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male massage
You always come first in my erotic studio

Where can you go to relieve your pent-up sexual frustrations and always come first? Nowhere else except in my male massage studio in the Blue Mountains.

You can always rely on me to put your pleasure and satisfaction first. To gradually guide you towards an orgasm and ejaculation unlike any other you've ever had.

After more than 20 years as a male to male, erotic masseur, I've learned many thrilling ways to arouse and satisfy a man's desires. But every man is different.

The moment you first touched me, I could tell you knew exactly how to turn me on.

So while I have your naked body in my hands, I'll be eager to discover and explore what turns you on the most.

Curious about erotic male massage?

Imagine how satisfied you'll be knowing your first experience is in the hands of Sydney's best erotic masseur?

Relax as I soothe your naked body from head to toe and everywhere in between. Sink more deeply into the contoured massage table, while I work my hands across your muscles. You'll soon feel the tension leave your body. Preparing you for what's to come.

It was something you did that made me cum buckets. I've never felt anything so good in my life. You're a master wanker.

How much will you enjoy

What do you want to explore with another man?

Touch, stroke and play with his hard cock? Lick or suck it into your mouth? Like this married man, slide your fingers inside my tight, hot arse hole?

Most masseurs I've seen don't undress or let you touch them. So I particularly liked how you were naked and eager for me to explore your body too.

How many years have you masturbated alone?

Imagine the talented hands of this master wanker working their way up and down the length of your throbbing erection, pressing, squeezing, sliding back and forth. Slowly one minute, more quickly the next but always in control.

How do I tell my current masseur I want to see you instead? I feel like I'm floating. I've had lots of massages but I've never felt this good. Your erotic massage was superb!

Feel how I slide my palms higher across your chest, lightly tweaking your nipples until they stand firm. My hands delving deeply between your thighs. My fingers caressing and gently tugging on your balls. My palms swiping across the slick, sensitive knob of your engorged cock.

Are you close to coming yet?

Can you feel the rhythmic stroking of my hands, up and down the shaft of your well-lubricated erection? The sensations as your cock grows longer, harder and thicker. All your attention focussed between your legs. The delightful strain as your balls pull higher and higher. That feeling that if I don't let you cum soon, you'll explode...

Ready for a nude body slide?

I lift my hands from your throbbing cock and invite you to join me in bed. Me on top first?

Have you wanted to lie naked with a man?

Picture yourself lying face up on my spacious bed. Spread your legs as I gently lower my naked body onto yours. Position my cock so when I start to slide back and forth, it will press hard against your erection or slip between your thighs.

Our faces inches apart, the rest of our skin as close as two naked men can be. Slipping to lie side by side, hands exploring one another. Rolling over so your cock is wedged between my cheeks, that temptation to push just a little further and deeper almost too much.

I can totally recommend a body slide session with Geoffrey. You're both naked and he'll put oil on you and slide his body all over yours, give you a hand-job. You can touch him anywhere. He'll tease your cock with his, rub his body all over yours, front and back. Slide your cock between his thighs or into his crack. You can cum on his body, play out your fantasies and safe stuff like that.

Did you too once share sexy play with a man?

Maybe, like so many men, you've played about with another man once or twice before. But it never really went far. You'd have loved to experiment further. But you were unsure, hesitant, a novice.

I've tried sex with other men, but it's never worked out well. With you it was completely different. Great fun. That way you patiently guided and encouraged gave me the confidence to explore my m2m fantasies. Thanks for making it so comfortable for a bicurious, first timer.

This is your chance to explore your fantasies, to play with another man. While we're sliding naked together, grab this opportunity with both... hands.

Tell me what you've longed to try. Let's explore your sensual fantasies, bring your erotic dreams to life.

Are you the kind of man who...

Where are you going to cum?

Maybe this isn't your first time. Maybe it is. Your slippery cock grasped in my firm but gentle hands. Or sliding across my chest, plunging and thrusting between my thighs.

The delicious tingling that starts at the base of your cock and rises ever higher. That explosive, orgasmic sensation that floods your entire body. The first exquisite spurt of hot cum that shoots out of your cock and lands with an audible splat.

Wouldn't you love to come more than once?

Once I've discovered what arouses you the most, I'll repeat it over again until you're beside yourself with lust and passion.

When you return for another sensual session, I'll massage your body the way you enjoyed the last time you came. Stroke your cock in that special way that gets you so hot.

Slip and slide and hug your naked body. Kiss your mouth. Dance on your lap. Bend to the urgency of your lust. Whatever turns you on.

And, in between hours of passionate explorations, I'll listen as you talk. Be avidly interested in all you wish to share with me. Expand on our mind to mind connection.

Slowly and luxuriously guide you to yet another orgasm. Watch your face when you cum. Shower with you before we start again.

Are you a man who...

How do you create the impression that we've known each for years? I felt we shared an instant connection. I knew you were genuinely interested in everything I had to say, so I didn't hold back from telling you everything I could think of.

How many times will you come?

Maybe you'll only come once or twice a year. Or only once, ever.

Maybe you'll come once a month. Or whenever you're in the mood for sexy play with a horny friend who knows how to stimulate you just the way you like.

The men who enjoy my sensual talents

  • Are men like you who...

    • are usually aged between 40 and 80 years
    • are often married and may have children or grandchildren
    • might be straight, gay, bisexual, bicurious or virgins
    • may be fatter around the middle than they'd like
    • or be gym-toned and muscular
    • might be hirsute, hairless or shaved
    • have big cocks, small cocks or any size in between
    • have cocks that bend one way or the other
    • have cut or uncut cocks
  • Come from all over the world...

    • suburbs including Sydney, Penrith, Parramatta, Newtown, Eastwood, Sutherland, Maroubra, Edgecliff, Bondi
    • local Blue Mountains' suburbs: Katoomba, Blackheath, Leura, Lithgow
    • rural or regional areas: Bathurst, Dubbo, Mudgee, Orange, Wollongong, Newcastle
    • interstate cities, all over Australia: Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, Canberra or Adelaide
    • the USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, South Africa, Japan and from all over Europe and England

When can I help you to come?

Because in my erotic massage studio you'll always come first.

I like that I can be thoroughly selfish about my pleasure. If you get off too, well that's a bonus but it doesn't worry me if I'm the only one who cums.

Massage $250  
Slide $450  
Mansex $650
Stay longer for
$200 per hour 
Six hours for $1,200

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