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Indulging his bicurious sexual fantasy

After a frustrating decade in a sexless marriage, a bicurious man - eager to make up for lost time - booked 6 hours to explore his m2m sexual fantasies.

"I've spent the last 10 years wanking and I'm tired of doing it alone. That's why I've come to see you. There's so much I want to explore. I got the idea from your web site that if you were attracted to me we could try things together."

I know plenty of ways to arouse and satisfy a man - without us having full sex - even when he's booked me for 6 hours. And it's always my decision as to how far I am prepared to go. But he was a good looking man. Eager and responsive. And generous too, as it turned out.

I want to suck your dick

"Well, for a start can I suck your dick? I've always wondered how it'd feel to have a penis in my mouth. I'd love you to suck mine too. My wife never would so I have no idea what it's like."

He was naked, sitting on the corner of the bed next to me. I reached over to stroke his thick, hard cock. Just the kind I like: neither too large nor too small. Thick and meaty. Cut with a bulbous head that already showed a pearly drop of precum. Heavy round balls in a clipped bush of blonde pubes.

I knelt between his legs and ran my tongue all around his knob before sucking it as far into my mouth as I could manage in that position. Turning my head slightly, I looked him in the eyes.

Licking his cock while looking into his eyes

That always gets a man hot. Looking at him, looking at the head of his cock disappearing into my mouth. Him seeing how much I love it and me knowing how much he loves it too from the way his cock grows bigger in your mouth.

Gripping his balls between my forefinger and thumb, I licked all around each one. Then sucked one after the other into my mouth. Letting first one then the other rest on my tongue.

I attempted to suck both into my mouth at the same time but they were too big to fit, so I contented myself with licking and sucking each one individually.

He gasped. "Jesus, I've really been missing out on great sex if that's how good it feels. Do that again!"

"When we're in a better position to get your cock all the way in my mouth," I promised. I stayed kneeling between his legs, my tongue lazily swirling around the velvety smooth lips of his rigid cock, my fingers idly playing around his balls. "What else do you want to try?"

His bisexual shopping list

"I want... God, this sounds like a shopping list." He was trembling. "I've never asked for what I wanted, you know, sexually. I've always just let things happen, hoping my wife'd get the hint. Of course, she never did."

"This is your chance to let it all out. But there's no need to rush. We have plenty of time to explore one another. Tell me what you want, when you're ready."

I licked his cock from his balls up the shaft to the head with a final flourish around the leaking tip. "Why don't we start with a massage?"

"Yes please, I'd like that."

He lay face down on the massage table. I oiled his back and massaged his neck and shoulders, along his spine to the top of his buttocks. "You've got a great touch," he said, lifting his head from the cradle.

"Thanks. I'm glad you're enjoying yourself."

"Yes, I am. You have no idea how much I've been looking forward to this."

I continued to work my way around his body, kneading his muscles, spreading more oil across his smooth skin. As I began massaging his firm butt, he turned his head and watched in the mirror.

He grasped my cock, feeling along its length. I stayed within reach but continued to work on his butt cheeks.

Releasing his pent-up sexual frustrations

When I eventually moved to the other side of the table, I felt his body tense and heard him mumble something. "Sorry, I didn't catch that."

He pushed himself up from the table: "I read on your site that you like being fucked in the arse. I've been imagining for days how great that'd feel. It's been too long since I fucked anyone," he said. "Can I try it with you? I'm happy to pay you an extra $500."

"Yes, you can fuck me. And, yes I'll accept your extra payment."

He rolled over onto his side to face me, an intense look in his eyes. Then as though years of pent-up sexual frustrations were being released all at once - his entire body trembling with excitement - he added in a rush:

"But for more than a few minutes. I want to fuck you slowly and deeply, from behind, on top and any other way we can try. Can I watch in the mirrors? Make a lot of noise. Talk dirty. Tell me how much you're loving my big, thick dick inside you. I want to make you cum and watch you lose control. And keep going until we cum together."

"Right now or can I finish the massage first?"

"I've already waited far too many years. I'm sure I can last a few more minutes."

I was looking forward to a massage but when I saw you naked all I wanted to do was fuck you. Fuck! Your fucking arse is so fucking fuckable. So tight, so hot and you're so willing.

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