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My first male fantasy was to be stripped naked

My erotic, m2m fantasy was being stripped slowly by a naked man who'd let me look at but not touch his cock until we were both nude and erect.

He did just about everything I wanted and then some. He was naked when I arrived and clearly excited to see me, his cock bouncing lightly with each heart beat. Apart from a brief greeting, we didn't speak until much later.

I entered his massage room filled with mirrors, soft lights, and gentle music playing.

I was wearing a long-sleeved shirt, tie, trousers with a belt, boxer shorts, t-shirt, socks, lace-up shoes.

He invited me to sit on the bed. I waited for him to start undressing me. First he undid my tie, releasing the Windsor knot slowly and sensually.

Once the tie was undone, he lifted my collar to remove my tie, sliding it slowly around my neck before dropping it onto the bed beside me.

He undid the top button of my shirt and the second, the third and then he stopped. Now he knelt on the floor in front of me, sitting back slightly on his heels and looking up at my eager face.

One at a time, he untied my shoe laces, plucking at the taut string to loosen the lace before carefully easing each foot from its shoe. Then he peeled my socks off, running his hands up inside the trouser leg and slipping each sock bit by bit down my calf, over my ankle, heel and finally drawing it away from my toes.

Once my feet were bare, he moved to my trousers, having a little trouble unbuckling the belt with its unusual clasp.

Tugging at my belt

After a few moments with much gentle tugging and pushing that made my already solid erection pulse, he worked out how to undo the buckle.

To draw the belt through the loops, he had to lean forward slightly so his head was almost in my lap, a few inches from my straining, throbbing cock. How I wished he'd rub his face against my crotch.

He undid the top button of my trousers and slipped a hand inside to unhook the inside button too, his hand accidentally bumping my cock for the first time.

Back on his feet again, his own cock pointing at my chest, he slowly undid the remaining buttons of my shirt and each of the four buttons on the sleeves.

As he reached behind me to pull the shirt out from around my waist, his cock slid and throbbed against my hairy chest.

He hung the shirt on the back of a chair. Then he bent over to pick up my shoes, socks and belt and place them neatly near the chair.

I watched in the mirror as he bent over

I watched in the mirror, thrilled to catch a glimpse up his dark, hairy crack as his bum cheeks parted slightly.

Aware of my lustful gaze, he bent forward a bit more. I licked my lips enjoying how much he was teasing me. It was all I could do to stop myself from reaching out a hand to stroke his butt.

He returned to kneel at my feet once again, looking up at me and waiting. I stood up then, my trousers held up by the zipper and my erection.

His face was so very close to my groin - a quick thrust forward and my cock would poke between his parted lips.

I stood very still.

He now reached behind me to hold the trousers at the waist with one hand and used the other to draw the zipper down.

My trousers did not immediately slide to the ground, held in place by my erection so he tugged gently on the trouser legs and they fell into a puddle on the floor at my feet.

I stepped out of them.

He picked them up and folding them neatly, placed them on the chair with my other clothes, bending over once again and exposing himself to my lustful gaze.

Our first embrace

Then he came back to where I stood and reached around behind me, pulling me into a firm embrace.

This time I hardly needed to move to feel the head of my cock poking against him, his cock pressed against my stomach.

I closed my eyes as he slid the t-shirt up my back, over my head and down along my arms, brushing the hair on my chest, caressing my shoulders, my arms.

When I opened my eyes again, his face was so close to mine, it was hard to resist the temptation to kiss him.

He knelt down in front of me again and I looked down to see him gazing up between my legs, in the opening of my boxer shorts, looking at my balls.

He pulled the boxer leg out a bit further and then blew a soft stream of air up the leg to stir the hairs along my inner thigh.

I watched his hand disappear up one leg of my shorts then felt his fingers change direction away from my balls. Then his other hand disappeared up my shorts behind me seeking the waistband.

He tugged slowly and dragged the back of my shorts down, exposing my arse but leaving the front in place, still tented by my engorged cock.

Now he placed his hands on my hips and pushed gently so I turned around.

I felt his hot breath on my butt

I could feel his hot breath against my butt as he reached from the sides and up the front of my shorts, hands either side of my cock, grasped the front of my shorts and drew them down.

He seemed to lose balance then as I felt the top his head bump against my butt.

He continued to pull the shorts down my legs and I stepped out of them. Now when I turned around to face him, I was completely naked.

He stood up again and hugged me, his cock sliding up between my legs and lifting up against my balls.

He added my boxers to the neat pile of clothes on the chair, giving me one more thrilling look between his legs.

The, without saying anything, he directed me to lie face down on the massage table. I was more than ready to ravish him by then but I lay passively on the table and waited for the next part of my erotic fantasy.

I haven't felt so good for years. Our body play session was absolutely wonderful: you've definitely got yourself a regular client!

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