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I ejaculated three times in three hours

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I read on Geoffrey's male massage site that he can bring a man to orgasm three times in three hours. So I booked a mansex session with him to test his claim.

I didn't really believe him. As a mature, married man in my late 50s, it'd been years since I was able to ejaculate so many times. But I was eager to find out.

And yes, what he says is completely true. He really did make me cum three times during three intensely pleasurable hours.

You've got it made. You have such long legs, a beautiful, big cock, a delicious and very fuckable bum, a wicked smile and a lovely personality. Plus you know exactly how to massage a man, handle his cock and keep him turned on.

My first look at another naked man

Once I'd stripped, he offered to massage me. I'd never seen another naked man so close up and I wanted a good look at him first.

So instead, I asked him to lie on his back on the bed, close his eyes and spread his legs.

His body was exactly as he'd described and I'd imagined: tall, very long legs, a nicely muscular body, smooth, lightly haired, pale skin. And a cut dick that, like mine, was growing harder.

My first touch of another dick

Encouraged that he wasn't watching me, I tickled his balls. Traced a fingertip along the length of his thick dick. It was my first touch of another dick. I loved the way it throbbed against my palm when I gripped the shaft in my hand.

I'm totally turned on by the touch and sight of a man's buns. So it was incredibly exciting seeing you lying on your stomach, legs spread apart, like you were waiting to be fucked. How could I resist?

"I like your dick," I said on impulse.

"Thanks," he said, opening his eyes and grinning wickedly, "I'm attached to it too."

We both laughed at his silly remark. It broke the ice. I was there to enjoy his body and for him to enjoy mine. I stopped feeling nervous and told him what I wanted.

Show me your arse hole

"Lift your legs and show me your arse hole," I demanded.

He pulled his knees to his chest, holding onto his ankles. His bum cheeks had a light dusting of dark hair. But his crack was hairless, soft and smooth. I'd never seen a guy's arse hole either. I was fascinated by his little winking hole.

How would it look after my dick stretched it open? I was going to find out soon enough.

For now, I dipped my finger in the bowl of oil on a side table. Stroked around the lips of his rosebud hole. Slipped a fingertip inside, loving how he relaxed, inviting me to explore deeper.

I got more oil and wiped it on my dick. "Drop your legs," I said. "I'm going to sit on your chest."

He wriggled further down the bed. Sitting lightly on his torso, I spread oil across his chest and nipples with leaking dick.

Up to his neck until my dick poked his parted lips. His tongue flicked across the head. I hoisted myself onto my arms trying to slide into his mouth.

Your hands working their magic on my cock was amazingly good. But watching you in the mirrors as my fat cock slid in and out of your hot mouth was incredible. I got off on how much you enjoyed yourself too.

I wanted to fuck his face

It was the wrong position, I realised. I hoped we'd find a better one. I slid back down until our dicks bumped together, then leaned forward to lie on top of him.

He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me closer. We lay still for a few moments. Our faces were now so close, I could have kissed him.

Instead, I slid off and told him to roll onto his stomach, with his legs together this time. I climbed on his back, my dick poking between his bum cheeks.

There was still enough oil on my body to easily slide up and down. The sensations of my dick pressed against his smooth hole were exquisite.

I longed to fuck his bum

The oil and my leaking dick made his bum so slippery. I felt an overwhelming urge to penetrate him. I already had him pinned down... it wouldn't take much to plunge my fat pole all the way, deep inside.

I stopped myself with difficulty. We had plenty of time, I reminded myself.

I reluctantly slipped off his back and teased around the edges of his hole with a finger. Admired his body in the mirror on the wall alongside the bed. He turned his head to look at me.

"I love how that feels," he said. Encouraged, I slipped my finger all the way inside him.

"Do you want me to open you up with my fat fingers?"

The way he spread his legs, raised his bum and pulled his cheeks apart, gave me his answer. I gradually eased one finger, then two inside him.

The tightness and heat of his hole as I stroked and prodded him felt incredible. I was loving my first fingering of this man's arse.

I know it says on the web site that you have really soft hands and it's like having my penis sucked but lots of men say that. You really do have soft hands and it is like having my penis sucked. Incredible. I've never felt anything like it before.

Was it only his hands on my dick?

When I finally pulled my fingers out, he moved so we could lie together, head to toe. He rested his head on my thigh as he caressed the sensitive head of my uncut dick.

