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My first taste of your dick was thrilling

I was an unhappily married man who longs to suck a hard dick. I never thought I'd get a chance to fulfil my fantasy until I booked an erotic massage with you.

I think I've always been attracted to men. I had a brief, fumbling sexual encounter in my teens with an older man. A bit like those other straight men's experiences you describe so well.

But men of my generation were expected to marry a woman, have a career and raise a family. Living as a homosexual was not an option in those days.

I spent the next 25 years in an unhappy, sexless marriage I didn't have the courage to leave. All I really had was the memory of that first erotic adventure. With no hope of ever exploring anything with another man. At least that's what I'd come to believe.

I chose to come to you because your web site is so honest. I knew I'd be safe in your hands and that I could trust you.

Who could I tell?

My wife and children are homophobic. And I never felt brave enough to discuss my sexual desires with friends. I was sure my wife would find out and then my life would be hell; even though I never did anything. Only wondered and imagined. I became very depressed and drank far too much trying to swamp my sexuality.

One night, when I was away from home at a conference, I drank a bit too much and confided in a colleague. He was surprisingly kind and supportive.

He told me I was not the only married man to have these longings: he'd had them too. And he'd found an ideal way to satisfy his bisexual fantasies

He gave me your web site address and highly recommended a visit with you. He told me you were very kind and gentle and experienced in sensual play with frustrated, married men like me.

You really turn me on. You're a very sexy, sensual man!

You are a very attractive man

I was immediately attracted to you Geoffrey because of the way your web site demonstrated your obvious maturity and intelligence. The last thing I wanted was my first encounter with another man to be with someone young who might judge me. I needed a caring, gentle yet experienced man who'd let me explore at my own pace.

But it still took me several attempts to find the courage to call you. I'm very glad I finally did. You're so easy going and friendly, it was like a heavy weight lifted from me just from that one phone call.

It was so easy to make a booking with you for the day and time I wanted. And paying for my session before I arrived gave me added confidence in your friendly and professional attitude.

A randy, old man with sexual urges

I was almost shaking with nerves when you welcomed me into your house. And I truly appreciated how you didn't draw attention to that. You waited patiently until I was undressed and invited me to lie on your massage table.

I think the way you have the mirrors set up in your massage room is very clever. I was able to look at your naked body from different angles without being obvious about it. I'm sure you knew I was looking but it was comforting to know you didn't mind in the least.

I'd already decided to tell you I'm on blood pressure medication that interferes with erections and I wouldn't ejaculate. You assured me that didn't matter in the least. So with that out of the way, I relaxed and began to enjoy myself.

I also want to add that I think you're a superb masseur. Starting with a massage was the best way to settle any lingering tension I felt. And it gave a structure to what happened between us. If we'd started on the bed together, I don't think the experience would have been half so rewarding or relaxing.

My first touch of your cock got me hard

I liked how, when you were massaging me, you stood so close to me. How easy it was to reach out my hand and touch and explore you. I was a bit shy still so I felt my way between your thighs until my fingers reached the curve of your buttocks.

Then as I became more courageous, I let my fingers work around to your front, tickling your balls, just stroking the base of your erection. I was delighted to discover you were already hard.

When I first touched your lovely, big cock, I felt unfamiliar stirrings in my own. I was getting hard too! The more I stroked your dick, the harder mine became. It was intensely pleasurable. And completely unexpected.

You've awoken hidden desires in me

My cock grew a lot harder when I reached around to caress your bum. I can see why other men are so eager to fuck you in the arse. I felt a strong urge to leap off the table, bend you over and enter you from behind too.

I was astonished. Moments ago I'd been telling you I was this sad, old man who couldn't get an erection. Now I had an almost overpowering desire to pin you down, thrust up into your arse and ride you hard and fast like the randy goat I'd become.

But old habits die slowly. Next time!

My first taste of your dick was delicious

I decided instead to suck your dick. I've often wondered how it good it must feel to have a hard penis in my mouth.

I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised. The head of your dick was so velvety soft yet incredibly hard at the same time. Kissing and licking all around, up and down your shaft, trying to tongue your balls and further, the slightly salty taste of your copious precum. Pure delight.

I'm sure I did a dreadful job on my first go. You said I was a natural. And I appreciated how you moved so I could get more of your dick into my mouth, like you were enjoying it just as much as I was. Then you stood still as I held onto your thighs and did my best to suck and lick it properly.

I didn't think I could get an erection any more. You have proved me wrong in the best possible way. I haven't cum so hard for years.

My dick grew even harder

Later when I lay face up and you worked your magic, I watched in amazement as my dick grew even harder. I am at a loss for words to describe my delighted surprise when l ejaculated.

It was something wonderful you did that made me cum for the first time in years. How on earth did you manage that? I wish I knew your secret.

You know how to massage a man and what it means to be erotic. You have an incredible talent for being sensual.

I have a delicious, thrilling secret

I am immensely happy to have met you. I no longer need to drink to drown my sorrows. Now I've found you, my depression has disappeared.

I reported a little of what happened between us to my friend at work. He nodded and smiled knowingly in a "didn't I tell you he was the best" kind of way. I couldn't stop grinning.

I have a delicious, thrilling secret that I am absolutely certain neither my wife nor my children will ever find out. They've noticed a change in me but they haven't asked. Not that I'd say anything if they did.

Now I've found how open and accommodating you are, I'm not going to waste another day imagining what might have been. Not now when I have such erotic pleasure to look forward to with you.

Today went where I was not expecting but your guiding me was very kind and gentle, and absolutely wonderful. It has certainly helped me on my journey of sexual discovery with men. I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable I felt.

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