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My first taste of your dick was thrilling

I've often wondered about how great it must feel to suck dick. I had the chance to fulfil my fantasy and more when I came for a nude body slide with you.

When I found your web site with its promise of such sensual freedom - and with an attractive, horny man around my age too - I decided to visit you to indulge my fantasy of oral sex with a man.

You're providing a truly essential and wonderful service to men who have no other outlet for exploring their sexual longings. You were absolutely made to do this work.

Thrilled to play with you

The way you have all those mirrors set up in your massage room is very clever.

You were so clearly relaxed about being nude and letting me look at your huge erection too. Watching you fondle yourself as I undressed turned me on enormously. So my dick was already hard when you invited me to lie face down on the massage table.

You're a superb masseur

Starting with a massage gave a structure to what happened between us. If we'd started on the bed together, I don't think the experience would have been half so rewarding or relaxing.

I liked how, as you massaged me, you stood so close. How natural it was to reach out to explore you.

That way you bent over me so my hands could gently stroke along the backs of your legs and move up to caress your beautiful bum cheeks. I know why men are so eager to fuck your arse.

The thought of my dick plunging between your firm cheeks, pushing in and out of your tight hole was almost too much for me. I felt a strong urge to leap off the table, bend you over and enter you.

You really turn me on. You're a very sexy, sensual man!

But first I longed to suck your dick. Taste the precum that I could see glistening on the head. Lick up and down your long thick shaft. Bury my face in your pubes.

I turned my head to see your dick inches from my mouth, salivating at the thought of having a hard dick in my mouth at last.

My first taste of your dick

The head of your dick was so velvety soft yet incredibly hard at the same time. Kissing and licking all around, up and down your shaft, trying to tongue your balls and further, the slightly salty taste of your copious precum. Pure delight.

I'm sure I did a dreadful job on my first go. You said I was a natural. And I appreciated how you moved so I could get more of your dick into my mouth, like you were enjoying it just as much as I was.

I loved it when you placed one hand on the back of my head and began a gently rocking, fucking my mouth with your dick. Knowing how deep to push so I didn't gag. All I had to do was concentrate on the delicious sensations as your dick slid between my lips and across my tongue.

My sex life previously has always been dull and unexciting. With you it was totally different: I didn't realise sexual play with a man could be so thrilling. I was amazed by your knowledge, your sexual talents. How you kept adding layers to my excitement and arousal.

Oral sex with a horny man

I was worried I'd done something wrong when you pulled out. But you assured me I was doing great. And suggested we move to the bed instead.

The sight of you sitting on the edge of the bed, legs spread and your big dick waiting for me was incredible. So was kneeling in front of you, taking hold of your shaft and licking from your balls to the wet head.

Licking along the length of your dick and looking into your eyes to see you were watching me was a complete turn on.

Deep throating a hard dick

I tried taking the entire length of your dick down my throat but it was too long and thick to fit in my mouth. So instead, I tongued all around the base, licked all around your balls, sucked the head between my lips. I loved your taste and that fresh exciting smell of you.

By now, I was so turned on I decided to try something I'd never even thought about before. Lifting your legs, I licked all the way from your arsehole to the top of your dick and back again.

You're a sexy, good looking man. Playful and wickedly naughty too. Great fun.

From the sounds you were making, I could tell I was hitting your sweet spot. So I sucked and nibbled that stretch between your balls and your hole. You clearly liked that too.

But your gasp when my tongue caressed your rosebud hole encouraged me to explore it further. It was so lovely to give you as much pleasure as I was getting. And licking your hole turned me on even more than sucking your dick.

I was completely surprised and in absolute heaven.

My dick sucking fantasy

For the next few hours, I sucked your dick and licked your arse as much as I could. And I hadn't forgotten about wanting to fuck you too.

Burying my face between your cheeks when you knelt on the bed got me so excited I knew I had to have my dick pushed up inside you too. But I'd like to send my impressions of that incredible experience in a different email.

When we were nearing the end of our body play session, I asked if you'd cum in my mouth. I've never tasted anything so delicious and there was so much.

Now I've discovered how much I love orally pleasuring you, I'm going to come again as often as I can. Sucking your dick was my fantasy come to glorious fulfilment.

To be honest, I think I prefer giving you pleasure even more than enjoying your sexy talents. Sucking your cock and playing with your arse was hot. Watching and hearing you lose control when you climaxed and knowing I made that happen. Hot!

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