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Exposing himself for my viewing pleasure

"I work a hectic schedule, so I'd love to come for an erotic massage with you. Get out of Sydney, strip everything off and be naked with you for several hours."

"I'm a bit of an exhibitionist. I love being naked and being looked at. But I don't have the chance at home," he told me in his email.

"So I'd love to have a massage and have you perv on my body for a few hours as well. Maybe strike a few poses and have you tell me what to do."

"The thought of hanging out naked and relaxed. Not having to rush, be on call, no phone turned on and just unwinding in the mountains. Get back to "being myself. It'd be a dream come true for me. Is that possible?"

"Absolutely," I replied, "come for an all day play session. There's plenty of time to lie about naked while I release your tension."

He was obviously stressed when he arrived but it didn't take very long for him to "get into the moment" and forget his usual city life.

He was eager and enthusiastic about exposing himself. He invited me to take some pictures of him on his mobile.

"It will give me something to look at when I'm stressed out after work," he said.

I enjoyed admiring his body and took lots of photos of him from all kinds of angles. He especially liked it when I took shots of my hands on his cock: from in front and behind.

When he left some hours later, he was a changed man.

"I loved the way you massaged me the first time, then gave me time to relax. The second massage was icing on the cake. You have a magical way with my penis."

He enjoyed the experience so much he immediately booked another session for a repeat performance.

"I need more photos and I've got a few ideas for how I want to pose for you next time."

All Day Play & Massage:
$1,200 for 6 hours from 10am to 4pm (Prepaid)

❝ I came to see you the first time because your web site presented you as a professional, not someone sleazy. I keep coming back is that you ARE a professional. Plus you're very good at massaging my body.❞

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