You satisfy my passion for naked, male to male intercourse

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Enjoying your nude, erotic massage, sexy body play and naughty conversations satisfied my passion for male to male intercourse in every way imaginable.

I'll never forget my first nude, massage and body play session with you. If there's anything you don't know about giving sexual pleasure to a horny man, I'd like to know what it is.

I loved how you were so open and relaxed about being naked. Willing to let me explore your body while you satisfied my passion for intercourse in more ways than one. More than that, it was obvious you enjoyed playing with me too. And that totally turned me on.

I'm no virgin when it comes to sex with a man. Though I haven't had a lot of experience either.

I've spent a lot of time masturbating and your penis book was a real eye-opener for all the different ways I could stroke my cock. But solitary masturbation gets boring after a while. I wanted a real man to bring some of my sexual fantasies to life.

I guess I'm like plenty of other men with a bucket list of m2m sex activities I wanted to explore: like sucking and stroking a cock and fucking a man in the arse. You sounded like a guy who'd be willing to let me try things.

My first taste of your cock

I was a little nervous when I arrived. But when you answered the door in the nude and I got my first look at you, I forgot to be shy.

All those sexy pictures of naked men in your amazing studio. The mirrors and soft lighting. I didn't know where to look first. Once I was undressed, you invited me to lie on your table for a massage.

Instead, I sat on the edge of your bed and pulled you towards me. My arms wrapped around your hot body with your hard cock pressed against my lips, licking your precum. Delicious.

I wanted your fat cock down my throat but I could only manage to suck the head into my mouth. You said I could try again later.

It was so hot when you knelt on the bed - your bum cheeks spread - and asked which way I wanted you. Just as you are, I said.

I couldn't resist the temptation to kneel behind you and look at your lovely, tight hole. I knew I had to taste that part of you too. I loved licking you even more than I'd imagined. Rimming a guy's arse has been on my bucket list too. Your rosebud hole is so soft and clean and smooth.

I wanted to rub my cock between your bum cheeks, to feel the slippery smoothness of your hole. I wanted to penetrate you deeply. To give you some of the enormous pleasure you were already giving me.

And you said you'd like that too but we had plenty of time. There was no reason to rush. So I decided to let you massage me at last. That was before I discovered I could come more than once.

Full body, erotic massage

I won't go into detail about your erotic massage. Except to say I have to agree with that guy who described you as "Sydney's best erotic masseur".

I've had a few massages in my time but never anything that comes close to your style. Your hands are so soothing. The way you move in time to the music so sensual. I felt relaxed and incredibly aroused at the same time.

And how you paused, so I could lick and suck your cock. Or slip a finger or two between your beautiful bum cheeks into your hot hole: getting you ready for my dripping cock.

When you asked me to turn over, I was completely in the mood for more than your hands stroking my cock. I was more than ready to fuck you.

I couldn't wait for us to return to the bed. By now, I urgently needed to feel my cock plunged deep inside your hot hole, my knob pressing against your prostate.

I slipped on the condom you handed me. Bent you over the massage table, oiled your hole and slowly entered your arse. The tightness of your muscles on my shaft, the slippery heat of your insides.

How you pulled your cheeks apart so I could plunge another inch inside you. My balls slapping against your bum. I knew I should slow down. You had me so aroused I couldn't stop thrusting: I was so close to coming, I had to blow inside you.

I saw stars. My body shook. OMG. I heard myself shout out loud, as my cock spurted a load. Thank heavens for the condom.

The male sex buddy I'd missed

I needed a short rest after my explosive orgasm. I felt completely relaxed lying naked next to you on the bed. The pleasure of holding and stroking your body and describing how much I'd enjoyed fucking you... recapturing the sensations of being inside you... soon got me hard again. Could I have another go, I remember asking, if I went a bit more slowly this time?

With your ankles resting on my shoulders, I entered your lovely arse hole a second time. Rocking back and forwards, plunging as deeply and slowly as I could.

I wanted this fuck to last. I wanted to give you the kind of intense pleasure your arse muscles were giving my cock. I wanted to see and feel you pleasure yourself with every thrust.

Watching you shoot your load onto your chest made me cum a second time too. It's a good thing no one could hear all the noise we made.

I was pretty much spent by then so we shared a shower in your mirrored wet room before I dressed and headed home. I felt amazingly relaxed the rest of the day too.

You satisfy my appetites for male to male intercourse

I hope you'll add this review to your collection, so I can fantasise about other men enjoying your remarkable talents. And remember our first sexy session together too.

While I've been typing this email to you with one hand, I've been stroking my cock with the other. Imagining it's your talented hand working up and down my dripping cock. Thinking about how much I'm going to enjoy another hot session of sucking, fucking, rimming, kissing you.

You, Geoffrey, completely satisfy my passion for intercourse with a horny man in ways I'd only ever dreamed about before we met. If there's anything you don't know about giving pleasure to a horny man, I'd like to know what it is.

Intelligent, witty, wicked fun and totally hot, as well. Your intimacy and sensuality blow me away. That way you massaged my body, stroked my cock... your eagerness for sexy fun... everything about you drives me wild.

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