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Massage: is it hard to expose yourself to strangers?

As we lay arm in arm on the bed, he said: "It must be difficult to expose so much of yourself to strangers. How do you cope?"

"I like being naked and aroused around men," I replied, "so exposing myself suits my exhibitionist side."

"And I'm enjoying looking at you. But that's not what I meant. How do you protect your emotions when you're with a man?"

"I don't need to. I can express appropriate emotions without getting carried away by them. I truly enjoy giving pleasure to a man and sharing whatever level of intimacy he chooses to express."

"Most men just want physical pleasure and relief. They choose me because I'm confident and experienced. They've read about what I can do to turn them on and they want to experience my talents."

I stopped talking and reached between his legs to massage his erection. He murmured appreciatively. After several minutes, I added:

"Plenty of married men don't get enough physical affection. I love hugging a man and I genuinely enjoy giving him some of that missing affection, if he wants it.

Whether its purely physical or gazing into his eyes or simply showing him some tenderness."

"It makes me happy when a man feels much better about himself when he leaves than when he arrived.

Usually all it takes - apart from his sexual release - is being present for him, sharing an emotional connection that's usually absent in his life."

"So, because we both get something good from the experience, I don't need to "protect" myself as you put it."

Spending the day with you has been the most sensual fun I've ever had with a man. And I've had sex with a lot of men.

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