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Reviews: my first, all night body play was sensational

How often have you found a laid-back man who will joyfully explore your sexual fantasies? Until I stayed overnight with Geoffrey, I didn't think such a man existed.

I've got plenty of great friends, people I've known for years. We share great times together whenever we meet up. But even my closest mates aren't the kinds of people I could talk to about my secret fantasies of fucking a man.

They probably wouldn't mind finding out that I'm bisexual. But it's not really a subject we could go into in any detail.

That's why I am so happy to have found Geoffrey. He encourages me to talk about my sexual fantasies and I can be as explicit as I like. Plus he's enthusiastic about exploring my hidden desires with me.

I originally booked an All Night body play session with him. I had such fun with him, I immediately booked two more: a full day a month or so later. And a day plus a night session a couple of months after that.

My fantasy comes to life

I've finally tried fucking a man. I love it. I can't get enough. It was way better than I imagined, though I reckon that's got a lot to do with Geoffrey.

I'd started by fingering his tight arse hole, getting him ready for something bigger. He told me to stop doing it so fast. He described where his prostate was and I slowly ran my fingers over it. It felt so good watching the effect that had on him.

He explained that this was where I should aim my cock, too. I got such a thrill when his arse seemed to grip my cock, every time I hit that bump inside, as I fucked him as slowly as I could.

I'm planning to "work" my way through all those other exciting activities he talks about on his web site. With him, I know I'm safe trying out things or talking about what I want. There's no need to be coy about the words I use, either.

In between visits

We've had some very long phone conversations between visits and really got to know one another. He's great to talk to, a warm, friendly guy who laughs at my jokes.

I love how one minute we're talking about something we've seen or done recently. Laughing together at a private joke.

The next we're talking about what we're going to do next visit. Or something we did on the last one. Just the other day I asked him what his favourite position was to be fucked. He answered in delicious detail without any embarrassment.

Guiding me to intense pleasure

Missionary, he said, legs in the air, so his arse cheeks were well-spread and I could have a good look at him first. He knows how much I like looking at his hole. And, he added, I could watch my cock pumping in and out of him. I'm looking forward to trying that.

I'm planning to surprise him with some of those pleasuring sleeves he sells in his shop. They sound fun.

I used to be a bit timid about telling someone what I liked to do in bed but not any more. With Geoffrey, I can relax and not be shy. I can tell him what I want and he'll run with it.

What makes a friend?

For me, the definition of a friend is someone I like and have something in common with. Someone I see regularly and share experiences with.

Over the years, I've had friends who never had as much money as me. But that's never worried me: I'm happy to pay for dinner or whatever for someone I like and want to spend time with.

For me, spending money on a pleasurable experience is the best kind of investment, an ideal use of my cash.

It's like that with Geoffrey, except I'm getting a whole more than something to eat.

And he doesn't charge anything for those 2 or 3 hour regular chats we have on the phone between visits, so it's just like any other friend I've known over the years.

I've offered to pay for his time but he's told me he likes talking with me. So I always add a little extra when I pay for my next session and, apart from thanking me, we don't discuss it.

A friend with benefits

I've read about "friends with benefits" online. I've often wondered if that could really be a genuine friendship. Or just some sort of convenient way of getting casual sex with someone you don't know very well.

I have nothing against casual sex. But I want something deeper and more intimate than only the physical side of a relationship. That's one reason those phone calls we make to one another between visits are so important.

I like Geoffrey a lot. And I feel he genuinely likes me too. We're quickly becoming great friends.

And the benefits are sensational.

You know the male body so well. My whole body is singing and tingling. You were absolutely made to do this kind of work. Amazing. Not only are you really good at sex but you clearly enjoy yourself too and that makes the experience even better.

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