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Can we sleep together after the body play?

Can I come for a late night, body play and stay the night? I have an early appointment near the Blue Mountains the next day, so I'd love to sleep with you afterwards.

"I know I could stay in an hotel. But I'd much rather fall asleep with you after we've played together than have to dress and find somewhere else in the dark."

I agreed. He paid me in full before he arrived. "That way I can give myself up to the pleasure of your company."

The Hardwood Hotel

"Welcome to The Hardwood Hotel," I greeted him when he arrived on time for his overnight play and stay.

He laughed. "I like the sound of that."

He was dressed in a suit, which I carefully removed and placed on a hanger I had ready. "You don't want to look all crushed in the morning."

"You are thoughtful," he said. "I've been fantasising about what we are going to do together all day at work. It made for some interesting meetings. All I can say is thank goodness for clipboards."

"Why is that?" I continued undressing him and felt inside his underpants for my first touch of his lengthening erection.

"I had to borrow one to put over my pants. To hide what you're feeling now."

"You won't need a clipboard here." He was now entirely nude, his cock pointing skyward. "Would you like a shower before the massage?"

"Yes, please. Will you join me?"

We had a brief, hot shower together. I washed his back, he washed mine, soaping up and down one another's legs. Admiring one another in the mirror that covers the wall of the wet room.

An exciting, full body massage

When he lay face down on the massage table, he said: "I hope I don't fall asleep."

"If you do, I'll wake you up when we get to the exciting bit."

"This is all very exciting, Geoffrey. You have no idea how much I have wanted to visit you. But I've had a pretty rough day."

He did fall asleep for a short while, his breathing even and deep. I continued massaging him. Enjoyed touching his compact, muscular body from head to foot. Kneading and pummelling his firm buttocks.

When he woke, it was time for our mutual body slide. His nap had left him refreshed and with plenty of energy for our enthusiastic explorations.

Sharing a shower

We shared another shower much later, both exhausted from our sensual exertions. Then returned to the bed, where I had already changed the sheets and added blankets.

We slept arm in arm, spooning until just after dawn, when he reluctantly dressed and drove off to his meeting in Bathurst.

We kissed on the doorstep, as he was about to leave. "I'm looking forward to my next stay at your Hardwood Hotel. Though I think I'll need to get my own clipboard."

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