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Body Play: tell me all your secret sexual fantasies

How hard will your cock get with my fingers trapped under the waistband of your Speedos? Do you like naughty games, sexy roles or dirty talk? Tell me all your fantasies.

Explore your male to male sensual fantasies or fetishes. Or add new ones I have not yet discovered, when you come for a body play, ad or np session.

Keep your underwear on

  • My fingers tease and stroke your cock under the fabric of your Speedos, g-string, y-fronts, briefs or jockstrap.
  • Show me how well your underwear hugs the curves your bum.

I like to see your cock going from soft to hard. Watching it lengthen and thicken before my eyes. Then getting you soft again and feeling how your erection expands inside my mouth.

Strip tease

  • I'll sensuously undress you, slowly stripping away each layer to reveal your naked skin.
  • Let's play "Strip Jack Naked". What prize will the winner receive?

Last time I came, I kept my clothes on while you were completely naked and kind of vulnerable. I loved the feeling of being in total control as I played with your cock and made you cum when I was ready. Next time, I'm going to blindfold you too.

Playing with sex toys

  • Have you ever had another man fit you with a cock ring? Or a cock and ball case?
  • Let's raid my toy chest. I have a huge collection of dildos, plugs, rings and other sex toys to explore.
  • When did you last fuck a man with a butt plug buried in your own arse? You'll feel like meat in a sandwich.

Expose yourself

  • Pose naked for me. Show me every inch of your naked body as I take hundreds of photos from every angle.
  • Watch yourself in the mirrors as I work my masturbation magic on your cock and balls.
  • Show me how you masturbate. Then I'll practise what I've learned.
  • A blindfold so you can't see where I'll touch you next?

That last visit, me kneeling on the floor between your spread legs, my fingers working their way inside you, my other hand stroking your cock. And watching your face the whole time. Make you lose control when I got you to cum. A fantasy come true.

Make a lot of noise

  • Groan. Moan. Whimper. Shout out loud. Tell me how and where to touch you.
  • Dirty talk? How much do I want your cock up me?
  • Complete silence, in a dark room.

Act out your erotic fantasies

  • Be a different man: passive or active.
  • Don't be shy. Let your hair down and play an unusual role.
  • Do you like being teased? You can look but you can't touch.

Sensory overload

  • Do you like being erotically tickled with feathers? Or silky soft fabric? Until you cum?
  • How sensitive are your nipples?

I like the way you tease me with your beefy bum first.

Bend and stretch our muscles

  • Let's wrestle. Winner takes whatever he fancies.
  • A private, naked yoga practise. Lean against me as I hold you in position.
  • Let's make up our own man to man Karma Sutra.

At first, I felt nervous talking dirty to you and telling you what to do. But you were so receptive. It wasn't long before I got into my role play. It was a real thrill sharing my sexual fantasies with you, Geoffrey.

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