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I've never seen so many photos of horny, naked men

As he undressed, he looked around the room with its hundreds of photos of nude, aroused men. 'You have an enormous collection of male pornography on your walls,' he said.

He added: "You've obviously put a lot of work into creating a visually appealing massage room. Do you mind if I look at some of these photos before you start?"

I turned the spot lights up so he could see the images more clearly. As he walked about the room, I could tell he was getting turned on, one hand idly stroking his lengthening cock.

"Are any of these photos of you?" he asked.

"Not of my face, but there's one of my bum here," I said, pointing to a picture near the door. I turned about so he could compare the photo with reality.

"Very nice. I liked how there were no photos of your face on your web site. I thought that made you seem very discreet," he said. "Are any of these pictures of your clients?"

"There are one or two," I said, "though none showing their faces."

I directed his gaze to a photo I'd taken from the floor up between the man's legs. "This man was very keen to add his pictures to my collection."

Can I add my photos?

"The rest I've downloaded from various porn sites and printed on photographic paper. The more tasteful images are from magazines like Not Only Blue and Black and White."

"I'd love to have you take some shots of me on my next visit and add them to your walls," he said.

"I'll make sure my camera is charged and set up for some very revealing shots."

He paused in front of a large photo showing a man with a cock down his throat. "I've never had a cock in my mouth. Can I try that with you?"

Sucking cock for the first time

Without waiting for an answer, he dropped to his knees, took my erection in his hands and licked the wet head. With one eye on the photo, he tried to suck my cock inside his mouth but it was a bit too big on his first try.

"Take it more slowly," I said. "Breathe in and then suck as far as you can without gagging."

He was a quick study and soon he was sucking my cock like this wasn't his first time. "You've done this before," I said, "I can tell."

"Oh, no, this is my first time with a real dick. I've tried sucking with cucumbers. This is much, much better. I love how you taste."

Once he'd had enough, I invited him to lie face down on the table, dimmed the lights and oiled my hands. Then for the next hour or so, I concentrated all my attention on massaging his body from head to toe. Face up, I demonstrated my own talents his rigid cock.

A real professional

After his shower, as he dressed and gazed about the room, he said: "It is great to meet someone with such class. You're a real professional. There aren't many professionals in the world."

"Not in this field," I replied.

"Not in any field," he said.

He added: "You've obviously put a lot of work into creating a great erotic massage experience. I loved watching in the mirrors as you moved."

"And the music is wonderful. It felt great how well you were synced to it. How it sped up and slowed down when you were massaging my dick. I've never felt anything like it."

⚣ Male massage: $200 for 1 hour or $300 for 1.5 hours [Cash or prepaid]

⚣ Male massage
$200 for 1 hour
$300 for 1.5 hours
[Cash or prepaid]
🔒 Book online

❝ Your massage room is like a shrine to m2m sex. I've never seen so many wonderful pictures of horny, naked men. It has certainly given me some ideas about what I want to do with you next time.❞

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