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Reviews: he sucked my balls while I licked his hole

At some point, we ended up in a 69 position. I was lying on my back on his bed. Geoffrey was above, his knees straddling my face, his own face directly over my basket.

I don't know what got him going - maybe he was intoxicated by the musky smell from my crotch - but he started licking my balls. At first I couldn't believe it was happening, so I lay very still.

But sure enough, his tongue was all over my balls. It felt as if he was sucking on each individual hair on my ball sac. He sucked each ball into his mouth and then amazingly he sucked both into his mouth at the same time.

The feeling of the soft inside of his mouth pressing against my balls was incredible. He released one and went back to licking and tonguing each ball individually.

Poking my tongue into his hairy crack

As he rocked back and forth, his cheeks spread apart, all I could do was gaze at his hole only inches from my face. I poked my tongue into his hairy crack each time his butt was in range.

He responded by thrusting his hard cock against my slick chest. He was still sucking my balls so I grabbed his buttocks and buried my face in his arse.

Each time he pressed toward me, I shoved my tongue into his hole. I nibbled at his pucker, swirled my tongue through the hairs around it, licked and sucked like there was no tomorrow. I was in heaven.

The friction of his torso as he humped my chest sent waves of pleasure through my cock.

I knew I was almost ready to cum, because my balls kept pulling up and Geoffrey kept trying to suck them back down.

I felt a twinge at the tip of my throbbing dick and knew I was about to reach the point of no return. I wanted to put it off, but I couldn't ease the stimulation.

I shot my wad

And then, as he continued sucking and pulling on my balls, I shot a wad of hot cum that splashed his chest and throat. Usually I squirt one big wad of cream and then dribble out the rest. But this time I must have shot at least five major loads.

Geoffrey obviously felt my smooth, warm cum dripping from his chest, because he started pumping his cock even faster.

In a few moments he mixed his own juice with mine and collapsed on top of me, his face between my legs. We just lay like that for a while. His still hard cock pressed into me, oozing more of his juices.

I did love your beautiful bum and cock and I hope to have the pleasure of them both again soon.

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