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Stimulating conversation is erotic too

Do you enjoy conversation? In the nude? Come for man on man massage, slide and body play session and let's discover what interests we share in common.

"You really know your way around my dick," he gasped, lifting his head from the pillow to watch.

I moved my hands slowly along his legs, until my palms pressed between his inner thighs, spreading them further apart. Making sure he knew I was looking too. Circling his balls, I let my fingers explore ever more deeply.

With my hands under the pulsing shaft of his cock, I massaged his lower stomach, working my way gradually up to his chest. Lightly flicking my fingertips across his nipples.

Then higher to his shoulders and neck. Standing at the head of the table, I leaned forward stretching as far as I could reach along his torso towards the tip of his cock.

Lightly stretching his foreskin

He turned his head to watch me in the mirror as I moved to the side of the massage table to stroke his thick cock. I was looking forward to applying more than my hands.

But for now, I only grasped the shaft in one hand to hold it steady, pointed upwards. Slipped one finger beneath the foreskin and swirled it round, enjoying the wet, velvety smoothness of the slick head.

"I've had plenty of experience. But I don't want to get you too aroused yet. That's just a taste of what's to come," I said.

Nude, body to body sliding

"Can we spoon for a while," he asked rolling onto his side, inviting me to lie with my back to him, "I'd like to give you back some of the affection you've been showing me."

He nuzzled my neck, his beard tickling. "You're a truly friendly guy," he said, "I'm really pleased I decided to visit you this evening."

"It's nice to be appreciated." He pulled me into a tighter embrace, pressing his body into me. I felt his cock lengthening, pressing against my bum.

"You don't mind that do you?" he asked, a little hesitantly. "Lying here with you is turning me on. I can move if it's uncomfortable."

"Don't move an inch. It feels great. But we should get a condom if you want to slip inside."

"I'm looking forward to fucking you. But not yet. Can we just lie here like this for a while? I promise I won't go any deeper."

We lay quietly for a few moments, his breath on the back of my neck, his arms around me. The shaft of his cock pressed between my cheeks.

Massage for his mind

"My first male to male sexual encounter was a bit rushed and amateurish. But it was nowhere near as good as this," he said.

"I found some guy on Grindr but I didn't know what I was doing. He didn't either and it quickly became uncomfortable, so I fled."

"You have no idea how excited I felt when I found your web site. You seemed to know what to do with bicurious, straight men like me."

He stopped talking while I demonstrated what I knew about arousing men. This time applying more than my hands to his penis. Bringing him slowly to the edge but still not letting him ejaculate. And giving him some tips for how to massage my cock as well. He was a quick study.

Soon he said: "The first thing I noticed when I arrived was all the books. That really turned me on. When we spoke on the phone you said we'd have time to talk. I love to know whether we share similar tastes."

Your intellect is sexy

He mentioned a few authors - Foucault, Joseph Campbell, Umberto Eco, Roy Porter - and asked if I'd read them. I had. We discussed our libraries. He had many hundreds of books, I have several thousand.

"There's a game I love to play though I don't often get the chance. Ask me if I have books by an author and I'll tell you if I do," he said.

"John Ralston Saul?", I started. He hadn't read that author but he had several books in his library.

"Thyra Samter Winslow?" I tried next. He hadn't heard of her, so I described her stories in some detail. "Sounds interesting," he said, "I'll look her up."

We talked now about art and paintings. He liked Turner. I preferred Constable. "I am beginning to get an idea of the kind of man you are," he said, "you can always tell from someone's taste in paintings."

"Oh, well, as to that," I said, "I also like Mondrian. So work me out if you can."

Every now and then I'd suggest another author. We shared many similar tastes in reading. And I could tell me he was enjoying the game as much as I was.

He asked about the music playing discreetly in the background. "I heard a piece earlier and I didn't like that variation so I was happy it didn't last too long."

"Few of the tracks go on long for that very reason," I said.

A kindred spirit and an eager listener

Gradually, as he became more comfortable, he introduced more details about his himself. He was married and mostly happy but felt there was something missing in his life: erotic encounters with men.

"I'm 99% straight," he said, "but sometimes I want to explore being sexual with a man. Is that strange, do you think?"

"Not in my experience."

"It's a great weight off my mind to realise I'm not the only man with these urges," he said.

Sexual satisfaction too

Speaking of urges had him aroused again, his erection pressing more insistently between my bum cheeks.

"It's been months since I've fucked anyone," he said, "and I've never fucked a man. So tell me if I'm doing ok. Lie on your back and rest your legs on my shoulders?"

He came fairly quickly the first time, a look of intense, exquisite pleasure suffusing his face. "Fuck that was good," he said as he lay panting beside me on the bed. "Your arse is so tight. It's incredible."

"Give me a moment or two, then I want to do that again. Much more slowly."

Later, after we'd shared a long, hot shower, we carefully towelled one another dry. Then we returned to the bed for the remaining hour.

He hugged me close and said: "I feel so completely relaxed and refreshed. I've never talked so much to anyone."

To be honest, I think I prefer giving you pleasure even more than enjoying your sexy talents. Sucking your cock and playing with your arse was hot. Watching you lose control when you climaxed and knowing I made that happen. Hot!

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