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His cotton undies were soon drenched in cum

"I want to keep my underwear on while you massage me," he said, as he removed his trousers. He ran a tantalising finger along the inside of the waistband.

"I love the feeling of the fabric rubbing against my cock. Is that ok?"

His y-fronts were a snug fit and clearly showed the outline of his already thickening cock and large balls against the tautness of the fabric.

"So long as you don't mind me getting oil on them."

"No, the oil makes the sensations even better, I think."

He lay face down on the massage table, spreading his legs, his feet resting comfortably on the bolster.

I stood at the end of the table and oiled my hands. I paused briefly to enjoy the view of the whiteness of his cotton undies against the hairiness his legs.

As I oiled his back, I was tempted to push the elastic down over his butt cheeks. Instead, I slid my hands beneath the waistband and down each side of his butt cheeks, spreading them gently apart.

When I moved to massage his legs, I pushed my palms up inside his undies. With each upwards stroke, I aimed closer and closer to his balls without quite touching them, my fingers lost in his pubes.

Now, I started playing my fingers so they became trapped in the fabric. I struggled to pull them from the tight elastic, pushing forwards until I felt the crack of his arse.

I accidentally slipped and felt my forefinger press against his hole. Forced to push a bit harder, a fingertip slid inside.

He humped the table and groaned, pushing against my probing finger. I pulled my hands out and continued to massage his legs. With each upward stroke along his inner thigh, I let my fingers stroke his balls, the side of my palm sliding as best it could along his arse crack.

His undies were soaked with precum

Once I had completed massaging him face down and thoroughly explored all the ways of getting my hands caught inside his y-fronts, I invited him to turn over.

The way his cock tented the fabric showed how much he had enjoyed my attention to his butt. The cotton was almost translucent with precum.

I massaged the shaft of his cock through the fabric, pushing the head above the waistband and playing my fingers around and across the slippery tip. I pulled his balls out each side of the leg, letting the elastic hold them in place as I circled a finger around each one.

Stroking his cock through the fabric

Returning my attention to his throbbing cock, I began my usual slow and luxurious penis massage. There's nothing more thrilling than watching the effect of my hands sliding up and down, stroking a firm erection.

Slowly first, then faster and faster my palms stroked up and down his shaft, over the sensitive head. Back down again, fingers circling his balls. As he began to moan and pant, I knew he was getting closer to cumming.

His balls pulled up taut against the elastic, his breathing grew faster. I pulled the waistband back over the head of his cock, letting it snap back into place. That was all it took as he blew his load into his yfronts, his cum oozing into the fabric.

You're the greatest wanker. Beautiful. Gentle. Sensual. Hot.

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