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A stimulating afternoon chatting with my naked friend

I've always wanted to share a couple of hours in the nude chatting with a friendly, educated and understanding man. I'm so pleased to have discovered Geoffrey's generous offer.

Of course, I'd love to be able to pay Geoffrey for one of his erotic massages. From what I've read on the pages of his web site, who wouldn't. Sadly, it's a bit outside my budget.

Then I noticed one of Geoffrey's erotic pages offered a visit from someone like me so long as it wasn't for a massage or anything. Coffee and a chat, he said, in the nude. And I could pay whatever I could afford.

Here was something I'd enjoy. A truly generous offer, I thought, deciding to take him up on it.

I get so lonely sometimes

I don't have many friends where I live and I don't know any other nudists. I could go to a nudist beach or something but I burn too easily. I guess I could join one of those nudist clubs except I'm a bit shy around groups.

I miss having someone friendly, educated and bright to chat with. Books, music, art, food and the finer things of life. That's what I'm into. Him too, as I read to my delight.

Such a welcoming smile

He was already naked when he welcomed me into his house. I undressed in his massage room: I didn't know where to look with all the mirrors and the porn wallpaper. And him too. He noticed my confusion and invited me to look at the pictures. Or at him. I did both.

We had freshly-brewed coffee in his lounge room. I'd brought some biscuits for us to share. It was such a great pleasure for me to have someone to talk with for a change.

Intelligent conversation

He's got an enormous library of books and we have similar reading tastes. There was some kind of modern music playing softly in the background. He changed that to Mozart when I asked.

I was curious about why he was so willing to offer such a generous gift of an afternoon with him.

He wasn't as busy as people seemed to think, he said. So this was a pleasant use of his spare time. He added that he knew there are plenty of lonely men without much money who needed someone to talk to.

With that sort of attitude, I reckon we'll soon become good friends.

Easy to talk with

He was so easy to talk to, being naked together helped me feel very relaxed: I found myself telling him things I'd never said to anyone else.

He listened carefully and was keenly interested in what I told him about my sheltered life. I felt so relaxed and unselfconscious, I even told him some of my sexual fantasies. Such a relief to discover I'm not all that different to other men.

I wanted to look at his body

I wandered about the room, admiring his collection of unusual paintings. The various objets d'art. The shelves stacked with books. I looked everywhere except at him lying on the sofa, his long legs spread apart so invitingly, his big cock half hard resting on his thigh.

He's a very sexy man, the type I most like. But I still felt a bit shy perving on him so openly.

He repeated his earlier invitation to look at him. With such open encouragement, I soon sat opposite him and ogled him without any further trace of embarrassment.

An affectionate hug

I longed to touch him, to feel his cock in my hands, to caress his body all over. But I knew that wasn't included in this offer. So I was surprised and very grateful when, after I'd told him about a particularly sad point in my life, he drew me into a hug.

I hugged him back of course, my hands drifting down to caress his lower back, until I held his firm butt in my hands. I pulled him closer, savouring the way his body was pressed against mine, until we gently disentangled ourselves.

A great pleasure to spend time with him

I stayed a little over 2 hours that first Sunday afternoon. It was such an immensely delightful afternoon. Being naked with such an attractive man and that sexual frisson heightened the experience immeasurably.

But more than anything else it was the companionship, the camaraderie we shared that made the experience one well worth repeating.

I gave him $50 before I left. Even though it's not nearly what he's worth, it was all I could afford. I told him it was only a small token of my appreciation for his generosity and kindness. He accepted it graciously.

I left his house, with a spring in my step, feeling good about myself for the first time in a long while. I had a great sense of contentment and well being.

Shared companionship

I used to be one of those shy, lonely men without much to look forward to. Now I've met Geoffrey, I feel I've found a friend.

I've arranged to visit him again in a few weeks. I'm going to bring him a cake this time, a family recipe. It's delicious, I promised him, much better than bought. And he's lent me a book he thinks I may like. So I'll have to return that.

Now I'm planning to save up enough money to pay for one of his erotic massages. I so want to touch his body - his cock too - and to have him caress more than my mind.

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⚣ Male massage
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$300 for 1.5 hours
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❝ I felt we shared an instant rapport the moment you opened the door to welcome me inside. I had a great sense of contentment and well being. Thank you for the time you so generously gave to me.❞

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