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Body Play: don't move a muscle until you come in my hands

I loved the way you pressed your naked body into mine and kissed me. Your gentleness gave me the courage to explore a man in ways I'd never tried before.

Body slide and play

Come for an erotic massage, body slide and sensual play and add your comments to the ones you'll read below.

  • You have a beautiful way of moving and I love your sense of touch.
  • I chose to come to you because your web site is so honest.
  • I keep coming back to see you because I trust you. I always feel safe and you're always polite, caring and gentle. I like that I can tell you anything and I know no one else will ever know.
  • It's lovely to be with a man who obviously cares about me and my pleasure. Thank you.
  • It's like you could read my mind. I kept thinking "touch me there and, ohh! there" and you did.
  • I like how you let me do some of the "work" as well.
  • I love the way you touch and the way you feel. You have a beautiful body.
  • Fuck! Your fucking arse is so fucking fuckable.
  • I loved the way you played my role games and fantasies.
  • You were absolutely made to do this work. You're so talented and the way you moved your body over mine in time to the music is divine.
  • I never thought I'd enjoy touching a man's naked body but I really enjoy running my fingers over yours.
  • You certainly know how to satisfy a man. I must say I was totally fascinated by your gorgeous body and, of course, your wonderful cock.
  • I did love your beautiful bum and cock and I hope to have the pleasure of them both again soon.
  • I know I can trust you so I feel safe doing things with you I wouldn't do with anyone else
  • I bet you hear this all the time but you have the most delightful, sensuous touch.
  • Fantastic. Fabulous. Wow, what you can do with your hands. And the rest of your body. Definitely worth the money.
  • At my age, I didn't think I'd ever ejaculate three times in two hours again. Amazing. Now I need to sleep!

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I love that I don't have to perform. I can passively accept what you do to my body and enjoy every delightful minute. It's a refreshing, sensual experience every time I visit. When my corporate life is difficult, I close my eyes and remember the pleasure you give me.

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