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Geoffrey’s a genuine, open-minded nudist friend for a talkative man

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I'm delighted I've finally found somewhere I can strip naked, relax, play and talk with an intelligent man. You made me feel very welcome and comfortable.

I was stressed, fed up with work, lonely and in need of a friend. I emailed Geoffrey to ask if we could spend a few naked hours together talking and playing.

He replied promptly, inviting me to talk and be naked with him any day I chose. I booked a visit of 3 hours for the next Saturday afternoon. Then spent the rest of my week in happy anticipation of a pleasurable and relaxing couple of naked hours ahead, getting a load off my mind.

When I entered his invitingly erotic studio, I knew I'd made the right decision to visit him. I liked that he was already naked and his cheerful smile made me feel I was being welcomed by a genuine friend.

A genuine friend for talkative male nudists

While I stripped off the layers, I told him how much I appreciated having somewhere to be naked and talk.

He said he knew there were men who wished they had someone to talk to. They might be married or single, gay or straight.

They didn't need or want counselling and advice either. Just a chance to sort things out in their heads. With a friendly listener who cared enough to give them much-needed attention for a few hours.

And, he added that being naked and touching one another frees inhibitions. He was willing to be the open-minded friend that talkative male nudists wanted.

He'd described my situation spot on. I share a house with a straight, married couple. We get on ok but they're not interested in hearing me go on about work. And they don't approve of me being naked or watching gay porn at home either.

So having somewhere to relax in the nude with a friendly, open-minded guy is perfect for me.

His erotic massage released my lingering stress

I lay on his table and for the next hour, I surrendered to his expert touch. He massaged my entire body from head to toe and everywhere in between. Easing the tension in my tired muscles.

And, at the same time, arousing me with his sensitive touch. I could feel my erection pressing into the table as his hands explored between my legs.

When I lay face up on the massage table, he set to work on my rigid cock, applying his hands and fingers in ways I'd never felt before.

He seemed to know exactly how to take me to the edge of ejaculation but without letting me blow my load. Not then, at any rate.

So many sexy pictures of naked men

When he invited me to join him on the spacious bed, I was completely relaxed but not ready to launch into my troubles. Besides, I was fascinated by all the pictures on his walls. I asked if I could have a closer look.

He turned up the lights and I wandered about the room admiring his gallery of porn. I've never seen so many sexy pictures of cocks, bums, balls and men having sex in one place. It was hard not to get aroused.

But I wasn't uncomfortable. Geoffrey had a pretty solid erection too and he wasn't shy about letting me see.

Once I'd looked at everything, he dimmed the lights again and welcomed me to stretch out alongside him.

The warmth of his naked body inches from mine was heavenly. Knowing he was comfortable with me looking at and caressing him, stroking his cock and playing with his bum relaxed me completely.

Now I told him what had been going on during the past week. It was such a relief to let it all come out. And explaining things to him, when he asked questions, made me get them straight in my head too.

True to his word, he didn't offer any suggestions or advice. He simply and patiently listened to me.

A relaxing, naked afternoon

I was surprised when I asked him the time. I had plenty more to talk about apart from my frustrations with work but it was already time to leave. I hoped there'd be other days when I could visit him.

I was welcome to return whenever I liked, he said. Even when I had nothing important to talk about. He'd massage me, relieve my tensions and we could cuddle up and watch a movie together. I liked that idea.

When I climbed off the bed, he stood up too. I was delighted that he hugged me. It was the icing on the cake of an already pleasurable afternoon to be held with such sincere affection.

A load off my mind too

I left his house relaxed, relieved. And yes, happy. Not only getting a load off my mind about work and sorting things out in my head. And yes, enjoying that mind-blowing orgasm he gave me towards the end of our time together.

More than that, knowing I'd found a friendly, open-minded man who was prepared to give me his undivided attention for several hours and really listen to me. Without judging me. Or trying to tell me what to do. Do you know how rare that is?

I promised I'd write this review to share my appreciation and encourage other men to visit him.

No more lonely, frustrating nights at home watching boring TV and seething about work. Now, I can visit Geoffrey for a relaxing afternoon of nudity, conversation, cuddling, sexy play and a movie to enjoy whenever I need the company of my genuine, open-minded nudist friend.

I am so happy to have finally found somewhere I can strip off, relax and talk with an intelligent man. You made me feel very welcome and comfortable. You've got a regular nudist friend in me.

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