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He needed an affectionate bear hug from a man

When I invited him to turn over and began to massage his chest, he reached out his arms and pulled me into a bear hug, lifting me onto my toes.

I slipped my arms behind his head and pressed against him. After several minutes, he released me: "Thanks I needed that."

"You're welcome. I like hugging a man."

"I love my wife and kids," he added thoughtfully, "but none of us touch very much. I miss that kind of physical connection."

"I'll hug you as much as you like."

"Can we move to the bed now? I'd really like to just have you hold me close for a while."

He lay face up on the bed. "Lie on top of me."

I slowly lowered my body onto his, slid my arms behind his neck and pulled him close, our faces inches apart. "How is that? Not too heavy?"

"Perfect. Just lovely. Can I kiss you?"

We enjoyed a long, sensuous kiss that obviously aroused him as much as it did me. I felt his hand tracing a line back and forth along my spine.

Each time his fingers lingered, lightly caressing my bum, his kissing become more passionate, his tongue exploring my mouth more deeply.

"I love the way you kiss," he said. "Can I lie on top of you now?"

His arms still wrapped tightly around me, we rolled over until he was lying on top. I felt his erection poke between my slippery thighs and press against my balls.

"You have no idea how good this feels," he said, "I love how affectionate you are. I've really missed this."

We kissed again, our tongues sensually exploring one another's warm mouths.

"You've probably got some other plan in mind but can we spend the rest of the time hugging?"

"Of course, we can," I said. And we did.

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❝ I'd forgotten how wonderful touch can be. Thank you for letting me touch you too.❞

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