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His first touch of my balls blew me away

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I loved the way Geoffrey kept massaging my testicles with his talented hands, when other guys would have fondled them once or twice maybe and given up.

I can't recall details of the massage as I kept wishing he would touch my balls some more. He kept teasing me by skimming a hand between my hairy butt cheeks, just missing my aching balls each time.

I was on the verge of begging him to explore deeper, when I felt him casually slip one finger between my legs to gently stroke the back of my testicles.

Do that again, I whispered, loving how his finger traced a circle around one of my testicles.

I spread my legs as widely as I could to give him better access and he responded beautifully. Now, his hand slipped down to fondle my balls, reaching along my stomach to grip my cock.

I lifted my bum to give him better access then pushed down to hump his hand, crushing my balls against his palms.

Although straight, I have for some time fantasised about being massaged in the nude by a male, getting my cock touched and caressed by a man who knows how good it feels.

My cock was leaking precum

I knew my cock was leaking plenty of precum on the sheet and the oil on his hands made everything a slippery slide. I couldn't keep that up for too long without coming so I stopped humping his hands and let Geoffrey get on with his massage.

When I turned over, my rigid cock said more than words. I managed to mumble "Great massage!" before I felt his hands on my testicles again, rolling them gently between his fingers.

He let me watch his hands play over my balls

I asked if I could watch as he massaged my cock. He agreed, raising the back of his massage table and letting me sit upright. Now, I could watch in the mirror as his hands performed their magic on my balls.

He gradually pulled my scrotum down towards the table, stretching my low hanging balls so they started to feel separated from my body. Each downward stroke pulled a little harder - not unpleasantly - and I could feel the heat of his oily hands warming my balls too.

The way he handled my balls

Soon the skin of my scrotum was well warmed and stretchy. He wrapped the fingers and thumb of his hand around the whole of my cock and balls. I watched as he used his fingers to tickle and tease my balls.

His other hand was tightly grasping my throbbing, dripping cock, slowly sliding up and down along the shaft. As he pulled his palm up to the slick head of my cock, he pulled my balls in the opposite direction. It felt amazing as my balls were stretched so firmly.

Tying my balls up

I asked for a ball ring. He had one ready, the kind that wraps around your cock, stretches and separates your balls. My cock seemed to grow an extra inch, the purplish head dripping like a tap.

I love having my dick tied up. And my balls, tied, spread apart and stretched.

The tension in my balls increased as he slid his hands up and down the shaft. Teasing me again as each time he just missed touching the taught skin of my ball sac.

I loved the way he felt each of my balls inside the cock ring. Circling his finger around each one or pressing them firmly yet gently between his fingers, stretching and pulling in the taut skin, tugging on the wisps of hair beneath. His fingers seemed to be everywhere at once, like he had four hands, not two.

That familiar tingling sensation

I began to feel that delicious tingling sensation of an approaching orgasm, as my balls began to pull up between my thighs.

I was going to tell him to stop or I'd blow. He changed tack again and returned to stretching my balls again. He's a genius when it comes to massaging my balls, I thought.

I know it says on the web site that you have really soft hands and it's like having my penis sucked but lots of men say that. You really do have soft hands and it is like having my penis sucked. Incredible. I've never felt anything like it before.

Teasing my furry ball sac

He moved his hands to my inner thighs and gradually "forced" my legs further apart. Gently he used a finger to lift my furry sac, so my balls slipped, one either side, his fingertip sliding ever closer towards my arse.

Then he started switching between stroking my cock and stretching my testicles.

He must have known how close I was to cumming because he snapped the buttons of the cock ring at just the right moment, releasing my aching balls. He gripped them between his fingers as he had earlier.

My lips were tingling. My whole body was paralysed. I went blind, couldn't think straight or speak. All my focus was on the incredible sensations in my cock. I've never before cum so intensely. Full body orgasm, you say? I'll be coming back for more of those!

His other hand was now working smoothly and more quickly up and down the shaft of my aching, throbbing dick.

I felt a twinge at the tip of my dick and knew I was almost at that point of no return. Still he tugged and massaged my balls, not letting them ride up inside.

As I shot a wad of hot cum onto my stomach, he finally released my balls with a twang and another shot spurted into the air, landing with a splat on his hands.

You sure know your way around a pair of balls. I'm coming back for another massage of my testicles.

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