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I'm a straight, married man in a gay man's body

He told me he been a married man for more than 45 years and became gay when one of his children died but could not bring himself to do anything about it.

"My wife and children are homophobic," he said. "I felt very alone in a straight world until I spoke to a gay friend. He told me there are lots of men in my situation."

I assured him that many men who visited me for a massage were in a similar situation: wanting to express their bisexuality but feeling trapped in a world that wouldn't let them.

"I was attracted to you, Geoffrey because of your maturity. But it still took me several attempts to get the courage to call you. And I am very glad I did."

He had read on the site that he could touch me and said the web site "certainly doesn't tell any lies", as he felt my cock with one hand and trailed a finger between my bum cheeks with the other.

He told me he didn't expect to get an erection, let alone ejaculate. "I'm on some blood pressure medication that interferes with erections."

So he was very surprised when I massaged his penis to its rigid fullness. And later, when I masturbated him to a full body orgasm and ejaculation.

"It was something wonderful you did that made me cum for the first time in years."

He said he was immensely happy to have met me and asked: "Is it ok to book another session for next week?"

⚣ Male massage: $200 for 1 hour or $300 for 1.5 hours [Cash or prepaid]

⚣ Male massage
$200 for 1 hour
$300 for 1.5 hours
[Cash or prepaid]
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❝ My wife's a masseuse but I've never experienced anything as good as your massage.❞

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