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So many pictures of horny, naked men

As he undressed, he looked around the room with its hundreds of photos of nude, aroused men. 'You have an enormous collection,' he said.

After the massage, he said: "Congratulations on a superb web site. It is great to meet someone with such class. You're a real professional. There aren't many professionals in the world."

"Not in this field," I replied.

"Not in any field," he said.

He liked the music, especially the track called "Make Yourself Comfortable".

He added: "You've obviously put a lot of work into creating a great erotic massage experience. I loved being able to watch both of us in the mirrors as you moved. You're a very sexy guy."

"And the music is wonderful. It felt great how well you were synced to it. How it sped up and slowed down when you were massaging my dick. I've never felt anything like it."

After his shower, he looked around the walls plastered with hundreds of photos of nude, aroused men, of all shapes, ages and sizes, engaged in a variety of sexual activities and positions.

"These pictures are very suggestive. Maybe next time I come we can try out some of these activities together. For now, can I have a closer look?"

I turned the spot lights up so he could see the images more clearly. As he walked about the room, I could tell he was turned on, one hand idly stroking his thickening cock. He paused in front of a large photo depicting two men lying on a bed sucking one another's cocks.

"Is there a theme to the pictures?" he asked, as he dressed.

"Yes," I replied, "there are only two with animals in them."

Erotic Massage: $200 for 1 hour or $300 for 1.5 hours (Cash or Prepaid)

❝ What I really liked was your patience. What I mean is that wonderful way you have of doing slow measured strokes up and down my body. It was incredible.❞

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