exciting seeing you lying on your stomach, legs spread apart, like you were waiting to be fucked. How could I resist?


As an army doctor, I used to perform rectal and genital examinations on men. I've often fantasied about doing it with a guy who enjoyed it. Undressing him, feeling his penis and testes, giving him a thorough internal rectal examination. With you, Geoffrey, my fantasy has been fulfilled at last.


I don't find many men who are so into being rimmed for ages and who enjoy sitting on a guy's face. Your bum is so delicious and beefy and round. I can't wait to rim you senseless again.

I'd like to fill your arse crack with spray cream and then eat all the way down until I'm licking your hole.


Lying naked on the bed, stroking my cock and watching you fuck yourself with that long, fat dildo. What a hot treat!


I want to fuck you in the arse, over and over again and see how many times I can cum during 3 hours.

Our fantasy is to watch each other fucking another man. We are both very passionate and sensual. We love touching and kissing, rimming, playing with arseholes. Is that something we could do with and to you?

I want to engage you as my regular fuck buddy to visit three or four times a year. Maybe more. For a few hours of kissing, sucking and fucking you. Is that possible?

Explore your male to male sensual fantasies or fetishes, like the ones above. Or tell me about new ones, when you come for a nude slide or mansex play session.

At first, I felt nervous talking dirty to you and telling you what to do. But you were so receptive. It wasn't long before I got into my role play. It was a real thrill sharing my sexual fantasies with you, Geoffrey.

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