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He wanted me to sit on his face

"I want you to wear a pair of see-through running shorts. You know the kind I mean. Split up the sides, so I can easily get both hands up the legs."

"Ok," I agreed. "Anything else?"

"Knee-high footy socks. No undies. No shirt. I want you to come to the driveway while I park my car. And bend over as a tease so the shorts ride up your crack."

"I hope you're the only person about."

He was a regular client who'd been visiting me for several years. Otherwise, I might have declined to do something so revealing in public.

He enjoyed being teased plenty before we got down to his favourite activity: me sitting on his face.

He'd never wanted a massage and didn't ask anything else of me.

All I had to do was to spread my arse cheeks, settle on his face and not quite smother him for an hour or two.

Being rimmed is one of my favourite sensual activities and, as he always paid me extra (he was even more turned on by having to pay for his pleasures), I wasn't about to complain.

That day there was no one about, so I did as instructed.

As he pulled into the driveway, I bent over as if to pick something from a garden bed and felt the shorts ride up into my arse crack.

He was immensely pleased and had trouble hiding his obvious excitement as we entered the massage studio, one hand up the leg of my shorts feeling between my cheeks.

I've had to buy another pair of running shorts as he so eagerly ripped that pair apart in his haste to get his tongue between my arse cheeks.

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❝ I don't find many men who are so into being rimmed for ages and who enjoy sitting on a guy's face. Your bum is so delicious and beefy and round. I can't wait to rim you senseless again.❞

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