Who else loves having his balls massaged and fondled?

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That sensual way Geoffrey massaged, stroked and fondled my testicles with his talented hands felt like he was worshipping and making love to them.

Lying face down, I spread my legs apart, my feet hanging over the sides of his massage table. I stretched my scrotum so my large, hairless testicles were fully exposed; my hard cock pressed against my stomach.

Geoffrey started his massage at my feet. I knew he was enjoying a great view between my legs. I loved that he was looking at my balls too.

I felt his hands gliding along my inner thighs, his fingers bare inches from my balls. Over and over, each time slipping a little closer. My cock was already leaking precum with the anticipation of his first touch.

But he moved to the top of the table instead and began oiling my back. He was teasing me. Making me wait. I loved it.

Such sweet sensations in my balls

He massaged my smooth body all over but without once touching my balls. So all my attention was focussed there. The intensity of the sensations was incredible. I longed for him to touch them and I wasn't sure how much more of his torture I could stand.

Just when I thought I'd have to beg him to handle them, I felt him slowly slip his hands between my thighs, pulling them apart slightly.

I turned my head to watch in the mirror as he bent over. His face was so close to my bum, I could feel his hot breath. He was having another good, hard look at my balls.

His hands went lower, his fingers lightly stroking the back of my testicles. Tracing the outline of each ball separately. It took all my self-control not to blow my load.

He released my legs and grasped my ball sac in one hand. Jiggling each one on his fingers like he was feeling their weight. His fingers circling round the outline of each hefty globe.

When he withdrew his hands, I was disappointed. Was that all he was going to do? Was he just like all those other guys who fondled my balls one or twice and then stopped?

Stretching my ball sac

No! I felt his hands return, slathering warm oil all over my balls. Now when he lifted my balls up, they slipped and slithered around on his palms. Feeling each one all around, his fingers tracing their size and shape.

He lifted them up together and slid his hand underneath, reaching towards my cock. I lifted my hips to give him room to grip the shaft. His other hand was still holding my balls. I felt him pulling them gently, stretching my sac.

I humped the table, thrusting my cock back and forth against his slippery palm. But I couldn't keep that up for too long without coming so I soon stopped.

He released my cock and balls and asked me to turn over. He could do much more with my balls if I lay on my back, he said.

I couldn't turn over fast enough.

My testicles lay low between my spread legs. My cock was throbbing and leaking onto my stomach. My arms by my side so I could stroke his cock too when he was nearby. My head resting on a pillow so I could watch the action.

As he had done earlier, he massaged me everywhere but didn't touch my balls or cock at all. But now I knew how much he wanted to fondle my balls, so I waited until he was ready.

Massaging my balls

My cock bounced and dribbled more precum when he slipped the back of his hand beneath my balls. He turned his hand over and gripped my balls firmly.

Circled his finger and thumb around the sack, pulling and stretching them. He wiped his palm over them, then up higher along the shaft of my cock. Back and forth, over and over.

He pulled my scrotum down onto the table, brushing it against the soft sheet. Pulled it away until my balls seemed almost to be separated from the rest of my body.

Each downward stroke pulled a little harder - not unpleasantly. Nothing about the way he handled my testicles was unpleasant. Far from it.

The heat of his oily hands warming my balls, making them more stretchy.

Still caught in his fingers, he pulled them up, to one side, then the other. Gripped each ball individually like it was trapped in a ball cage.

I watched as he bent over me and blew a stream of hot air between my legs. His mouth was so close, if he only stuck his tongue out an inch. Would he, I wondered?

My balls in his sucking mouth

The sensation of his hands working on my balls was incredible.

But the way he sucked them was beyond belief.

First he nibbled around the edges and all over my scrotum, sucking, licking and smoothing the crinkled skin. Running his tongue all around my balls, like he was trying to lift them onto his tongue. They kept slipping off, so he had do it again and again.

Then he sucked each one against his parted lips, not yet drawing them into his mouth. And when he opened his mouth wider, he sucked each one inside, pressing it against his soft inner cheeks. Rolling it around on his tongue.

Letting it free and sucking the other one inside. Then both together, so my balls was pressed together, pressed inside his hot mouth, his tongue fighting them for room. Then one after the other again.

He gripped my balls with one hand, stretching until they were taut against the skin. Sucked and licked them all over. Like he was tasting the most delicious sweet treat. I could tell me was loving this as much as I was.

While he was giving my balls a tongue lashing, he was still paying attention to my cock. His hands running up and down the shaft, his palms sliding over the sensitive knob.

I'm about to blow

I began to feel the tingling sensation of an approaching orgasm. The more my balls pulled back, the harder he sucked. One after the other, then both together, pulling them back again.

I said I was about to blow. He stopped sucking my balls and gripped them together in one hand, stretching and stroking. I felt a twinge at the tip of my cock. I was at that point of no return. Still he tugged and massaged my balls, not letting them ride up inside.

The first shot of cum flew onto my chest. The second, when he released his grip on my balls, hit my chin.

Although straight, I have often fantasised about being sensually massaged in the nude by a male, getting my cock touched and my balls caressed by a man who knows how good it feels.

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