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Reviews: your touch feels like tongues licking my naked body

Your fingers are as soft as tongues and your hands are so hot. Your erotic massage felt like dozens of tongues were licking my naked body all over.

Erotic male massage

Here is a selection of the comments happy, relaxed men have made before, during and after an erotic massage session. Come along and add your opinions to this list.

  • I've travelled the world and I've had a lot of massages; and that was the best I've ever had and I don't just mean the "penis massage", the body massage was great - I didn't want to turn over. You're there Geoffrey you're the tops.
  • You obviously know how to talk to a straight man and make him feel less nervous about this new erotic experience.
  • Your hands are so soothing. They're unbelievable. You have a magical touch. It's a brilliant massage. I really liked the way you let me relax after cumming.
  • Excellent. What a way to start a weekend. Worth every moment of the drive to your massage studio in Mount Victoria.
  • It's your hands... they're like a mouth moving over my whole body. And they're so hot. I can see why you're so popular.
  • I didn't think I could get an erection any more. You have proved me wrong in the best possible way. I haven't cum so hard for years.
  • Easily the best penis massage I've ever experienced. I sure learned heaps about wanking during that session!
  • The first time I came it was the best orgasm I'd ever had. But today's orgasm was even better, it really was the best one I've ever had. I can't wait until my third visit.

A superb erotic masseur, in a class of your own

  • I thought I'd had erotic massages before but after yours I'm not sure. That was incredible. And I really loved the music: great choice! I will definitely be back.
  • You're the greatest wanker. Beautiful. Gentle. Sensual. Hot.
  • I was looking forward to a massage but when I saw you naked all I wanted to do was bend you over and fuck you.
  • You have a great cock and a great butt. And the massage was just as good as it says on the web site. I can see why everyone wants to come back. That was incredible. You have no idea how great I feel.
  • I feel as if my body is one very large penis. I have never felt so many sensations in my body at one time: it's like thousands of electric pulses.
  • That was magic... so sensual. You are a superb erotic masseur.

Great massage. Great music.

  • I liked the way you massaged my balls. Where did you learn to wank like that?
  • I've tried other masseurs when I couldn't get to see you. But they only seem to want to do a "rub and tug". They don't know how to massage. That's why I love coming to see you: you do both so well.
  • A gold star for truth in advertising male to male on your web site.
  • What I really liked was your patience. What I mean is that wonderful way you have of doing slow measured strokes up and down my body. It was incredible.
  • That was even better than your web site says. Remarkable.
  • Oh, those magic hands of yours. You are such a beautiful wanker. It was a fantasy come true.
  • You have a lovely personality. Great massage. Great music. It was all so relaxing.
  • Just what I needed: a great massage. Geoffrey, you are the body bliss man!
  • You were so co-operative. I knew in the first 30 minutes that this was going to be a great massage.
  • I was really nervous when I arrived but your attitude soothed me very quickly. Great music, the dimmed lights, those pictures you have plastered on the walls, everything was excellent. It's lovely to know someone who cares about a man's comfort, arousal and satisfaction.

I felt like a sexy and attractive man in your hands

  • I felt like a really sexy and attractive man while you were massaging me. It was totally different to what I expected. You're a real master at massaging my penis.
  • You've got it made. You have very long legs, a beautiful, big cock, very fuckable butt, cute smile and a lovely personality. And you know how to massage a man and keep him turned on.
  • Your massage room is like a shrine to m2m sex. I've never seen so many wonderful pictures of horny, naked men. It has certainly given me some ideas about what I want to do with you next time.
  • That was one of the best massages I've ever had. It felt like magnetic waves were coursing through my body.
  • I know it says on the web site that you have really soft hands and it's like having my penis sucked but lots of men say that. You really do have soft hands and it is like having my penis sucked. Incredible. I've never felt anything like it before.
  • Your erotic massage web site is great. It certainly places you way above any competition.
  • It's a pity I can't get my wife to do what you do!
  • Your massage was so relaxing and erotic; it's difficult to see where one begins and the other ends. And your whole approach is soothing and non-threatening.

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My lips were tingling. My whole body was paralysed. I went blind, couldn't think straight or speak. All my focus was on the incredible sensations in my cock. I've never before cum so intensely. Full body orgasm, you say? I'll be coming back for more of that!

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