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His naked yoga practice stretched my muscles too

Can you incorporate a yoga sequence into the session? I'm new to yoga but since we'll both be naked it'd be great to practise during a body play session.

There's enough room in my massage studio for two men to practise naked yoga. So it was a simple matter of unrolling a mat and arranging the mirrors so he'd be able to watch as I demonstrated a pose.

As it turned out, he was so new to yoga he'd never attended a class. This made matters much easier. I decided to show him the basic: "Salute to the Sun".

Showing him the basic pose

This pose comprises just about every way you can stretch your body. With a few simple variations, isn't too strenuous for a first-timer.

First, I demonstrated the sequence, explaining each movement.

Hands raised above your head, bending forward to touch the floor, knees slightly bent. First foot back. Second foot back. Stretch and hold in the plank position.

Lower both knees to the floor, spread apart, arms stretched out in front. Sit as close to your heels as you can manage.

Push back up to the plank. Then to a "downward dog". Hold for a few moments. Then first foot forward, second foot forward, hands at the side of your feet. Forward bend, knees bent. Finally, stand up and raise hands to the sky.

Watching how I moved

The way the mirrors were placed, performing this pose meant there wasn't much of me he couldn't see. I knew he was watching me closely. And not just to learn the pose.

When it was his turn, I helped him to get into a pose and held him in place at times. This meant sliding a hand between his legs to give him extra balance.

Standing behind him and helping him spread his legs more widely to get the full effect. He did ok on his first attempt.

"That wasn't too hard," he said, panting slightly. "But I'm not sure I got it right. Can you show me again?"

A second demonstration

I repeated the pose more slowly with a few extra instructions. This time he stood close to me and ran his hands over my body as though he was trying to feel how the pose worked my muscles.

I demonstrated the child pose and felt how he measured the distance between my well-spread bum cheeks and my heels.

When I lifted into downward dog, he stood behind me. As I pushed backwards, I couldn't avoid his cock poking into my bum.

Variations on a yoga stretch

"This'd be a great position to fuck a guy," he said, pushing his hips harder against me.

"You'd have to go slow so he could hold the pose without falling forward."

"I bet you could stay that way long enough if you tried. If I held onto your hips like this." He demonstrated what he meant, his cock riding higher between my bum cheeks. "I could stop you from falling over.

"I thought you wanted to practise yoga," I said, grinning up at him.

"I do, but the sight of you bent over like that is hot. I'd love try a different kind of stretching practise for now. And get back to the other later."

I loved the way you were able to hold me on the edge of cumming for as long as you wanted.

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