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Getting my hands on his hairy testicles

"I really love having my testicles massaged and fondled," he said. "Most guys stop after a few minutes. I want you to play with my hairy balls until I cum."

He lay face down, his arms by his side and spread his legs widely apart, so his feet hung over either edge of the massage table.

As I oiled my hands, I looked up along the table between his parted legs to admire his large, low hanging, hairy balls.

"That's a great view," I said, tracing a fingertip along the line of his ball sac. There's almost nothing better than playing with the balls of a man who enjoys having them pulled and parted, rolled about and caressed. I was looking forward to getting my hands on them.

He moaned softly and ground his hips into the table. I gently pushed one finger under one of his balls and felt it slide to one side before withdrawing my hand.

"Do that again!"

I ran my hand up along his thigh until one of his balls rested on my palm and gradually squeezed, rolling it around firmly between my fingers. Then I felt the other side, once again rolling it around on my palm.

He moaned again.

I released his balls and moved to the head of the table to start my massage.

Time for an all over body massage

I began by oiling his back and shoulders, before applying long, firm sweeps of his entire torso, my fingers trailing between his butt cheeks.

Gradually pushing further up and down his body, I made sure that every so often, my fingers went a little further and lightly grazed his perineum, just above and out of reach of his balls.

He tried to meet my probing fingers by lifting his hips. So I teased him a little by keeping my fingers just out of reach each time. Lightly tickling his balls or flicking my fingers across his scrotum.

He was clearly enjoying my attentions, grinding his hips more firmly into the table.

"Please," he moaned, "please touch my balls. It feel sooo good."

I continued my massage routine, moving away from his lower back and concentrating on his shoulders.

I could tell he wanted me to focus all my attention on his balls. But I know it's the gradual build-up of stroking and fondling that will keep a man on the edge of cock dripping pleasure.

A gentle, almost accidental flick of the fingers across his balls or just near enough to be suggestive. That's what I was aiming for, so that by the time I finally began to apply my talents to his balls, he'd be beside himself with lust.

I began to massage his lower back, before moving first to his left and then to his right buttocks, pummelling them firmly.

Whenever, I was within reach, I made sure to rest my erection on his upturned palm. He felt along the shaft, trying to get his fingers between my legs, searching for my own sweet spot.

"You have a big cock," he mumbled into the head rest.

I paused at his side for a few moments, allowing him to feel between my butt cheeks until he was tickling my tight hole.

He managed to push a fingertip inside me before I moved away, massaging along his thigh, down his calf to his foot, making sure I just missed grazing his balls.

Then I started long, slow, firm sweeps up his leg. My fingertips pressed between his butt cheeks. A little further and I might almost, accidentally slip inside his own inviting hole.

But I pulled back in time, allowing my fingers to glide back over his balls and then disappear back along his leg. I repeated this movement over and over.

Feeling his balls

Again he responded by pushing down the table against my fingertips as they reached his butt, willing me to fondle his balls.

At last, as I finished his second leg, I began to tickle his ball sac, allowing each testicle to fall over my fingers, jiggling it up and down.

Now I pushed one hand more firmly under his belly, feeling along his rigid, wet cock.

As he lifted up, I pulled down along his shaft and left a trail of his precum over his balls. I pulled on his ball sac, dragging his full balls down and gripping them more tightly, to stretch the skin.

"Oh, yeah," he moaned, "that's it."

I could have continued fondling his balls this way but I can do much more when a man is face up.

I told him to turn over. I stood at the foot of the table and looked up between his legs. His cock was throbbing against his belly.

His balls lay warmly between his legs, pulling up slightly with each pulse of his cock.

"Please," he said, "please play with my balls."

I moved to the side of the table, my cock resting in his hand.

As I swept one palm along his inner thigh, then under his balls, he gripped my shaft tightly, rubbing his palm up and down and pulling me closer to his body.

Using my thumb above and fingers below, I encircled his balls, forming a tight ring. With my other hand, I began a slow and sensuous tickling of his stretched ball sac, feeling along the surface.

I tapped a finger lightly and slowly around each ball, every now and then pulling gently on the wispy hairs of his thighs.

Getting hotter

His balls were getting warmer now and it was easier to pull them further away from his body. He was writhing on the table, obviously enjoying my attentions.

I wiped my palms across the sac, reaching my thumb down along his perineum and pressing into that small indentation just behind his balls.

Then I gently squashed first one then the other ball into his thighs, enjoying the sensation as it slid away from my touch and bounced back to lie between his legs.

I released his balls and turned my attention to his throbbing cock, lightly gripped it and giving it a slow tug up and down. Then sliding back down to his balls and pushing them further between his legs.

I continued this several times, dragging his full balls away and releasing them to bounce back. By now he had released my cock and was fondling my butt, his fingers eagerly seeking between my cheeks.

I moved slightly to the side to give him easier access and felt one of his fingers slip inside, lightly stretching and tugging.

Up from between his legs, splaying his balls either side of my hand. Up along his throbbing cock to the head, fingers exploring the wetness, delving into the hole, spreading the tiny lips.

Then back again, pulling downwards on his shaft, separating his balls and feeling between his butt cheeks.

Finally, I began to apply more friction to his cock. One hand around his balls, jiggling them on my palm. Or clasping them in an ever tightening ring.

The other gripping his firm erection, sliding this way and that, up and over the head.

He was moving with me, his upper body twisting and jerking each time my palm swept across the sensitive cock head. His fingers digging deeper between my own butt cheeks, pressing into my hole, sliding in and out of me in time with my hands on his cock.

I felt his balls begin to resist my gentle tugging, pulling back towards his cock. A sure sign that he was getting closer to cumming.

Close to cumming

I pulled them further away, each time my other hand slid up his shaft and across the dripping head. I began to pick up speed on his cock, full sweeps from the base to the head. He was groaning now and his finger fucking of my arse became more insistent, deeper, faster and harder.

I felt him pull out his finger and slip his thumb inside me and as it reached as deep as it could go, he ejaculated.

A great splash of steaming white cum flew into the air and landed on his chest, then another.

At the first explosion, I released his balls and pushed them up against his body. Then I grabbed them once more and as the second shot flew up in the air, I pulled them away again.

Finally, I released my hands from his cock and balls and let him enjoy the sensations of his climax.

The last dribbles of cum oozed from his rigid cock but he was still thrashing about, his legs shaking, his cock still pulsing, his thumb still wedged inside me, jerking in and out.

When his breathing returned to normal, he pulled his thumb from between my cheeks and lay quietly for a few moments.

"Wow," he managed to say. "Oh, my god, wow."

I thoroughly enjoyed the way you massaged my balls. And where did you learn to wank a cock like that?

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