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Hot man to man body play on a cold day

I told him it was often 10 degrees colder in winter in the Blue Mountains than in Sydney. But he was dressed for a much hotter day.

It made it easier to undress him at the start of the body play session, as he wasn't wearing much. I lifted his t-shirt over his head and put it on the chair, pulled off his shorts but left his y-fronts on.

His skin felt cold to my touch, so I rubbed his hairy chest to warm him, playfully tweaking his nipples, pressing my naked body close against his.

"I should have taken more notice of your suggestion to dress warmly. But I am so glad you've heated the room," he said.

"It'll get a lot hotter soon," I told him.

Then, kneeling at his feet, I worked my hands up his legs, feeling the mass of muscle in his calves and thighs. Slipped my hands inside his underpants, then behind him to massage his hairy cheeks, my fingers sliding into his dark, warm crack.

Slowly pulled on the elastic waist until I had exposed his well-rounded buttocks in the mirror on the wall behind us.

I let my fingers explore and tease the taut elastic of each leg around to where his erection was trying to escape through the opening of his y-fronts, a small wet patch already making the whiteness of the fabric almost translucent.

I tickled his low hanging balls, enjoying how they rolled about and lifted slightly on my fingertips.

Then with one swift tug, I pulled his underpants over his muscular thighs, down to the floor, his cock slapping up against his stomach, leaving a spidery thread of precum in his hair. A taste of things to come.

With one of his hands resting on the top of my head for balance, he lifted one foot after the other and I dropped his underwear on the floor beside us.

I remained kneeling on the floor for a few moments, looking at him from foot to head, admiring his naked body, breathing in his masculine scent. Enjoying the heat from his groin, so close to my lips.

He didn't appear to mind at all: when I looked up to his face, he was grinning broadly.

"We could start with a massage," I lay face up on the wide bed in the corner of the studio, my arousal evident.

I invited him to join me: "Let's share some body heat first."

⚣ Body Slide & Play: $400 for 2 hours or $600 for 3 hours [Cash or prepaid]

⚣ Body Slide & Play
$400 for 2 hours
$600 for 3 hours
[Cash or prepaid]
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