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He satisfies my desire for naked, male to male intercourse

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Spending naked hours enjoying Geoffrey's erotic massage, sexy body play and conversation satisfies my desire for male to male intercourse in every way.

I found Geoffrey's site when I searched for "male to male massage". His full body, erotic massage was exactly what I needed. I was keen to experience his nude body slide too.

I read all those sexy reviews from hundreds of delighted men who'd enjoyed his talents. I was keen to find out how far he'd explore unrestrained sexual play with a horny mature man like me.

I'm no virgin when it comes to sex with a man but I haven't had a lot of experience either. So I was eager for sexy fun with a man who knows what he's doing and is prepared to show me what to do to turn him on too.

As I soon discovered, Geoffrey willingly satisfied all my desires for naked, intercourse with a man in many arousing ways.

I used to be a straight, married man

I'm in my late 50s. I used to be straight but these days I prefer men. I used to be slim and muscular too. Now I'm fatter than I like and the muscle tone is slipping away.

I have a hairy chest and sensitive nipples. Big, shaved balls that I love to have fondled. An uncut cock that stays hard. More or less. And, with the kind of stimulation Geoffrey is so good at, I can cum more than once.

I visit Geoffrey as often as I can manage and each session is better than the last. With his vast knowledge of how to arouse a man, he always has some new way to make me want to come again and again.

Sexy hours of male on male intercourse

It's a real turn on to see him waiting naked at his front door ready to welcome me inside. In more ways than one.

Geoffrey is such a sexy, sensual, handsome guy. Tall with long, muscular legs. Kissable lips. A masculine body with hair in all the best places. A thick, cut cock and a cheeky, firm bum I love fucking.

I can already feel the tension disappearing when we enter his sexy studio with the pornographic wallpaper, the mirrors and the soft lighting.

Everything is ready for my pleasure and I know I'll have his full attention for the next few hours.

First I'll let him slowly peel away each layer of my clothing, teasing me with his hands slipping beneath my shirt. Or kneeling at my feet, pulling my underwear down my thighs until my cock slaps him in the face. The way he has his mirrors set up, I get tantalising glimpses of him from every angle too.

Once I'm naked, he can't resist sucking my cock and playing with my balls. He's got a talented mouth. And he really knows how to get me hot for what's going to happen next.

Full body, erotic massage

I settle on his comfortable table, arm by my side, legs spread. And wait for his first touch when he smoothes warm oil all over my naked body.

Every chance I get, I'll run my hands up the back of his legs, fondle his balls or finger his beautiful bum. Suck his cock whenever it's in reach.

But mostly I lie still and let him work his magic. Soon that sensual way he rubs and strokes my body turns my thoughts to the delights of more active play.

So when he asks me to turn over, I'm completely in the mood for more than his hands stroking my cock.

In the nude for active sexual play

After all his years massaging men he's developed an amazing technique. That way he slips his fingers under my foreskin to massage the slippery head of my cock is incredible.

He pays plenty of attention to my sensitive nipples, which I love. Fingers and fondles my balls too. I reckon I could easily handle 3 hours of him working his masturbation magic on my cock with his hands and mouth.

Except I know what pleasures are waiting for me when he invites me to slide with him on his spacious bed. I love lying on top of him, pinning him down and kissing him, our cocks rubbing together.

Even better is rolling over onto my back, with him straddling my chest, head to toe. While he sucks my cock and balls, I'll rim, lick and suck and nibble his tasty hole. Spread his furry cheeks apart and finger-fuck him.

I love to fuck his hot, tight hole

Getting him wet and ready for a slow, deep fuck when I'm ready to have him on his back with his ankles resting on my shoulders and my balls slapping against his bum cheeks.

Sometimes I've been so horny, I can't wait for us to move to the bed. I urgently need to feel my cock plunged deep inside his hot hole, my knob pressing against his prostate.

I slip on a condom, bend him over the massage table or the bed and penetrate his arse. Thrusting hard and fast, lifting him on his toes, my balls slapping against his thighs.

We'll soon get into the kind of rhythm that makes me blow my load.

Too quickly sometimes. But I know after a rest, I'll be ready to fuck him more slowly and cum inside him a second or third time.

An interested listener to talk with too

In between our passionate cock sucking, fucking and kissing, we'll rest for a while and talk.

I've got a lot to say and I like an intelligent, worldly man who'll listen. Books, movies, music, the latest political news, technology. Anything that comes to mind, really.

In my experience, there aren't too many smart, well-educated men prepared to pay attention when I want to talk, who are also any good in the bedroom as well.

Geoffrey never asks intrusive questions or tries to talk about emotions. He never tells me what to do or gives me advice.

So I'm completely comfortable talking with him. We're never going to meet outside his massage studio and we have no mutual friends.

But even if we did, I know I can completely trust him not to expose my secrets to anyone.

He satisfies my desire for naked, male intercourse

I prefer a well-organised life. So I appreciate being able to book and pay in advance. I always give him at least a week's notice: I know he gets busy too.

We both know when I'll be visiting him so I can arrange my schedule. Simple.

I've never been the type to look beneath the surface of people's behaviour. I'm paying for a regular but casual sexual and sensual experience. I expect him to respond professionally. He does, every time.

Sure, I want Geoffrey to enjoy our time together, even though I'm paying him. Because the more he's turned on, the better the sensations are for me.

He satisfies my appetite for great sex with another man - sucking, fucking, rimming, kissing. Plus he does a brilliant massage.

He gives me precisely what I want. No strings sex the way I like it. No messy complications. Excellent value for money.

All wrapped up in deeply relaxing hours of superbly sensual massage, sexual play and intellectual stimulation.

Intelligent, witty, wicked fun and totally hot, as well. Your intimacy and sensuality blow me away. That way you massaged my body, stroked my cock... your eagerness for sexy fun... everything about you drives me wild.

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