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I've found the best gay guesthouse in the world

Where can you stay all night, in the nude, on a bed, being massaged and playing with a horny man? That'd be the male-only Hardwood Hotel, in Mt Victoria.

All night, erotic massage, play and stay

Come for an overnight body play session. Or stay all day and all night as well. Who knows, maybe we'll fall asleep too.

  • How delighted am I? I've discovered the best gay guesthouse in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. Massage, play and sleep with a horny, naked man is far better than a lonely hotel bed, any day.
  • I'm planning another meeting in the Blue Mountains just so I can come and spend the night playing with you again.
  • I didn't want to waste time sleeping. Instead, I enjoyed 12 luxurious, fantastic, sensational hours of slow, hot sex with you. I don't intend sleeping the next time I visit either.
  • Why would I ever stay in a hotel when I can have such a great massage and play with you and stay overnight as well? You're a very generous, loving man.
  • Lying naked next to you and talking for hours until we fell asleep was so relaxing.
  • It was wonderful to wake up next to you and find you still had your arms wrapped around me. I couldn't resist playing with you some more.
  • It was really great to talk with someone who is obviously intelligent, articulate and interesting. You have no idea how rare that is in my life.
  • I loved every minute of our time together. I didn't want to leave. And I can't wait to come again.
  • I loved waking up in the morning and feeling your hard-on poking into me.
  • It was a great pleasure sitting at your kitchen table the next morning, drinking the tea you'd made for me and playing with your cock. If I'd had time I would have stripped my clothes off and ravished you again.
  • Thanks Geoffrey for our time together - it was really nice, a refreshing, stimulating and different experience for me.

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I was thoroughly exhausted the next day but I loved how we kept playing together long after midnight.


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