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Exploring his cock through his y-fronts

"It's best to start with these on," he said, running one finger along the inside of the waistband of his white, y-front underwear.

"And I want you to blindfold me too." He climbed onto the table, spread his legs and waited as I covered over his eyes.

I began my massage as and soon slid my hand across the fabric of his underwear dragging against the elastic but not yet exposing any skin.

Then I poked my fingers awkwardly under the elastic around his leg trying to oil the lightly haired skin and forcing a path towards his balls.

I concentrated on forcing my fingers into his underwear. Each time reaching closer to his cock as he spread his legs apart and let his feet hang off table, one thigh pressed against mine.

I moved my hand a little one way and felt my fingers get "trapped" in his underpants. I had to push and pull against his balls and then my thumb slipped inside him. Now I had to wiggle and push and pull and slide it about to get it out again.

He humped the table and groaned, lifted his butt from the table and pushed back against my hands.

I slipped both hands inside his underpants, sliding my palms across each cheek and up under the waist band. Pulling back towards me until I was able to spread his cheeks and feel his puckered hole twitch and tremble.

This time when I pulled away from him, he turned over and taking his underwear off, lay face up on the table. I massaged his balls and stroked his cock, all the time watching his face in the mirror each time I did something that turned him on.

Now, he asked to put his y-fronts back on and have me repeat what I had done before and to wank him through the fabric. I slipped one hand behind him to tickle around his balls and the other to the front to manipulate his cock.

I pulled the head of his cock above the waistband and ran one fingertip around the glistening surface, then down the shaft to where I could clearly see the outline of his balls, then back to the top.

Finally, using both hands, one inside and the other on the outside, I massaged his cock and gently yanked on his balls. I felt his whole body spasm as my hand and the front of his underwear were splashed with his cum.

Erotic Massage: $200 for 1 hour or $300 for 1.5 hours (Cash or Prepaid)

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