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Geoffrey’s naked, male to male intercourse for talkative men

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What I like about the way Geoffrey advertises his erotic services is how upfront he is about what's going to happen between us during a mansex session.

Before I booked my first session with Geoffrey, I read the reviews from all those other men who'd enjoyed spending time with him.

He's obviously a popular m4m sex worker who's managed to stay in business for 20+ years. I'd say that's because he's a professional who does what he advertises and maybe more if he likes you.

Your slow and easy style of man to man sex gets me hot!

Geoffrey's willing to explore and enjoy sexual play with men in their 40s, 50s, 60s and older and he offers everything I'm looking for in a sexual partner.

Nudity, massage and easy going sex with a horny man I can visit when I want. A man I can fuck, naturally. I love to fuck his tight arse and to suck, rim, kiss and cuddle him too.

Intelligent conversation, laughter, to talk about the past, a genuine connection with a man around my age. But without any messy emotional complications.

A sexually active, mature man

I'm in my late 50s. I used to be straight but nowadays I prefer men.

I've got a thick, uncut cock that stays hard. More or less. And with the kind of stimulation Geoffrey is good at, I can cum more than once. I've got a healthy sexual appetite and prefer sex that lasts a few hours at least. So does he.

I used to be slim and muscular. Now I'm only muscular and that's heading south. A hairy chest, sensitive nipples and big, shaved balls.

I've wasted time with online personals

I've tried hooking up with guys on those online personal's sites. But it's never turned out very well. The whole body image crap: men put on weight when they age. Besides too many men these days are either useless at sex or totally up themselves. Both usually.

I've tried sex with other men, but it's never worked out well. With you it was completely different. Great fun. That way you so patiently guided and encouraged gave me the confidence to explore my m2m fantasies. Thanks for making it so comfortable for a bicurious, first timer.

And they need pics before they'll even respond. I like my privacy too much to send endless face pics on the off chance I'll get a root. I reckon Geoffrey's smart not to show his face on his web site.

Gone are the days when I'm willing to fuck some talentless jock, just to get my rocks off because he looked cute in a photo or he thought I did. Until we met.

I've done the beats, bars or baths. They were hot when I was younger. Ok, so not always fun but you know, swings and roundabouts. Still, these days, you never know what you're getting into.

I was hoping you'd want to suck my dick. But I never imagined it would be anywhere near as good. You have a very talented mouth and I loved watching in the mirrors as you worked your magic.

Naked, male to male massage

I found Geoffrey's site when I searched for "male to male massage". His massage sounded great and I was keen to try out his nude body slide too. But what I really wanted was occasional sex with a guy around his age.

I decided to give him a try. That was a few years ago. I've returned a few times since. He does a brilliant massage. He's smart and horny. Sexy, funny and full of laughter. An attentive listener when I'm in the mood to talk. And the most uninhibited sex I've enjoyed in a long time.

Thanks for a lovely, funny, relaxing, yet sexy afternoon. The pleasure of being naked together and touching one another so intimately. Talking about myself so openly. Your massage, the way you handled my penis. Everything was pure delight.

A relaxing afternoon of intimacy

When I arrive at his Blue Mountains' studio, I'm already starting to feel relaxed. He's a good looking man so it's a real turn on to see him standing naked at his front door, ready to welcome me inside.

I usually have a hard-on when we enter his sexy room with the pornographic wallpaper, the mirrors and the soft lighting.

Often I'll get him to undress me. He does it so slowly and sensually. I like how he can't resist sucking my cock once I'm naked. That really gets me hot for what's going to happen next.

It takes a special kind of man to do what you do so well. A strong individual with an independent spirit who can communicate well, understand and look after another man's needs. As well as his own.

I always have one of his superbly sensual body massages. It gets rid of any lingering stress and quickly turns my mind to sex.

I'll run my hands up the back of his legs and fondle his beautiful bum. Or suck his cock whenever it's in reach. But mostly I lie still and let him work his magic.

In the mood for active pleasures

When he asks me to turn over, I'm completely in the mood for more active fun. He clearly thinks I'm attractive, so he's completely uninhibited about us enjoying sex together.

We'll move to the bed for his sensuous, nude slide. I love lying on top of him, pinning him down, our cocks pressed together, his arms around me and kissing.

Then I'll lie on my back and he'll straddle my chest and, while he sucks my cock and balls, I'll rim and finger his tasty hole. Getting him wet and loose and ready for a slow, deep fuck when I'm ready to have him on his back with his legs resting against my chest.

I want to fuck your arse, over and over again. From behind, from the side, on your back, standing, sitting, bent over a chair, every which way. Use a whole pack of condoms. I'd love to find out how many times I can cum inside you.

Sometimes, I'm so horny we don't make it to the bed. I need to have my cock pushed up inside him. So I slip on a condom, bend him over the massage table or the bed and fuck him.

He's one of those active, eager bottoms who pushes back to meet my forward thrusts so we'll get into the kind of rhythm that soon makes me cum. Too quickly sometimes but I know after a brief rest, I'll be ready to cum inside him a second or third time.

Great to talk with too

In between our passionate cock sucking, fucking and kissing, we'll rest for a while and talk. I've got a lot to say and I like an intelligent, worldly man who'll listen.

It's really great to talk to someone who is obviously intelligent. You are clearly a well educated, well spoken man who cares about what he does for the men who visit you.

In my experience, there aren't too many smart men prepared to pay attention when I want to talk, who are also any good in the bedroom as well.

Geoffrey never asks intrusive questions or tries to talk about emotions. He never tells me what to do or gives me advice.

So I'm completely comfortable telling him whatever is on my mind. We're never going to meet outside his massage studio and we have no mutual friends. I know I can completely trust him.

You're always so friendly, cheerful and generous with your attention. I really appreciate how you remember from one month to the next what I enjoy most. How responsive you are when my thoughts turn to sex.

He's my irregular sexual treat

I prefer a well-organised life. So I appreciate being able to book and pay in advance. I always give him plenty of notice. I know he gets busy too. We both know when I'll be visiting him so I can arrange my schedule. Simple.

I've never been the type to look beneath the surface of people's behaviour. I'm paying for an irregular, sexual and sensual experience and I expect him to respond professionally. He does, every time.

Sure, I want Geoffrey to enjoy our time together, even though I'm paying him. Because the more he's turned on, the better the sensations are for me.

He satisfies my appetite for great sex with another man - sucking, fucking, rimming, kissing. Plus he does a brilliant massage.

He gives me precisely what I want. No strings, sex the way I like it. No messy complications. Excellent value for money.

All wrapped up in three relaxing hours of sensual massage, sexual play and intellectual stimulation.

When will you come?

I only accept 1 booking per day to guarantee you will enjoy the most pleasurable erotic experience. But you can book as far in advance as you choose on any day (including public holidays) from 10am.

Mansex booking

I've never met anyone like you I could talk with so easily. I could tell you were actually listening to what I said. I know I can tell you anything without any fear of being judged or criticised.


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