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Geoffrey's always eager to arouse, relax and relieve you

Who else do you know who's always eager to arouse, relax, relieve and please you? And prepared to put your needs for pleasure and sensual release first?

When you arrive at my massage studio in Mt Victoria (in Sydney's Blue Mountains), I'll greet you with a cheerful and genuine smile. If I'm not already naked, it won't be long before I am. Eager to get my hands on your body: my enthusiasm and arousal clearly visible.

You're a sexy, good looking man. Playful and naughty too. Great fun.

Let's get physical, together

  • I have an attractive, handsome face, with kissable lips, blue eyes and close-cropped hair. A silvery beard that comes and goes.
  • Over 6 feet tall (188cm). A proportionate weight.
  • I am 54 years old. A mature man. Healthy, clean and fit for all your pleasures.
  • Masculine, lightly muscled in all the right places. Smooth skin.
  • My hands are as soft as the inside of my mouth, yet firm and confident.
  • I don't have washboard abs, tattoos or piercings: but I won't object if you have.
  • A light dusting of hair on my chest and legs and between my butt cheeks. Sensitive nipples ready to be tweaked.
  • Long, well-shaped legs, ideal for wrapping around you when we slide together.
  • Flexible and supple from years of practising yoga I can bend forwards, sideways or backwards, with equal ease.
  • A firm and nicely rounded bum just waiting for you to ogle, fondle and explore with your fingers. Or penetrate with your cock.

Your bum is beefy and round, talented... and totally hot. I love spreading your furry cheeks, stroking, poking and stretching your lovely, tight hole.

A long, thick, cut cock to play with

  • My circumcised penis is a pleasurable size, shape and taste.
  • It stays rock hard for as long as I want (without chemical assistance) with plenty of precum for lubrication.
  • You're welcome to stroke, massage, lick or suck my thick cock as much as you like.
  • When I ejaculate, there's often a great, gushing squirt of hot, creamy cum. And another...

It was so hot watching you wank to a climax. My only regret was that I couldn't get all of your massive load on my chest.

No photos to send to you

Because I value my privacy and security as much as I do yours, I prefer not to send or display photos of myself to men I haven't met.

Ready, willing and eager to please you

I'm always ready to rise to your occasion. To be the enthusiastic, sensual, affectionate partner you most desire. There's nothing better than holding a throbbing cock in my well-oiled palms, feeling your arousal and excitement.

What I liked about you, apart from the great massage, was how open you were to me stroking and fondling your lovely cock.

  • I'm attracted to receptive and horny men of all ages, shapes and sizes.
  • Whether you're with me for an hour or so of massage or an extended mind and body session, you'll always have my undivided attention the entire time.
  • If all you want is the best erotic male massage money can buy, I'll be delighted to apply myself to relaxing, soothing and stimulating your body and caressing your penis.
  • I take my cues from you: playful and naughty, passionate, enthusiastic and noisy or quiet, laid back and restful.
  • I am uninhibited and often horny but I won't force myself on you if you'd rather not reciprocate.
  • If you long for passionate intimacy you'll discover I am open to all kinds of fantasies, like this or this.
  • I'm very comfortable being looked at and watched - blatantly or surreptitiously - when I'm naked. To pose or expose myself however you like.
  • If there's something you want me to wear or if you'd like me to shave or grow a beard, feel free to suggest it.
  • I am open to exploring sex with you, so long as we share a mutual attraction.

Discreet, reliable, polite and honest

If I've already agreed to explore one of your fantasies, you can rely on me to keep my word.

I felt very comfortable with you. You're a real gentleman.

If there's something you want to try or forgot to mention when you booked your session, feel free to tell me when you're ready.

Talk or ask questions. I'm a good listener. Unusual for a man of my profession, well-educated and articulate. And I have had plenty of interesting sexual experiences I'm willing to tell you about.

Naturally, I'll never tell anyone else what you share with me.

It's a pity I can't get my wife to massage my penis the way you do!

Plunge right in

Whether you're straight, bisexual or gay, a male to male virgin or an old hand, I'll enthusiastically help you to explore your sensual, masculine, m2m desires.

I thoroughly enjoyed your massage. Face down and face up.

Before long you'll have forgotten everything except how much you are enjoying my confident touch of your whole naked body.

You'll be glad you came. I'll make sure of that.

  • Full body, male, erotic massage

    One erotic hour of hugely pleasurable, full body, male massage with expert attention to your penis and testicles. We're both naked and you can touch me too.
    $240 cash or prepaid

  • Nude, body to body slide

    Two slippery hours of erotic massage and naked body slide. With mutual masturbation, sex play and talk, cuddling and laughter. A popular choice.
    $450 cash or prepaid

  • Mind and body play

    Four sensual hours of body and mind stimulation with nude massage, body to body slide and foreplay, sex play and talk, masturbation and conversation.
    $800 prepaid

🔒 Book online or email Geoffrey or phone 02-4787-1383 any day from 10am. 💰 Payment options.

Find out about the men who come for erotic massage and body slide and Mind and Body play. What you can expect during your first m2m erotic massage with me. Or read about my education and interests.

You were absolutely made to massage men. The way you move in time to the music is divine. Not only are you really good at keeping me aroused but you enjoy yourself too. That's a real turn-on for me, making our erotic encounter even better.

Male massage $240  
Nude slide $450  
Body play $800


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