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How many times can I come in your hands?

Is it okay if I ejaculate a few times or will you stop once I come the first time?

"Can I cum twice?" he asked when I asked him to turn over on the massage table.

"How about 3 times?"

He said "Really? I'd love to try, if we have time."

I began to slowly massage his testicles, wrapping my fingers around his scrotum, encircling his balls and pulling them very gently away from his body. Feeling how hot and heavy each one was.

With my other hand, I gradually palmed my way from the base of his shaft to the top, swirling around the already glistening head with my fingers, enjoying the slickness of his precum on my hand.

"Oh, my god," he ejaculated, as his cum shot up and splashed onto his stomach.

As his shuddering subsided he said, "you certainly know your way around a penis. That felt incredible."

"And I've only just begun," I said, smiling at him. I wiped off the pool of cum with a warm towel and rinsed my hands.

"Are you ready for me to keep going?" I asked, dipping my fingers in more oil.

"Yes, please!"

At my age, I didn't think I'd ever ejaculate four times in two hours again. Amazing.


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