With my head between his legs, still admiring his hole, I couldn't see his face. But I'm sure he sucked my dick and licked my balls a few times. Even with hands as soft and talented as his, no one could give me so much pleasure except with his mouth. Could he?

His bum smelt so fresh and clean. I wanted to taste him, so I licked the lips of his slippery hole. What a delightful taste and texture. I loved it.

As I licked him, I felt his hands working on my dick, playing with my balls. I was being so aroused at both ends. Soon I felt the familiar sensations that start as I'm getting close to cumming. If he kept stroking me like that, it wasn't going to take much longer.

When I cum with you, it's like my whole body explodes. You are the only person who has ever been able to make me feel that.

Mind-blowing ejaculation

I wanted him to stop. I wanted him to keep going. I wanted...

When I came, there wasn't a lot of fluid - there never is. But the ripples of orgasmic pleasure that ran through my body were intense.

An instant explosion, followed by a deep, long drawn out breath. I was in heaven.

Ready to come a second time

When I'd recovered and could open my eyes again, Geoffrey was sitting next to me. His dick was throbbing, a pearly drop glistening on the tip. I leant over and licked it off. How delicious that tasted too.

My lips were tingling. My whole body was paralysed. I went blind, couldn't think straight or speak. All my focus was on the incredible sensations in my cock. I've never before cum so intensely. Full body orgasm, you say? I'll be coming back for more of those!

We shared a hot shower together in his mirrored wet room. Then he massaged me, with just his hands on my body. I thought I'd gone off the boil after the first time I'd cum. But he did things that brought me right back up.

He wanted to demonstrate his famous penis massage and make me cum again that way. Except I didn't give him the chance. I knew exactly where I wanted my dick the second time I came.

A wild, sex-starved man

I asked for a condom and for him to bend over and brace himself for a wild ride. He laughed wickedly and did as he was told.

I pounded his arse like a sex-starved man. Which I was: my wife and I haven't had sex for years. And never once up the arse. If I'd known earlier...

I wanted us to try other positions too. I got him to lie on his back like I had earlier, holding his ankles close to his chest. Now I didn't hold back and plunged my dick in until my balls pressed hard against him.

Sex with you, Geoffrey, was totally arousing and hot, sensual and thrilling. I was amazed by your knowledge of how to stimulate my body, all your sexual talents. That way you kept adding layers to my excitement until I climaxed blew my mind.

I watched his face as I fucked him. His obvious excitement, the way he wanked at the same speed, was incredibly arousing. The sweat dripped down my hairy chest and added to our slippery wetness. I thrust into him like a lunatic.

But I couldn't keep that up for too long. After several minutes, I knew I was ready to cum. One plunging thrust, two, no three... I blew my second load.

Geoffrey came at the same time and my god what a lot there was. It hit me in the chest, flew over his shoulder, onto the pillow. Splashed onto his face and into his mouth.

I'd ejaculated three times in three hours

We had another shower together then returned to his bed. We explored one another more slowly. We talked and laughed and relaxed. This was the best sexual experience of my life, I said.

I told him I'd love to cum a third time. I wanted to see if his claim was true. But I wasn't sure I could. He soon convinced me I was wrong.

I felt like a sexy and attractive man while I was playing with you. Young and full of vigour. It was totally different to what I expected. You're a real master at massaging my penis. And not only with your hands.

He massaged my dick so slowly and sensitively, gradually bringing it back to full hardness. The way he played with my foreskin. His fingers fondling my balls. His slow and sensual stroking of my shaft.

It took much longer this time. But I wasn't complaining. And yes, I came a third time. It wasn't so intense and there was even less fluid but it felt right.

I hadn't really believed he could make me climax so many times. But his skills with his hands and the rest of his body proved me wrong. In the most delightfully sensuous way.

He really could make me cum three times. Twice between his talented hands, once with my uncut, virgin dick plunged deep inside his hot, tight hole. I was absolutely exhausted and deeply satisfied. Completely amazed.

When will you come?

I only accept 1 booking per day to guarantee you will enjoy the most pleasurable erotic experience. But you can book as far in advance as you choose on any day (including public holidays) from 10am.

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I haven't felt so good for years. Having hot sex with a great looking guy is rare for a man of my mature years. You gave me the best experience of my life. Absolutely wonderful: you've definitely got yourself a regular client!


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