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Massage: do you think I'm gay? he asked, gripping my cock

After I had finished massaging him face down, I invited him to turn over and began to apply my well-oiled hands to massage his rigid erection.

He reached out his hand to play with my cock. He felt my balls then eagerly slid his hand between the cheeks of my bum. I continued to apply my talents to his own dripping erection.

"You're a very sexy man," he said. "I wish I was your boyfriend. Then we could have sex every day. I'd like that."

He pulled me towards his chest and hugged me, keeping one hand firmly planted between my legs, gripping my thigh. As we pulled apart he asked: "Do you think I'm gay?"

"I never make assumptions about the man on my massage table," I told him. "But it doesn't matter one way or the other."

"Well, I'm not. I'm straight but I've often fantasised about having an erotic massage from a man. I'm really pleased I decided to visit you today. But my girlfriend would be astonished if she knew where my fingers were just now."

"You're not unusual in that way."

"Really? Do you massage a lot of heterosexual men like me?"

"Yes, I do. Most of the men who come to me for an erotic massage are just like you. Often married, sometimes divorced. Fathers or grandfathers. Some are trying it out after lots of fantasising, like you. Others enjoy occasional man to man sensual fun."

"Don't you think that's strange?"

"Not at all. There are lots of different ways for a man to enjoy a sensual experience. Including with a man like me who knows just what to do to arouse and stimulate a man."

"I'm certainly enjoying what you're doing to me right now. It's way better than my wildest fantasies. I'm so glad I came today."

Although straight, I have for some time fantasised about being massaged in the nude by a male, getting my cock touched and caressed by someone who actually knows how good it feels.

am i gay?Tell me when you want to come for erotic male massage.


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