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My dick got hard when I first saw him naked

When Geoffrey greeted me, naked at his front door, I was overwhelmed by an irresistible desire to bend him over and slide my cock into his bubble butt.

I've always been shy and timid when it comes to sex. But as I brushed past him in the hall, I couldn't stop myself from lightly touching Geoffrey's dick, drawing him into a rough hug, reaching behind him trying to reach a finger between his bum cheeks.

I don't know what came over me: maybe all those horny stories I'd read on his web site. I was instantly overwhelmed by an almost irresistible desire to fuck him there, in his hallway, with the door half closed. I didn't care if anyone from the street could see.

I've never felt so sexually aroused in my life!

Instead, we quietly entered his extraordinarily exciting, erotic massage room. I was churning with desire and lust. I tried to calm down. Everywhere were pictures of gorgeous men having sex. In between, mirrors showing a gorgeous man I longed to fuck.

I undressed, neatly folded and placed my clothes on a chair.

I longed to fling my clothes down, any which way. Trample them underfoot. I felt I ought to exert some self-control, yet I longed to fling that away too.

Teasing away my self-control

I watched in the mirror as Geoffrey bent over to fetch something from a shelf. I'm sure he did it on purpose to tease me. It had the desired effect: my dick was rigid when I turned around to face him.

"Would you like a massage to begin?" he asked. I could tell from his wicked, lascivious grin that he knew exactly what I wanted. He was teasing me, I was sure of it. "Or shall we start on the bed?"

I said I preferred the bed. My self-control was already slipping.

The way he climbed onto the bed, kneeling first so there was no way I could avoid a tantalising glimpse between his butt cheeks.

Then he turned over and lay on his back, spread his long legs and invited me to join him. I sat on the edge, still holding myself back. I tentatively felt along his leg, inching up to his thigh until I reached his balls.

My first touch of another dick

I looked at his handsome face: his eyes were closed, his lips parted. Encouraged that he wasn't watching me, I cupped his balls in my hand, before running a fingertip up along the shaft of his thick dick. Resting my hand along its length, I felt how it throbbed against my palm.

When I pulled my hand away, he opened his eyes. "I like your dick," I said on impulse, suddenly feeling roguish.

"Thanks," he replied, "I'm very attached to it too."

We both laughed at his silly remark. It broke the ice. I was there to enjoy his body and for him to enjoy mine. From somewhere deep inside, a different man emerged and I started giving him instructions.

No more Mister Nice Guy

"Lift your legs and show me your arse," I demanded, startling myself.

He pulled his knees to his chest, holding onto his ankles. I dipped my finger in the bowl of oil sitting on a side table and slid it from beneath his balls all the way down to his puckered hole.

I got more oil and wiped it across my dick and onto my chest. "You can drop your legs," I told him. "I'm going to sit on your chest."

He wriggled further down the bed. Sitting lightly on his torso, I spread the oil across his chest and nipples using my balls and leaking dick.

Up to his neck until my dick poked between his parted lips. His tongue flicked across the head. I hoisted myself onto my arms trying to slide my dick into his mouth.

I desperately wanted to fuck his face

It was the wrong position, I realised. I hoped we'd find a different one. I slid back down to sit on his lap, our dicks bumping together, then leaned forward until I was lying on top of him.

He wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer. Our faces were now so close, I could have kissed him. Instead, I slid off and told him to roll onto his stomach. I pulled his legs apart before climbing on top.

There was still enough oil on my body to slide up and down, my dick pressed between his cheeks. The feeling of my dick sliding against his smooth hole was incredible. The way he pushed his hips up to meet each of my forward thrusts was almost more than I could bear.

And I longed to fuck his bum

The oil was making his hole more and more slippery. I felt an overwhelming urge to penetrate him. To hear him gasp and struggle to move away as I plunged my fat pole all the way, deep inside. I already had him pinned down... it wouldn't take more than a quick thrust forward and my cock would be buried to the hilt.

I stopped myself with difficulty. We had plenty of time, I reminded myself.

I reluctantly slipped off his back. Lying beside him, I teased around the edges of his hole with a finger and admired his body in the mirror on the wall alongside the bed. He turned his head to look at me.

"I love how that feels," he said. Encouraged, I slipped my finger all the way inside.

"Do you like that too, baby?" I heard myself say. "Do you want Daddy to open you up with his fat fingers?"

