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Geoffrey's all day massage, slide and sensual, naked body play

Where can you go to enjoy all day, all male sensual pleasures? Erotic massage, body slide, sex play, laughter, conversation and lunch? Here with me in the Blue Mountains.

"I want to slowly discover all your sensual talents. Especially your nude, erotic man to man massage. I want to cum more than once, in and on you. More than anything, I want to feel completely relaxed," he said when he booked his play day.

I could tell he was tense when he arrived. But I also knew it wouldn't be too long before he'd be very relaxed. I was ready to help with that.

He switched his phone off. "I won't be needing that today," he said, sliding it into his pocket. "It's such a great relief to be cut off from my world for a day."

I slowly undressed him. We shared a long, steamy shower together, washing away the last remnants of his tension.

A massage to soothe and relax him

Within minutes of my oiling his back, he'd fallen asleep. First, I concentrated my attention on relieving the tension in his shoulders and neck. Massaged all along his spine until I reached his firm bum.

Lower to press firmly along the muscles of his inner thighs. Giving into temptation, I let my fingers seek out his balls, gently stroking his perineum, feeling along the base of his half-hard cock.

Backwards and forwards across the entire surface of his body, touching him everywhere I can reach, I worked on teasing out the knots in his muscles until he was limp. Though not for long.

He woke up when it was time for him to turn over. "I'll have to massage you again later when you're not so tired. Then you can tell me how you liked it."

"If I fell asleep so easily, you can be sure I enjoyed it," he said. "And I already feel much better."

Sliding naked together on the bed

He climbed down from the table and we moved to the spacious bed.

"Where do you want me?" he asked.

"Face up," I said, "so I can slide on top of you." I oiled the front of his body and applied some more oil to mine, then slipped comfortably on top.

We lay face to face, our lips just touching, as I slowly slid back and forth. It wasn't long before he wrapped his arms around me, pulling me into a passionate kiss.

From then on, there was a thrilling urgency to our enthusiastic and mutual exploration, as though he had been starved of sexual stimulation far too long.

He loved watching as I showed how much I liked sucking his cock, propping his head on the pillow so he could watch his cock slide in and out of my mouth. He soon found the best way to encourage me when he slipped a finger in my arse. The more he frigged my hole, the faster and deeper I sucked his cock. Or, coming up for air, licked and sucked his balls.

I lost track of time as we caressed and teased one another. Exploring and tasting. Every inch aroused and titillated. Finally, when he was lying on my back, his cock trapped between my thighs, I could tell how close he was to cumming.

His first ejaculation soaked the sheets

His heavy breath in my ear, the intensity of his thrusting, the hardness of his cock pressed between my cheeks. Then the hot stickiness as he ejaculated, his cum squirting against my balls, drenching the sheet beneath us. Another thrust, adding stickiness to the slickness of the oil.

"Wow," he said, after a few moments, "that was magical. I didn't want it to end. I feel great, tingling. Alive. I want more of that! Next time I want to be inside you."

"We have plenty of time for more play," I said, as I wiped us clean with a soft, moist towel. "Now, let's have another shower. And then lunch?"

"I'm famished. I could eat a horse... or a man," he grinned wickedly. "Do I need to dress for this feast?"

"No need to be formal," I said, "Come as you are."

A light lunch for renewed energy

In between eating, drinking and laughing, we discovered our shared tastes. Books, architecture, art, philosophy, local history, other countries we had visited. We touched lightly on politics and agreed to leave it alone. Hinted at past sexual exploits.

He told me about his high stress life; I explained why I had left mine.

After we'd eaten enough, we danced to some of his favourite music. Before falling in a laughing heap on the lounge, arms and legs wrapped around one another.

Resting to revive our passion

"Can we lie here quietly for a while. Maybe watch a movie?"

I can't recall what he chose as we both fell asleep, spooning on the sofa, soon after it started. When I awoke, he was still lying behind me, his cock poking into me, an empty condom wrapper on the coffee table.

"Stay where you are," he said, "I came too soon the first time. Now, I'm going to take things much more slowly. You don't mind, do you?"

"Not in the least."

We had to change positions a few times, as he wanted to kiss me. I was not about to object.

Giving him more pleasure

As we towelled one another dry some time later, he said: "It won't be anywhere as good as yours but I want to massage you this time."

It didn't matter that he wasn't an experienced masseur. His pleasure in touching me was obvious, as was mine in receiving it.

It wasn't long before he asked: "Can I lie on top of you?"

I laughed as we returned to the bed, where we slipped and slid together. Gradually building up to his third climax.

The day is done

We spent the remaining hours sharing stories. Went for a short walk around my large garden to stretch our legs and breathe in the clean, fresh air. Caressed, hugged, kissed and fondled one another.

When it finally came time for him to leave, he said "I've thoroughly enjoyed this holiday with you," he said. "I'm coming up this way in a few months. And I definitely want to visit you again. Next time I'd like to stay all night too. Would that be possible?"

"I can hardly wait."

Now I know what turns him on, I have several ideas to make his next visit even better than his first.

I love the way you touch and the way you feel. But more than that I felt you honestly liked me. I loved making love with you. You were friendly, soothing and inviting. Thank you for an incredibly refreshing, immensely pleasurable day of fun.

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