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I want to spurt my cum on your naked body

During a pause in our play, we talked about books. He told me at some length about a book he had enjoyed, then asked what I had been reading.

"The Life of Lillie Langtry," I told him.

He didn't know who she was, so I gave him the briefest description - she was the mistress of Edward VII - and added a famous quote she was reputed to have made.

The king complained:

"I have spent enough on you to build a fleet of ships."

She replied:

"And you have spent enough in me to float them too."

We agreed that, as euphemisms go, "spending" is a good alternative for "ejaculating". A pity it has passed out of ordinary usage.

Later, as we slid and slipped our naked bodies together, he said: "I'm getting close to spending. I'd like to see if we could float a fleet of ships. Can I spurt my cum on your naked body?"

"Spend anywhere you like," I laughed.

And he did.

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⚣ Body Slide & Play
$400 for 2 hours
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