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Expert, hands-on massage of my testicles

I loved the fact that Geoffrey kept massaging my testicles where other guys would have fondled them once or twice maybe and given up.

I can't recall details of the massage as I kept wishing he would touch my balls some more. But then he started working on my butt and reached between my legs to stroke my testicles and roll them about on his palm, feeling how hot and sweaty they were.

I spread my legs further apart to give him better access and he responded beautifully using two hands to fondle my balls and feel my cock. I humped the table, pushing my pelvis down and crushing my balls against his hands.

My cock had already left a trail of precum on the sheet and the oil on his hands made everything a slippery slide. I couldn't keep that up for very long without coming so I stopped and let Geoffrey get on with his massage.

When I turned over, my rigid cock said more than words. I managed to mumble "Great massage!" before I felt his hands on my testicles again, rolling them gently between his fingers.

I asked if I could watch as he massaged my cock and he agreed, raising the back of his massage table and letting me sit upright. Now, I could watch in the mirror as his hands working away on my balls. I spread my legs apart to give him better access.

The way he handled my balls

He gradually pulled my scrotum down towards the table, stretching my low hanging balls so they started to feel separated from my body. Each downward stroke pulled a little harder - not unpleasantly - and I could feel the heat of his oily hands warming my balls too.

Soon the skin of my scrotum was warmed up and stretched. He was able to wrap the fingers and thumb of his hand around the whole of my cock and balls. I watched as he used the fingers of his other hand to tickle and tease my balls.

I loved the incredible feeling of tightness of his hand firmly grasping my throbbing, dripping cock. And watching the way he played with my balls added to my growing excitement. He changed focus again, stroking up the shaft of my cock and then down to tickle under my testicles, pulling them back downwards, separating my balls..

I asked for a ball ring and Geoffrey tied my balls and cock up. I loved the feeling of that too.

Delicious sensations in my balls

I could feel that delicious tingling sensation of an approaching orgasm, as my balls began to pull up between my thighs.

I was about to tell him to stop or I'd blow when he changed tack again and returned to stretching my balls again. He really knows what he is doing, I thought.

He moved his hands to my inner thighs and gradually "forced" my legs further apart. Gently he used a finger to lift my furry sac, so my balls slipped, one either side. Then he started switching between stroking my cock and stretching my testicles.

I felt a twinge at the tip of my throbbing dick and knew I was about to reach the point of no return. Then, as he continued pulling on and massaging my balls, not letting them ride up inside, I shot a wad of hot cum and then another.

Erotic massage: 60 or 90 minutes ~ $200 per hour (Cash only)

testicles“You certainly know your way around a set of balls. I 'm coming back for another massage of my testicles.”


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