Role playing

"Oh, yes, please," he said, spreading his legs wider and lifting his bum. I gradually eased one finger then two inside him. I loved how he moaned. How he reached an hand around to pull his cheeks apart. His other hand stroking my dick.

When he rolled onto his side, he asked: "Can I play with Daddy's dick some more?"

I'd introduced the role play and he was playing along, obediently. The age difference was about right. And I loved this feeling that I was his father.

I felt strong and masculine. Powerful and desirable. Not timid at all. I imagined he was my son innocently giving his body to me to enjoy and instruct. I didn't try to analyse it then or now. I simply enjoyed the oddly arousing sensation.

Was it only his hands on my dick?

Of course, Geoffrey knows far more about pleasing a man than I ever could. Though heaven knows I'd love him to teach me.

We lay in a 69 position, his head resting on my thigh as he caressed my raging hard-on. That way he lavished attention on my balls. His expert handling of the sensitive head of my uncut dick.

I couldn't see what he did but I'm sure he sucked my dick a few times. Even with hands as smooth and soft and talented as his, no one could give me so much pleasure except with his mouth. Could he?

I lay with my head between his legs, my fingers tickling his balls or caressing his erection. I had a sudden urge to lick between his hairy arse cheeks, maybe taste his hole. I wish now I'd been bold enough to try.

Mind-blowing ejaculation

I felt I had calmed down from my earlier lustfulness until he began to stroke my dick faster. I felt the familiar churning in my balls that starts as I'm getting close to cumming. It wasn't going to take much longer.

I wanted him to stop.

I wanted him to keep going. I wanted...

When I came, there wasn't a lot of fluid - there never is. But the ripples of orgasmic pleasure that ran through my body were intense.

I felt like I was king of the mountain, on top of the world. An instant explosion, followed by a deep, long drawn out breath.

When I opened my eyes again, Geoffrey's head was still between my legs and somehow I had two fingers buried in his hole. As my breathing returned to normal, I pulled them out.

Geoffrey swivelled around to sit next to me. His dick was still hard, a pearly drop glistening on the tip.

Ready for the next round

"A shower to freshen up before we continue?" he asked.

"Do we have time?" I asked.

"It's a little over an hour. So yes, we have plenty of time. Besides I want to watch you cum a second time."

After we'd showered together, I had the chance to experience his massage, with just his hands on my body. I thought I'd gone off the boil after the first time I came but he did things that brought me right back up.

He wanted to demonstrate his famous penis massage and make me cum that way the second time. Except I didn't give him the chance. I'd lost any trace of nervousness or timidity long before he asked me to turn over. Nothing was going to stop me this time, not even me.

A wild, sex-starved man

I leapt from the table, grabbed a condom and made him bend over to receive my dick. Daddy had disappeared from the scene by then. Now I went at him like I was a sex-starved man who needed his dick in a tight hole. Which in a way I was.

I got him to lie on his back like I had earlier, holding his ankles. Now I didn't hold back and plunged my dick in until my balls pressed hard against him. I watched his face as I pounded his arse. His eyes were half-closed, he moaned and tried to push back against me. He stroked his dick in time with my fucking.

It didn't take very long for me to come again. One sharp upward thrust of my dick and I blew. Thank heavens for the condom. Geoffrey came at the same time and my god what a lot there was. It hit me in the chest and flew over his shoulder, some went in his mouth, more on the pillow.

Coming a third time

We had another shower together and when we returned to his room, I thought maybe I'd had enough. Two explosive orgasms. But he wanted to try a third time and I let him.

He massaged my dick slowly and sensitively, gradually bringing it back to full hardness until I came again. It wasn't so intense this time and there was even less fluid but it felt right somehow. As he wiped me with a damp towel, I glance at the clock.

Geoffrey had made me cum three times in three intense, thoroughly pleasurable hours. Twice between his hands, once inside him. I was absolutely exhausted yet exhilarated. I felt like I was the most thrilling sexual partner a man could desire.

Bend over and grab your ankles

Playing with Geoffrey has changed me in some remarkable, basic way. If I close my eyes and relive those incredible hours, there's a burst of joy that explodes within me. I'm no longer timid or shy. I feel masculine and alive and constantly horny.

Next time I visit Geoffrey, I'm going to rip my clothes off, throw them on the floor and trample them underfoot. Then I'm going to ravish him any which way I like. Fuck self-control!

I thought an hour had passed since I'd arrived. I was amazed when I looked at my watch and saw that 3 hours had gone by. Incredible.

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